Fagu :The World is a Beautiful Place I Day 2

Day 2 : Fagu
Life can’t be better than this. Waking up with sun rays , having coffee in the balcony early in the morning ,witnessing the changing colours of  the sky with every sun ray, green vegetation and apple orchards (In Fagu) …………what else one could ask for ? I don’t even remember when was the last time I saw the sunrise,  not even I remember when I walked bare feet in the garden nor I remember when was the last time I sipped a cup of coffee in my balcony . It’s so strange that we always run after a good comfortable life. We are conscious about our salary hike, job responsibility, own house, car or may be in total a good lifestyle. But the irony is we often forget to live a good life or I would say a good happy life. Some of us might get lucky to have a comfortable life in the city, but we left “Good Happy” life far behind. That’s why stepping out of your comfort zone and travelling to new places is important to balance your life. It’s not only gives you the space to live your life, but also introduces to a new world. For me travelling to these remote corners of India helps me to understand life better. In my journeys people don’t even judge me rather they welcome me to their life. It gives me the pleasure of being my own. Most importantly travelling to many different places teaches me as how to live my life, how to value life and surely how to celebrate life.
So until and unless you step out of your comfort zone to travel , you are missing something very important in life and that is The World is a Beautiful Place”…….If not much, at least travel some places to give a new meaning to your fast pacing life.
And I am on a mission to travel as much as I can before I die……….
Wow…. am I sounding too philosophical?
Anyway, after this beautiful morning in Fagu, it was time for breakfast. While having my breakfast I was on conversation with Mr Sharma as I wanted to know more about the surroundings. From my conversation, I got to know about the Sanskrit College which is situated at the peak of Deodar forest in the hills. It sounded interesting to me. So I decided to trek towards the College in the dense deodar forest. While walking towards the forest, I crossed a village called Cheog where recorded the highest rainfall in Shimla District.  Cheog is known for its step farming.If you ever visit Cheog, you can see only large vegetation in those beautiful hills in that village. I was surprised to know that Cheog has been exporting the vegetables to Reliance Fresh outlets from last 20 years. It’s simply incredible.

The weather in Fagu is unpredictable. You never know when you can be welcomed by rain. So I was suggested by Mr Sharma to carry umbrella while trekking in the deodar forest to avoid unexpected weather change. But I must admit the fact that the deodar forest in Fagu is one of its kinds. It’s the thickest forest I have ever trekked.

If you don’t know the route, you will definitely get lost in the middle of the forest as all looks the same. Luckily I got a tip before I started to trek towards the top of the hills as to follow the path made out of footprints. And I followed that and reached the Sanskrit College on the top of the hills. It was a wonderful feeling when you reach your destination. But I was wondering throughout my journey as how these students travel so far in those towering hills to attend their classes every day. No wonder why you never get to see any Fat People in the hills…….

While I was walking down the hill, I noticed traditional village houses in Cheog and Talai. What caught in my attention was their architectural style. I noticed that the houses in those villages don’t have windows and apparently the doors of those traditional houses are smaller as compared to normal height. With this curiosity in my mind, I tried to dig out the reason behind it. What I got to know was rather interesting. There is history behind it.

It was said that in the year 1768, The Gurkhas came in to power in Nepal and wanted to expand their territory to Sirmour and Shimla. Later with their leader Amar Singh Thapa, they first covered Kangra Valley. As Gorkhas was expanding their territory in Himachal, people started settling down in high altitude areas and started to construct these specific architectural houses without windows and with smaller doors. While unbearable cold in the high altitude areas was the main reason behind the houses without windows, the reason behind small doors was something very interesting to find out. As I got to know that Himachal people wanted to protect themselves from Gorkhas and because of that they used a unique technique. After knowing that I got more curious. Interestingly, since these houses have low doors, one has to bend their body to enter the house. So the technique was, as soon as Gorkhas tried to bend their body to enter the house, people used to chop their heads at their doorstep to protect themselves. It was quite a fascinating side of story behind these specific architectural houses. I was enriched in true sense. 

 Well after the fascinating story and trekking almost 6 KM in the deodar forest, I

was totally exhausted. So I stopped for a cup of tea in a Nukkar ki dukan in Cheog village only.
It was quite refreshing. While heading back to my Home stay, I enjoyed the spectacular landscape all around with changing weather in the hills as there were suddenly clouds in the sky. It was a complete transition and I was happily witnessing the whole transition.

 It was almost 3 PM when I reached my Home Stay and I decided to take some rest. By the time I woke up, darkness had fallen in the beautiful valley. Since it was my last day in Fagu, I decided to sit back and relax in the balcony.

As sitting alone and thinking nothing specific with the aura of silence all around was the moment of luxury all I wanted to have at that time…………

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