An Encounter with an Unexplored Nature in Mukteshwar

At just after I
finish my breakfast in my pre- booked resort in Mukteshwar , I started my
voyage with a local guide . As guide suggested me to start my journey from the
Sitla forest, I was happily heading towards the forest to explore the
unexplored ……but my every turn in the forest just surprised me with its
spectacular beauty and made me realize how beautiful and amazing Kumaon valley
is. Instead of taking a regular path, my guide asked me to take a narrow path
to get into the forest.                                                       

rough beauty it offered through the narrow lane of the forest, it was an
unexpectedly a thrilling encounter I had ever in my life. The forest celebrate
the silence in that way that I could  even hear my heartbeats loud in the
forest…..Not only that every single step of mine towards the forest just left
me in completely mesmerizing mood. 
  Panoramic beauty of the Himalayas and leisurely
walks through the winding paths of the hills just tells its story of its silent
existence in the middle of the Kumaon valley.
The forest not only gives you to view the unspoiled nature of Mukteshwar but
also gives you a sense of belonging to the nature. A windy morning when sun
just kisses you with its sunshine in the thick pine forest, no wonders any one
can feel the pureness, and the feeling of discovery something new far away from
the city life we usually live. 


As I was walking through
the forest …..I was keen to know where it would end actually and what next to
explore……to clear my mind I asked the guide and he replied with a sweet
smile…..Madam….abhi kuch door jana hain …….

It was almost 12.30 pm
….after walked around the forest I finally landed up in a forest Resort for
lunch. As soon as I finished my lunch, I returned to my guest house and decided
to take some rest……..

5 Replies to “An Encounter with an Unexplored Nature in Mukteshwar”

  1. quite an uneventful, but at the same time eventful day you spent in Mukteshwar…even better your profile pic..i so like 🙂

  2. Hey Abhineet,

    My day in mukteshwar was not ended with it… i have just publish the half day of my journey in mukteshwar ……i will write today….so keep following me .

  3. Just bumped into your blog. Nice Account of the trip. Reminds me of the poem "Woods are lovely, dark and deep…" by Robert Frost.

  4. Oh, how you made me remember those lovely walks. Good shot.


  5. Good description,reminds me the book "man eaters of kumaon" by jim corbet..Good description,reminds me the book "man eaters of kumaon" by jim corbet..

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