The Aura of the Sunset in Mukteshwar

It was almost 4 P.M when I first heard the door bell with a soft voice behind ….Madam Sunset dekhne jana tha apko…….Jaldi kijiye …… I was equally thrill to experience last few gleams of the splendid sun on the hills……Moving high on the hills , finally I reached the place called Chauli-ki-Jali…..


Standing on the edge of the cliff …I felt like I am on a paradise …. The pleasure to view the panoramic view of Himalayan range with the multi layers of hills of Uttarakhand was a completely thrilling experience.  I felt as if I was on the threshold of a new world of serenity and tranquility.  

At the same time when the sun slowly leavings its colours to the sky while going down in the hills …..It was just adding an aura all around.  It was undoubtedly one of those moments I will always cherish in my life.

And the darkness followed the valley …..I decided to take an evening walk around the village. Moving ahead I spotted few tiny shops on the right side of the road. Since it was windy outside and also little cold …..I expressed my desire to have a cup of tea…..It was like “your wish is my Command”… soon as I expressed the desire….the local guide who was fortunately one of very sweet kind offered me a hot cup of tea in one of those shop. 

But to have a cup of tea in that Nukkar ki dukan in the evening with cold wind in the air was quite an experience to remember. It was absolute silence, dark, and cold……one can only hear the loud sound of wind blowing east to west…..felt like I was somewhere in the midnight…….and I followed the same path ……….

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