Why “Taj Safaris” Is The Best Choice When It Comes To Experiencing National Parks In India?

“Expect the unexpected”, this phrase made absolute sense when I experienced game drives in the forests of Madhya Pradesh with Taj Safaris. I spotted tigers thrice on my safaris in two of the most noted national parks (Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Park) in central India recently. Following the alert calls in the jungle, watching the footprints on the muddy road, chasing tigers, hearing the roaring sound, and getting to see those intimidating eyes up close from a few inches away, was undoubtedly the highlight of my game drive in Kanha National Park on a rainy day.

It was not only a fascinating experience to take back home, but it was quite unique for me as I caught sight of tigers for the very first time in my life, after having visited more than five national parks across India. Being a nature admirer, I was never a wildlife enthusiast, who visits the forest in search of wild creatures. I generally soak in the alluring beauty of Indian forests, enjoying the rustling of the dry leaves, the enchanting chorus of birds, lush thick green forest, and the winding roads. But something changed drastically after I experienced wilderness with Taj Safaris. The exceptionally knowledgeable naturalists of Taj Safaris made me fall in love with the wildlife like never before. It suddenly instilled the urge to know more about the territory and the life of wild animals in the forest.Other than this, there are bundle of reasons that make Taj Safaris as India’s most desired option when it comes to experiencing wildlife.

Experienced and Exceptional Naturalists

The very first reason which makes any safaris fascinating enough is the naturalists. They are the first ones, who take you deep into the forest to introduce you to the wilderness up close. They are exceptionally knowledgeable, well trained and well-educated bunch of people, who are passionate about their work. Their dedication towards wildlife, participation in the spreading of awareness about the forest and a sense of hospitality are simply incredible. They are the most dynamic personalities, who introduce you to the fauna and flora of the forest, make you aware of the different alarm calls and answering your endless questions. One of the best parts about Taj Safaris is that the naturalists give a brief presentation about the park, its territories, and the wildlife before your first safari so that you are aware of the forest you are entering. A big shout out to Karun from the Mahua Kothi Lodge in Bandhavgarh and Vipul, Parth, Yazu, and Nara from Banjaar Tola in Kanha for giving me one unforgettable wildlife experience.

Luxurious Stay in the Jungle

When it comes to luxury, The Taj Safaris can spoil you forever. Whether it is the mud houses in Bandhavgarh or Eco tents of Banjaar Tola in Kanha, the unbeatable luxury, world-class hospitality, modern amenities, and uncompromising services make them the best in the business. I loved the rustic feel of the mud cottages in Bandhavgarh.

Whether it was the courtyard of the cottage with comfortable shaded seating arrangement, the Tulsi plant in the middle, giving it a traditional home look, the mouth-watering food that was served during my stay or the warmth in the behavior of the staff, I enjoyed everything there.

The location of Banjaar Tola Tents is simply breathtaking. Located on the bank of the Banjaar River, just across the river is the core zone of the Kanha National Park, giving a sense of belongingness to the wildness straight from your super luxurious tents.The most aesthetically designed, contemporary styled and modern tents are luxurious beyond imagination.

The large glass door, opening to the floating veranda overlooking the river was my favorite corner of the property.The look and feel of the property are inspired by the lodges and tents in South Africa. Even the decors of the property flaunt the same.

Eco-Friendly Lodges & Tents

One of the commendable features about Taj Safaris lodges and tents is that they are eco-friendly. Being close to the national parks, Taj Safaris believe in maintaining the ecosystem by reducing the carbon footprints in their surroundings. If I talk about the Mahua Kothi in Bandhavgarh, it felt good to see how they have constructed mud cottages amidst the forest, encouraging guests to switch off the lights when they are out, keeping the environment eco-friendly in the best possible way.

Banjaar Tola is also another excellent example of Eco tents where they have minimalistic use of concrete, open verandahs are set on raised structures, allowing natural growth under the buildings, reducing electricity usage by the energy saving lights, gas-based water heating, solar-heated swimming pool, and solar-powered outdoor lights. There are many such initiatives taken by Taj Safaris to make the environment Eco-friendly around the lodges and cottages.

