Fagu : Day 1

Yet another destination is in my list. And I am ready with my bag and bundle of excitements to explore the new destination in the hills. Though this time, I decided to be unplanned on road.  Or you can say trying to be little adventurous.
Since I decided to be little adventurous, so I thought of covering half of the distance by train.  And as always, I am the happiest person on the earth when I travel. So with a big smile on my face, I started my journey to Fagu.  
Fagu is one the most Picturesque places in the remote of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at the height of 2,510 above the sea level. Exactly 23 KM from Shimla along with Hindustan Tibet road, one can find this mesmerizing place with Himalayan range in horizon. Layers of hills, Thick Deodar forest, cold breeze, and wonderful people make this place so beautiful that anyone would love to be lost in this place for at least few days. 
 It was almost 11.30 am when I reached Kalka. After reaching Kalka, I decided to head to shimla so that I can reach Fagu before the sunset. Usually I take cab or private vehicle to travel in the hills, but this time I decided to take a local ride. And honestly it was worth taking a local bus ride from Kalka to Shimla. It took me 4 hours to reach Shimla.
As I was riding high in the hills, I was almost lost in the scenic beauty of the hills around.
Traveling  with local people was a great experience as you get to know many things which you can’t have the access otherwise.  With the cold wind, bright sun light, some very interesting people and of course the Pahari music made my bus journey an exceptionally wonderful one.

It was almost 4 PM. I reached Shimla- one of the famous tourist places in India. Since I was visiting Shimla for the 1st time, I had a different image of this magnificent hill town. But honestly what I noticed in Shimla was completely different from my imagination.  Once regarded as Britisher’s summer capital, has become a total commercialized tourist destination. One could only see hotels, resorts and houses in the hills, not the hills in real sense anymore. 

I must say it has lost its charm totally.  The whole town is over crowded with tourists, locals and traffic. For some time I felt suffocated. 
 My destination was yet to reach. Since I did not know from where to take my next bus to Fagu, so I decided to take help from local people and finally I reach a place called Lakkar Bazaar in Shimla which is famous for wooden handicrafts.
Another 23 KM to my destination Fagu. After inquiring to local people, I boarded the bus from Lakkar bazaar to Fagu. As soon as I board the bus, I sat next to a local woman. But after few minutes, a local guy came and asked me politely to vacate the seat .I was shocked as I could not figured it out the situation. But later the guy told me that to ensure a seat in the bus one need to have tickets which are available in the ticket counter. I gave him a big smile and got down to get my tickets.

While sun was ready to leave the valley, I could see the last rays in the hills. With darkness falling slowly, the cold wind, and silence all around, I could feel the complete belongingness to the nature.  It felt as if I have just come to a different yet beautiful world altogether . Suddenly I heard a voice saying “FAGU AA GAYA”. In the whole transition, I did not realized when time slipped through my fingers and I reached Fagu.

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