Bishnoi Community, Jodhpur, Rajasthan: Photo Story

Bishnoi community is distributed in several north Indian states, but it is most densely located in Western Rajasthan, where their founder Guru Jambheśvara was born. According to him, the name Bishnoi means twenty-nine rules made by their guru. The rules includes protecting nature and animal, personal hygiene and maintaining good health , drinking filtered water, taking a daily bath,  prohibiting the use of opium, alcohol, tobacco, and meat etc. Also women are prohibited from any kind of house hold work for thirty days after childbirth. But among all the rules, protecting nature and animal takes their priority.  Bishnoi community is considered the First Ecologist Community in the world.
Bishnoi Women at Meharangarh . Fort , Jodhpur
Portrait of a Bishnoi Man
Mud Huts in Bishnoi Village
Portrait of a Bishnoi Woman

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