My Royal Reservations in the “Pink City Of India “

Rajasthan- the name itself is the introduction to the great cultural heritage of India which not only includes music, dance, architecture, traditions, and traditional attire but also includes their colorful way of living .The very first well planned city of India, Jaipur is a gateway of Rajasthan. The very structure of jaipur with the pink colours on the city just resembles the taste of the Rajput and their royal families.I think Rajasthan is the only state in India which celebrates colours in a very extensive way. Everything about Rajasthan is colourful. It may be their traditional attire, their culture, folk music, royal palaces, or may be their way of living. It really interesting to see how they celebrate colours in the deserted lands of India

A few days ago I got the opportunity to spend some of my quality time in Jaipur. So with all the curiosity in my mind, I started my journey from Delhi in a tourist bus which is regularly available from Bikaner House near Mandi house in Connaught Place . It took me 6 hours to reach Jaipur from Delhi. The very first thing I realized after entering the city is its well maintained roads and its surroundings. Being one of the most visited tourist places in India , the Rajasthan tourism department have done really great job by maintaining its beauty in a very colorful way and the next thing anyone can notice its astonishing  pink colours which add a lot of meaning this “ Pink City Of India “ . 

After a long journey from Delhi to Jaiput , I needed to take some rest for my royal visit to this lovely city of Rajasthan . I headed towards my hotel. It was almost 3 PM on my clock. So I decided to visit the local markets keeping my next day to visit to the palaces and forts in Jaipur. While walking in the Bapu Bazaar which is famous for its footwear and Rajasthani fabric, I could not stop myself from buying some Mojri’ footwear and silk thread bangles. But interestingly the everything including the bangles, the Mojrisare quite cheap in comparison to Delhi. I took the opportunity to full my bags with all those traditional things which is only possibly available in Rajasthan. I must admit the truth that I have never enjoyed shopping in any places in India like jaipur. It’s really interesting to look at the stuff with so much of colours that anyone of outside Rajasthan will definitely get into the mood of shopping. The handicraft of Rajasthan is really amazing to look at it. I really feel the cultural heritage of Rajasthan is in true sense is a rich heritage in the world scenario which give a lot of reason to called Indiaas “ Incredible India” .


After all my shopping, I headed towards my hotel where I had the most amazing traditional Rajasthani thali with Daal Bati and Churma, Lachhedar Paratha and Besan ki Missi Puri. Well my first day ended with these mouthwatering cuisines of Rajasthan. 

My next day started with the visit of great Amer fort . A 15 mins drive from my hotel, I reached Amer fort. The first sight of this historic architecture with the huge structure took my all the attention. Standing tall with all the historic realities, this architectural wonder is the perfect example of the royal lifestyle of the Rajputs. 

To reach the Amer fort one can indulge in the royal treatment by taking an elephant ride or a camel ride up to the fort. But I decided to walk up with the upward stairs to have a look of this gigantic fort. But it was really tough to climb the stairs especially with the torching sun over your head. Anyway I managed to climb the stairs and finally reached the fort.


I was amazed to see the architecture of the fort which was so well designed that in every corner of the fort was giving the example of its royal sense . The amazing arches with intricate designs, mirror work on the wall, painting, give all the reason to admire the Amer fort.

The” sheesh mahal” is another scintillating Mansion of Mirrors.  But unfortunately because of some security reason the entry to Sheesh mahal is restricted. But anyone can have the fascinating view of the Sheesh Mahal from the courtyard. I think the Amer fort is  not only an example of the royal lifestyle of the Rajput , but its also give us a clear picture of the kind of luxury the Rajput indulged in those days. 

On my way back from Amer Fort,  i saw Jal Mahal Palace  situated in the middle of Man Sagar Lake.

After experiencing Amer fort, I headed towards the City Palace– a living residence of for the former Maharaja/ King. One of the major tourist places of Jaipur and also a popular landmark, city place is the perfect example of a “Larger than Life “lifestyle of Rajput. The stunning architecture with huge area which is divided into many Mahals, courtyards and garden makes its beautiful palace. Your visits to this pink city will not complete without visiting the city palace. Everything about the city palace is royal. I was amazed to see the Maharani’s Palace which is converted into museum showcasing weapons dated back to 15 century. Not only that I was surprised to see the well maintained vehicles, different types of horse carts  which the Rajput used while traveling from one place to another. City palace also has a beautiful part which is called Diwan-I-Khas – a hall meant for private audience. It has two sterling silver vessels on display and they are acclaimed to be the world’s largest silver vessel. After walk through the pages of history in the city palace, I can say that one must visit to this magnificent architecture which is the symbol of the royal lifestyle and luxury of Rajput in every right. 

And I ended my day by visiting the famous Birla temple……………

 Its was beautiful to look at. Situated in the center of the city, the white marble temple just grabbed my attention. Very well maintained and well decorated with garden in the foreground makes this temple one of the landmarks in Jaipur city.

After going through the pages of history in the forms of forts and palaces in the Pink city of India, I have realized the fact that Rajasthan as a state has many things to offer. A perfect example of a rich cultural heritage, Rajasthan is also a symbol of its Royal  lifestyle. Beautifully situated in the deserted lands of India , Rajasthan signify the royal lifestyle of Maharajas of India with all pride and honor . My royal reservation for the Jaipur is embedded with whole new experience to know the pages of our history. It also gave me the space to live few moments in the luxury in India’s royal city ( Jaipur) of  Rajasthan.

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