Top Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is truly a land of fairy tales with grand and majestic experiences. From shopping festivals to food festivals to sports events to breathtaking views to magnificent heritage structures… Ahh! I can go on to boast about it for days and days to come. There is so much you can discover when you are in Dubai and trust me, you are not alone in the road to discovery, travelers and tourists from all parts of the world travel to experience the magical realism of Dubai. Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeriah, Dubai Marina, Mini Switzerland, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Creek, Dubai Desert, Skydive Dubai, The Royal Palace, The Grand Mosque, Meena Bazaar, Gold Souk… I need to breathe! The list just does not end, so make sure you have enough days for an unforgettable journey of your life ! I need to mention the night life of Dubai is more like the clubs in Cape Town with Homo sapiens from a spectrum of countries engaged in candid conversations and celebrating the warmth of global harmony.

Here are my top places to visit in Dubai

Desert Safari

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The most thrilling experience is desert safari in a land cruiser amongst the dunes and this is on the top of my list. Although it runs from morning to evening, but I would suggest you to go for an overnight safari! Yes, in an overnight safari, you experience to stay in a star studded night in a desert, which is surrounded by sand dunes, and curvaceous belly dancers performing to Arabic nuances of soothing music with barbeque dinner being served, an experience of a lifetime !If you are an adventure junkie, then you can indulge in sand skiing and quad biking and something that they call like ‘Dune Bashing’.For the connoisseurs and the ones with royal impression, wish for camel rides and Kahweh(Arabic coffee).

Burj Khalifa

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A very famous saying by American author “I Am Still Standing Tall and Strong Every Night That I Perform” Patti Labelle. The tallest building (828 meters)in the world is also the most glorious structure in the world. The undisputed aura of Burj Khalifa signifies the triumph of vision, talent and unparalleled execution of designing architectures in this century. Visible from the moon, it is so tall that you can see sunset twice in the same evening! First from a lower floor and then from atop Burj Khalifa with temperature levels changing across floors (It’s true). Burj Khalifa is like a silver lining from the earth to the sky. The iconic tower hosts 160 floors with each floor having its own story. Gold Stairs, Dubai Fountain, Sky lobbies, Observation Decks, Corporate Suites, Burj Lake…In short, luxury to the core. It shimmers in the night (looking all the more attractive)to prevent air traffic collisions!

Palm Islands

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Two man-made islands, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah (island takes form of a palm tree) on the coast of Dubai. A host to and wondrous waterparks–The Atlantis and The Wild Wadi, Palm Jumeirah is a novel treat for everyone.

If you are a beach lover looking for exquisite experience on a romantic getaway, a secret path between the royal palaces takes you to the Black Palace Beach, land of pure relaxation and seclusion. To the other side is a white sand Jumeirah Beach, where you could see surfers and water sports enthusiasts feeding to their cravings.

Dubai Creek

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Adjoining palm islands is Dubai Creek radiating the charm of old Dubai along the coast in fascinating lights and wooden Dhow Cruises, wherein you are served sumptuous dinner while watching traditional Tanoura dance.

The Grand Mosque

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A portrayal of Dubai’s religious and cultural life, City’s largest mosque ‘The Grand Mosque’ is located in Bur Dubaiwas originally built in 1900 and served as an elementary school to recite the Quran. It lords more than 50 small and large domes and a very famous 70-meter tall minaret which resembles to a lighthouse. Rebuilt in 1998, the large walls with Quranic inscriptions blend well traditional architectural style. As with all Dubai Mosques except the Jumeirah Mosque, Non-Muslims are not allowed beyond the Minaret.

The Dubai Mall

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World’s biggest mall and known for the famous Dubai shopping festival, The Dubai Mall is located in Dubai Downtown. Defining Dubai as a global fashion capital, all major apparel brands including Armani, Boggi, Victoria’s Secret and Hackett showcase their exclusive collections. It is dreamland for shopping lovers as the prices of these international brands are reasonable enough to put your soul to satisfaction (make sure you control your excitement and not go bankrupt !).The Gold Souk zone is the most vivacious compilation of boutique gold and diamond jewelry stores. The Dubai Mall also houses a large aquarium and an underwater zoo ! And yes, not many have heard about DubaiDino. On display at The Souk Dome is the long necked 155 years old Giant Dinosaur Skeleton, a real one indeed !

Best time to travel to Dubai is November to January as the New Year is welcomed in grandeur and style. Dubai holds the world record for largest and longest fireworks display in the world for New Year’s Eve Celebrations. Music concerts by David Guetta & Martin Garrix, The Atlantis Royal Gala, and Palm Jumeirah Cruises are exclusive experiences you can look forward to. Dubai is like a mini-world hosting luxury, celebrations,cultures, cuisines and people from across the globe !! No matter from which part of the world you belong to, there is a lot to explore and experience for everyone in Dubai !

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Being a Business Consultant by profession, Navneet Kumar travels a lot across countries. While traveling to different destinations, he loves to explore places, their culture and lifestyle as well. This is a Guest Post by him wherein he has shared his travel experiences about Dubai.

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