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It was one of those days, while scrolling down my Facebook profile, I came across this name,“One Dollar Travel Café”. Within a few seconds, the name caught my attention and the urge of knowing more about this café was suddenly vibrant in my action. Being a traveler, going places, knowing new things, discovering the unknown is what I enjoy the most. More than that, I enjoy connecting with like-minded people wherever I go. So when I got to know about this new café in town, I was excited to be there to experience it.

Photo Credit : Manuj Mehta

On a lazy Sunday, I landed at One Dollar Travel Café which is located in the outer circle of Connaught Place. A tiny staircase takes you to the first floor where you are welcomed to a whole new world of travel. This tiny yet beautiful café immediately draws your attention with its artistic decor. From couches, photo frames , travel posters to the rooftop of the café, everything is very uniquely designed. I was pretty impressed by the look of it. I felt as if I had entered into a cozy drawing room where you will love to spend hours after hours doing what you like. A perfect space to strike a conversation with anyone who is passionate enough about his/her craft.

Photo Credit : Manuj Mehta

As soon as I stepped in, I was greeted by the owner, Mr Manuj Mehta, who is a celebrated photographer and a filmmaker in India. It is such a great pleasure to meet people with whom you can connect in so many ways. Being a curious soul, I asked him about the idea behind this café and why this café is called One Dollar Travel Café. Interestingly, what I got to know was rather amusing. It was his visit to Nagaland during Hornbill festival, he entered a food stall and ordered food for himself and when he asked the price of the food item, the reply was One Dollar. And surprisingly, for every food item he ordered, the fixed price was one dollar. And that was it. The idea triggered and that’s how he decided to name his café as “One Dollar Travel Café”. So the idea behind the café is to provide a space for those who love to mingle with like-minded people, share ideas, make travel plans, and create new concepts and so on. And the best part is that you can have anything from the menu and pay one dollar for each item.

Photo Credit : Manuj Mehta

Do you need anything else ?

If you are a travel enthusiast, a creative soul, or someone who loves to meet new people, wants to share new ideas and to learn new crafts like Photography, Film Making, Poetry, etc., One Dollar Travel Café is the place you should head to. This is not just a café; it’s a cozy little corner of your drawing room which allows you to take a creative voyage with fellow travelers.

A lot can happen when you visit One Dollar Travel Café.


Getting There

34, NDMC market, outer circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001

Call– 0-9958378907, 0-99586 18887

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