A Day in Aamchi Mumbai

There is something about the air in Mumbai. The moment you land here, the fragrance of the sea, sound of the waves and the vibes of the city grow high on you. It simply creates such a great energy that it embraces you within a few seconds. A sense of belongingness to an otherwise busy city engulfs you immediately. Be it the colonial architectures of South Mumbai, the overcrowded local trains, the dedicated Dabbawalas, enticing Marin drive, famous street food or the fast paced life of the people in the city, Mumbai celebrates life in many shades. From luxurious hotels in Mumbai, sprawling skyscrapers, glamorous lifestyle to the biggest slum areas, you can have it all in one city. What really hooked me to this city is the way everyone celebrates the contrasting lifestyle in their own way. Whenever I visit Mumbai, I blend easily with the rhythmic tone of this dream city and indulge myself in my favorite spots hopping.

Mumbai has a lot to offer for everyone. If you are travelling to the city for the very first time, you should not miss visiting these places which will make you fall in love with the city.

Visit Iconic Gateway of India

Visiting Gateway of India undoubtedly tops the chart when it comes to Mumbai.  This iconic structure is the famous tourist spot in the city. Located opposite one of the luxury hotels, Gateway of India is not just one of the oldest harbors in the country, but also symbolizes the British grandeur. One can also take a ferry ride to ancient Elephanta Caves from here. What I loved most about this place is the sight of floating boats and ferries and when they slowly disappear beyond your horizon in the Arabian Sea.

Street Shopping and Restaurant Hopping in Colaba

If you are a shopaholic and love indulging in street shopping, Colaba is considered as one of the promising places for shopping in South Mumbai. From antiques, jewelry, clothes, books to handicrafts, you will literary find everything in Colaba Causeway. You can also check out Fashion Street, mostly popular among the college students. If you are exhausted in indulging in shopping, you can go for restaurant hopping in Colaba to savour some of the great seafood delicacies along with your favorite drinks.

Spend your evening at Nariman Point

One of my favorite corners in Mumbai is certainly Nariman Point. Sitting here, seeing the changing colours of the sky, the sound of waves making soulful music in your ears, is certainly the way I like to spend my evenings in the city. Mumbaikars are seen strolling around in this place after work mostly. Let the wind blow your hair a bit. Trust me, you will come back feeling refreshed.

Night at Marin Drive

After partying high when you need that solitude in the middle of a chaotic city like Mumbai, you should head to Marin drive to have some quiet time with yourself. It’s amazing to see the scintillating lights of those sea facing towering buildings, the dazzling queen’s necklace and the world passing by, when you stand still at the shore. The glittering Mumbai looks at its best at night.

To add a little glamour to your visit to Aamchi Mumbai, you can even treat yourself with High-Tea in a luxury hotel. From local flavors to the top hospitality, one can have everything in the Maximum City. Travelling on a local train, having street food, strolling around the beaches to the most luxurious experiences in high end hotels , Mumbai will never disappoint you. Rather it seduces you to a point that you don’t mind submitting yourself to “The Dream City”. Mumbai is definitely a great choice for your weekend gateways.

So when will you be flying to Mumbai next?

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  1. Thank you for great informative. I haven’t been there yet but if i got the chance i will be visit this places. !

  2. A beautiful account of Mumbai where you have tapped the different emotions expressed with passion. I have stayed in Mumbai for 2 years and Marine Drive was my favorite place. The city is bliss and has room for every emotion.

    1. I love Mumbai a lot. Whenever I get time I wish to visit this city.

  3. Mumbai is a beautiful city though it is crowded it attracts people to visit this city once.

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