Fagu : Romancing in the thin air I Day 1 continues

(Continued from Part 1 )
As soon as I got down from the bus in Fagu, I was welcomed by my host Mr Suresh Sharma. Though my destination was Fagu, but I decided to stay in one of the remote villages in Fagu. So I was heading towards a village called Talai. 
Situated at 7550 fit above sea level, Talai offers some of the breath taking views of spectacular hills along with snow clad Himalayan ranges all around. Talai is one of the remote villages with only 20 houses. Merely 5 KM away from Fagu, it took me 10 minutes on that narrow hilly road to reach Talai village. While driving towards the village, I could see the step farming, small huts, and few Himachali people and the fascinating landscapes along with my way.
I always prefer to stay in Home Stay in remote areas in my journeys. As I believe that “Atithi Devo Bhava” is truly practiced by the Home Stay owners. A warm hospitality, a complete homely feeling, home cooked food and of course good company is what one can expect from a Home Stay. With Home Stay, one can have a complete sense of belongingness to the place. What I like the most about Home Stay is their informal behaviour which you can’t get in any resort or in hotel. For me Home Stays not only help me to be in my own, but also help me tremendously to get to know about the place more closely.
 It was almost 6 PM when I reached my Home Stay. I was soon welcomed by lady of the house with a big smile. Since I was travelling the whole day, I was quite tired and quickly needed a cup of tea to refresh myself. It was already dark in the hills. So I decided to sit back and relax in the balcony with my cup of tea until dinner is ready.

It was one the most beautiful evening I had ever spent in my life. The sound of the cold wind, valleys in the darkness with tiny lights and the calmness of the place was so perfect that its beyond my words .The valleys looked like an extended star studded sky as wherever your eyes goes you can only see those small lights coming from each house in the hills. And the silence around just gives you a completely new meaning to your life. Its gives you space where you can celebrate solitude, peace and belongingness. In other words, you can celebrate life. And I did the same.

It was 8 PM. Mrs Indira came with dinner to my room. And I must tell you that the food I had was mouth watering. Another advantage in staying in Home Stay is that you get authentic home cooked cuisines in your meals. And with that added advantage I had a cuisine called Siddu. This is a local food made with rice flour which is served with desi ghee. It was very delicious.

While taking my dinner, I was in conversation with Mrs Indira. As she was sharing her experiences with different guests in her Home Stay, I thoroughly  enjoyed the food and the conversation.
And that’s how I ended my first day beautifully ………………………..
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