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It was a busy day at work when my phone rang. And I heard the voice – Hi, I am Akhilee from Ruplee. After my conversation with Akhilee, I got to know about the “Ruplee’s Bloggers Meet “ where I was invited to be a part of the event. It was sounding awesome to me as Bloggers Meets are always interesting. It’s a space where you not only get to meet awesome bloggers, but you get inspired too. I personally believe that this kind of events not only make a positive influence on your personality, but make you learn a bundle of new things. So as promised, I took a few hours off from my Office and landed up in Light Camera, Action Café in Haus Khas village around 7PM for Ruplee’s Bloggers Meet. 

I was delighted to be at Light Camera, Action Cafe, which is so unique in nature. As soon as I stepped in, I felt as if I have entered in a Bollywood Art Gallery. I looked around and all I could see was Bollywood posters, Movie Tickets, Portraits of Indian Legend Actors and Books on Indian Cinema. It was a Visual treat. 

I was presently greeted by our host Akhilee Matta. She is Head-Corporate communication in Ruplee. Since I was the first one to arrive, I hit the cord and started the conversation with Akhilee about the whole concept of Ruplee and how this whole idea got started. Soon I was joined by other bloggers. And among them, Manjulika P.Sehgal was the one with whom I bonded like fire. What a great pleasure to share the same passion for Travel, Food, Fun, exploring, Writing and Blogging. We laughed, we ate, shared our experiences and got inspired. What a Fun ride it was.

One thing you should not miss at Light Camera, Action café, is their Menu Card. What an innovative way to name each food item which is inspired by our own Bollywood like Ande ka Fanda (Egg Roll), Golmaal Pizza (Pizza Cheese balls), Naanza (Pizza toppings with cheese on a Nan), Andaaz Apna Apna (Chicken Cooked in two extremely different sauces) . Ya, Food was delicious too.
What next? Someone has to pay the bill. How? Through your Debit card / Credit Card or Cash. And on the top of it , once you ask for the bill , you have to wait another 15 minutes to have the bill on your table. Don’t you think that it’s a lengthy process.  We generally don’t want to wait so long when we finish our food and want to rush back to home. There should be a solution to this . Oh yes ! Here it is.The answer to your wait is Ruplee .
Say goodbye to cash & cards for eating-out. Say Hello to Ruplee
Ruplee is India’s first Mobile eating-out payment app through which you not only pay your restaurant bills, you can avail discounts, maintain loyalty and monitor payment records as well. 
Here I am going to tell you the benefit you can avail when you pay your restaurant bills through Ruplee.
  •      You can go hassle free with Ruplee and it’s handy .
  • With Ruplee App , you can go cashless
  • This is not a wallet where you need to put money every time. Ruplee allows you to put your card details once and you enter personal OTP, CVV and 3D secure pin each time you transact via the app .
  • It’s Safe to pay through Ruplee as it uses a RBI approved Indian payment gateway that lets you pay securely. Moreover ,You can keep a record of your transaction history
  • You can even split the bill through Ruplee App
  • Another great convenience on ‘Home Deliveries’ where you can access ‘Ruplee on Delivery’ feature and pay via the app.

  • Accepted across 100+ restaurants and F&B outlets in Delhi-NCR which includes famous ones like LCA (Hauz Khas), QBA, Gola’s Sizzlers, Raasta, MOETS Shack, Flying Saucer, China Doll, Fork You, Café  Warehouse, Boombox,  OTB, Townhouse Café, Elf , Beer Café and Crusty (Gurgaon)and many others
  • Ruplee provide “ Social Check-in “ & Loyality Check-in. It means when you check in via Ruplee app in any of the preferred restaurants / cafes , you get automatic discounts . In case of  Loyality Check-in where you are enrolled in merchant loyalty programs automatically.
  • You can earn Credits worth 100 rupees every time you refer a friend .
  • And , Finally you can grab awesome DEALS & DISCOUNTS ON YOUR BILLS

How it works 

We finished the mouth watering platters of various food items and super awesome cocktails . Now it was time to pay . Interestingly , you don’t need to do anything. Here is your Ruplee Representative who is at your service . You will find a Ruplee representative in every outlet with whom Ruplee is associated with. The Ruplee representative will show you how easily you can go cashless and pay your bill. 
This is how it looks like on your Smart phone screen 


Technology has made our lives easy . And if I talk about “ New-Age Cool Apps “ , Ruplee  is one of them, proudly holding the recognition of India’s first mobile eating-out payment app. 
So in case you forget your wallet , and you want to experience a great meal outside , What will you do in that situation ? Well, take out  your smart phone, download the Ruplee App  and pay your bill via the app and enjoy your meal with your love ones.
Keep Traveling , Keep Exploring Great Food and Be Hassles Free

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