2nd Day : Trekking Towards Garur

What could you ask for more when a sunny bright sunlight from the east just welcomes you with open arms with cold breeze along with it right in the early morning? A day with the spectacular view of towering mountain in front of you with a golden necklace on it right in front of my eye was the luxury I got in Kausani.I could actually see the Himalayan range clear with the multi layers of hills with the rays of sun rising from the east. 

 A view worth watching. Since it was on my agenda to catch the sunrise on the mountains, so I woke up quite early in spite of my laziness and also tiredness. I was thrilled to experience the splendid sun on the hills for the very 1st time

Since I am a late riser in my daily life, so starting my day at 6 am was quite early for me. But surprising though I woke up early to have the glimpse of the sunrise on the mountains, I felt very refreshed. May be because of the freshness in the air and the extremely pleasant weather on the hills made me feel like that.Anyway an early start of my day for a change …..Or you can say an absolutely perfect start on the hills…..
It was 8 am, when I got my breakfast ready in my cottage. As I had already decided to go for trekking to explore the valley more closely, so I got ready for my joyride with my local guide. I decided to trek towards Garur which is a valley situated midway between Gwaldam and Bageshwar. There is a famous Baijnath Mandir (Lord Shiva) on the bank of the river which is said to have been built by the Kumaon Katyuri king in around 1150 A.D. The temple holds significance because, according to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Parvati were married at the confluence of River Gomati and Garur Ganga.
So with all my excitement, I started walking with my guide along with the pine trees in the hills. Kausani is also known for its famous tea gardens. So while walking towards the valley, I could see local women plugging out the tea leafs from the tea gardens.
I got to know that these tea gardens are actually belongs to the villagers who has given these gardens to uttarakhand government on lease. Against which they gets a fixed amount of money from government and also an employment of one member in the tea factory in kausani with a salary of 100 rupees per day. 
I was really amazed to know the fact that it’s really a good initiative of the uttarakhand government towards employment on the hills. 
 With time I was also moving on. As I was stepping down I could see the lovely step farming along with tea gardens.  It was like a huge green carpet being spread out on earth. The scenic beauty of my surrounding was simply great. You can see the layers of hills with the step farming right in front of you were an experience to cherish about. When I was walking along with the nature, I felt as if someone has just cleared a hazy and a blur picture of these valleys which I had seen from a long distance.

Step Farming 
In between my trekking, my guide also mentioned some names of the villages like Patli gaon, ladulia, kapileshwar, etc……..  This came on my way to Garur.

I was surprised to see my guide’s energy …. As after walking half a kilometre, I tend to sit somewhere to relax and start walking again in the hills. But my guide in spite of his age, he never felt tired in the entire journey. I covered almost 7 km. 

Moreover I was shocked when I saw one elderly woman making her way to her village right in the down. She was not only walking fast in the slops with her normal slipper but she was carrying also luggage on her head.
 I was heading towards Garur…..a valley with a large population which is known more its markets as people from nearby places goes there for their needs. Though I could have been there by bus, but I had chosen to explore the valley by walking with the pine trees. It’s always a pleasure to stay close to nature. I was thoroughly enjoyed every single turn of that valley. After every turn, I was more eager to know what will come next. I must mention here that my guide was quite helpful explaining about the place, their culture, tradition and also the lifestyle of kumoan people. He told me that in kumoun valley, people are very simple which is completely opposite with Garwali people. According to him, a kumoan girl and a Garwali boy can’t tie the knot. While talking to him I could sense of hatred the kumoan people towards Garwali people. Apart from that he also mentioned that kumoan people celebrates lot of festivals in a year. When I asked about the upcoming festival, he told me that they celebrate a harvesting festival which is called HARELA which was scheduled in April. I always believe in knowing new things while traveling to a new place irrespective of anything. For me traveling is not about spending my weekend holidays in a specific place with all the luxury, but traveling for me is more of a learning experience. It’s an experience which allows me to come closer to different cultures of India, even not only culture, its give me a rare opportunity to live some moments with the people, their culture, and traditions. I consider my traveling to a new place is also a one step closer to know our own “INCREDIBLE INDIA”.
It was almost 1 PM. Sun was right on of my head. I felt tired after trekking almost 5 KM. So I asked my guide whether I could get a cup of tea anywhere. May be he also could sense my tiredness. He told me ….Madam yahaan se kuch door me ek goan hain…ouha apko chai milega….I felt relieved to know that. Exactly after 15 minutes, I reached the village where I could see a “ nukkar ki Dukan”. As I was tired, so I decided to sit for sometime while my guide ordered chai for me.
Since he was talking on kumaoni language, I could not understand what he exactly talking but just figured out that he ordered chai. While waiting for my cup of tea, I could see the simple lifestyle of the villages unaware of the city life….


I could see some old men relaxing in the road,  some were having tea and talking , someone was listening radio under the torching sun, and school students were returning from their schools……I was completely enjoying the life of the villagers in my short span of time I spent in that village.

After the cup of tea, I was refreshed again. I asked my guide how far was the Garur  ?  He informed me I was 1 KM away from Garur. But I did not know that one KM in the hills turned out another one hour from the village. Normally the distance from my resort to Garur can be covered with 2 hours ….but when travellers like me, who hardly walk in the city life took 4 hours to complete the distance.
It was almost 2 PM. Finally I reached Garur. I could see the dense population of this place. But one thing which I realised while walking towards Garur was the heat. It was really hot when I reached Garur. May be because of the population and also is situated in the plains. 
As I trekked almost 7 KM, so I did not have any energy left to visits the famous Beijnath temple on foot. So I decided to take a bus ride from Garur to Beijnath Temple. Only 5 rupees ticket in a bus can reach you in the temple. So I did that. It was really a good experience to ride in a local bus with local people. It took me hardly 10 minutes to reach the temple. 
As soon as I reached the temple, I tried to capture the temple in my lens. Near the temple there was a river Gomati where I could see small kids were having bath…….

Kids taking Bath in River Gomati 
 So after visiting the temple, I decided to head towards my resort. As I traveled from kausani to Garur on foot, so I was very tired to follow the same route. As decided I preferred to take a deluxe bus which cost me 25 rupees to reach my Resort. I was more than happy. So finally took the bus ride back to resort where I had my late lunch .By the time I reached my resort, I was so tired that I did not even realized when I had  gone to sleep …….. 

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  1. Very nicely written and the pictures are awesome. You can write about the local food like "godh ki dal" that you have taken and the "BICCHO SAG"which was most favourite one for me..

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  3. quite a trip I took through your blog…really delighted Parna. Hope to see more ink flowing from your pen!

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