Celebrating Openness : Gushaini

It was almost 8 am in the morning .I reached Aut – a small hamlet situated in kullu district …As soon as I got off from my bus , I heard a voice behind ………..Hi I am Raju …..It was a pleasant surprise to meet Raju (My Host for my stay) as I did not know that he will personally offer to pick me up from Aut. 

In beautiful morning when sun is up in the hills with its golden rays spread all around exactly like a golden necklace on the hills, when I was ready again to travel around yet another beautiful valley of Himachal Pradesh. 

And my journey has started………..

As I was driving high on the hills with Raju along with the electrifying  Tirthan river,I was more curious about to know more about Raju …as How he thought of opening a Home stay in a remote area of Himachal Pradesh, how he started the Whole Home stay concept and also Since when he has been doing this and many more questions ………..With a curious mind while traveling through the amazingly beautiful Tirthan valley, I was quietly listening Raju’s story …..It was a journey to remember…

Raju told me that he had an orchard here in Gushaini ….Basically he is from Kullu where his father posted in government service. But after he finished his studies, he decided to build a house in the orchard in Gushaini and eventually he started living in Gushaini in 1985. Interestingly in 1990 he got his 1stguest in his home stay. When I asked about the concept of Home stay, he told me that it was never a business idea for him. It was his friends from college who used to come to his place for holiday and then they spread the word around about his place which is popularly know today is “RAJU KI GUEST HOUSE “. Raju also confessed me that Home stay is still is not his main earning source …his main earning source is still the apple orchards. He loves to meet new people, knowing new things for which he has been running the home stay from last 20 years very successfully. 

While driving high in the hills, I crossed almost 10-15 villages on my way. I was so thrilled to see the lifestyle of these villagers. Many of those villages specially menwere just sitting ideally in their house, or on the road enjoying warm sun rays, and the fresh air ………………………..

………It seems as if they are far behind of any kind of tension, worry, complain or anything……it’s a irony of life when in spite of having everything in our life ,  we have to come so far to get those small or I would say rare luxury of being in peace , an openness and also the calmness which get lost in everyday life in the city .The noise is so loud that sometime we  don’t  hear our own soul in our so called City Life………..a life with so many conditions is bound to lose its essence to lead a good life ……………on the contrary the villagers have the rare luxury of  peace, serenity, and tranquility all around…………In one word they Celebrate the Openness at their best ……….

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  1. Have you celebrated your birth day there??

  2. Yes …I celebrated my birthday at Raju's cottage….It was the best birthday celebration ever ….

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  4. Thanks cristeen….keep following this blog ….new destinations are in the pipeline

    1. That was really interesting and quite unusual. I think that this was what magazines should be about.

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