At Raju’s Ki Guest House :Gushaini

So I moved along with Tirthan River. The sound of river, smell of freshness around, and the beauty of the remoteness of the place are so beautiful that it just seduced me completely.

At last I reached Raju’s place. The very first thing I noticed was Guest house which was situated on the other side of  Tirthan River. I was thrilled to see the rope way which was only way to reach his place. It was the most exciting moment in my journey. As soon as I reached there, Raju whistled from one side and his son Varun came out from the other side. One has to sit in the metal basket hung across the Tirthan river .With the  roaring sound of the Tirthan river along with the cold breeze added all the more excitement which i consider  an experience for life time and I might not be able to explain in words . I felt as if I was travelling with the wind.

After I reached Raju’s guest house, the first one to welcome me was his pet dogs …since I am not very animal friendly person, for some time I was quite scared of the idea of being with those dogs along. But as time passed, I got friendly with lovely Yeti, Bhalu and also Bulbul(name of the dogs). Surprisingly though I traveled the whole night from Delhi to Gushaini, but I was not even feeling tired. Bright sun, the wind and the freshness just took away all my tiredness. I felt as if I left behind all my worries, and all my confusions ……I just somehow lost in that valley ……I also felt as if  I discovered a new meaning of life……………….  it really felt good to live an simple life  in an exotic location like Gushaini where in one side river Tirthan is flowing like anything and other side you see the layers of hills all around ….what else anyone would like to have in life???????? In my words the location is too perfect to do anything ….. While sitting on the bank of the river, i enjoyed the stillness all around……In other words, I celebrated myself the most in that silence.

The best part of staying in a Home stay is the luxury of being in home. And the hospitality the family offers to their guests is incredible. Facilities like your individual room with private dining area along with a library that also in a wooden cottage ……and of course the food make your journey a perfect one.

In Rajus’s cottage, apart from the exotic location food is another attraction. Food they serve is too delicious. Raju’s wife Lata is a very good cook. And top of that whatever they serve are all home products from jam, juice, and pickle to milk. So one can have all the best products of the world.

As there was no plan to do anything that day, so I decided to explore the surroundings…Spread almost 22 acre, I first step forward to his apple orchard, (though there was no apples)……. 

Varun told me I can even take walk to Gushaini market through tiny undefined path in the hills .I decided to walk towards the market…Surprisingly yeti (the pet dog) guides you to your destination. I was shocked to know that. But he actually did that. 

Yeti was heading and I was following him . It was almost 3 PM when I was wondering in Gushaini market…

school children were returning from school ……
Villagers are all around the market. ….that when I decided to have a cup of tea in a local shop in the village …….by the time I was wondering in the Gushaini market,  darkness had fallen in one of the part in the hills , but the other part is still the bright …… since i was not very familiar with the route , so i decided to return Raju’s cottage before darkness all around ……..

It was pretty cold at night. Varun arranged the bon fire outside. I was accompanied by a group of young people from Mumbai at Raju’s place. Bon fire, Hot tea, and Cold wind under the Star studded sky were too perfect to ask for anything else.

May be I never enjoyed the cold wind so much in anywhere else till that day in Raju’s cottage. After spending almost an hour outside with the young group, I decided to get back to my room. There was also fire place in one of the guest room upstairs. and i was lucky enough to get the best room in upstairs as Raju generally does not allow any guest to stay upstairs ……and interestingly the upstairs room has the best view ……………………

As I was sitting next to the fire place,  where Raju joined me later. while I was in the conversation with Raju, Varun came with a  plate full of fish fry …………It was mouthwatering ……….
A beautiful ending of my first day in Gushaini ………………………
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  1. i think you have enriched your descriptive capability.yeti is so cute.haven't you tasted the local Fowl ???

  2. There is no better place I say to live my life than Tirthan Valley and everytime I go back there with family, I just don't want to come back 🙂 … Raju Bharti is just too fabulous of a place to stay and you rightly said, luxury of it is being homely. The hospitality you get is just out of words to explain, varun helped us with almost everything one can expect when you are away from home. Thanks and kudos to the family for running such wonder ful stay. Your writing has made it look more special

  3. Dear Shree,
    i can appreciate for your nice blogs and pictures. I am also a traveller, but i am not a bloggers. Keep it on..

  4. can i have his phone number to book rooms

    1. You can find them on Facebook

      1. THANKS A LOT

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