Taj Hospitality

The standard of Taj Hospitality is sky high. The warm greetings at the arrival, customized meals, welcome notes, surprise gifts and providing a unique safari experience, every little effort is exceptional and incredible at the same time. I loved the way they make your stay comfortable and memorable in their properties. The friendly and efficient staff also contributes immensely to maintain their high scaled hospitality. I can’t forget the dinner under the stars by the pool side at Mahua Kothi.

Likewise, the breakfast arrangements in the middle of the forest or the surprise evening tea arrangement on a hillock, not only make you want to come back again but also make your experience an unforgettable one.

Personalised Services

Another unique feature of Taj Safaris is their personalized services to the guests. You are asked your preferences beforehand to make it easier to plan your stay. From the food choices, private dinner set up, personal butler, room amenities to your timings for each activity, everything is planned according to your wish. They deliver every desire of yours discreetly, but efficiently. Whether it is the head chef consulting you for the meal options, ever smiling staff providing everything you want, or the energetic and enigmatic naturalists always ready to provide additional information or anything for that matter, Taj Safaris go extra miles to create lifelong memories for their guests.

Give their guests local experiences

Providing local experience to their guests is a part of their services.Whether it is getting you to sample the local delicacies or taking you to a local village tour, introducing you to the rural lifestyle, their tradition, and rustic lifestyle, Taj Safaris does it all for their guests. I had a great time exploring the surrounding village and spending a considerable time with the villagers in Bandhavgarh.

Being a city dweller, I hardly get time to get close to the tribal community in my daily life. So getting an opportunity to understand the social fabric of a particular community or just seeing their way of life, gives me a feeling of rural India. Taj Safaris also arrange lunch in the village to get you accustomed to the daily life of those villagers. There are many such initiatives taken by them to give you a better perspective about the rural life in India.

Promote Responsible Tourism

Taj Safaris has been contributing immensely to promote responsible tourism in the surrounding villages of their lodges and tents. There are many initiatives taken by them to improve the lifestyle of economically underprivileged villages. Their engagement in creating awareness in its neighboring community is commendable. Providing income opportunities to employ locals in their lodges or tents, giving them training and leveling up to the Taj hospitality standard, making them aware of the wildlife by showing them documentaries, distributing vegetable seeds to the villagers and even teaching them farming techniques are some of the great initiatives undertaken by them.

Training is another aspect of their responsible tourism program where the executive chefs of the lodges in central India give training to the local women to develop skills in kitchen gardening and also teach hygienic cooking which helps them to enhance their culinary skills.The lodges are also involved in development programs for the villagers, by not just providing them with sewing machines and computers, but also imparting training to make them self-sustainable and develop a sense of confidence to uplift their lifestyle. I was delighted to know that the Barjaar Tola lodge in Kanha take underprivileged kids and differently abled people to the park each season to give them the wildlife experience. Apart from that, there are initiatives like Conservation Lesson Programme, LPG Gas Connections Programme, and much more.

I was invited by Taj Safaris on a Press Trip. All the thoughts, ideas and opinions are mine.

Disclaimer :

The photographs are owned by the writer and are copyright protected. Reproduction of any of the contents, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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35 Replies to “Why “Taj Safaris” Is The Best Choice When It Comes To Experiencing National Parks In India?”

  1. I so agree with this. We had a fantastic experience like the one you described at Baghvan, their property in pench. We hadn’t chosen kanha or bandhavgarh because my daughter was less than 2 then. The stay at the stone cottages, the food, the hospitality, the safari experience with their naturalist, the dinner they organised one evening in a bullock cart, all of it memorable.

  2. Great read.. totally agree Taj stands out in hospitality, will need to try Taj Safaris sometime soon..

  3. Thanks for sharing this article. For exploring the national park tour, Taj Safari is the best choice because it provides best luxurious stay in jungle with Eco-Friendly Lodges & Tents.

  4. Wow! Would love to have an experience like yours and actually be in the middle of the wild soaking up everything that nature has to offer! What an awesome pastime to have, visiting animals in their natural habit in the Taj Safari national park. Also love how the hotel is very fancy providing only the best service, while also being Eco-Friendly!

    1. You must come to India, Mariella to have this kind of royalty in the middle of the jungle. Taj Safaris is the best in the country.

  5. Driving through the forests in a safari is always a wonderful experience, and when one gets to see wild animals in their natural surroundings, the experience grows tenfold. Couple that with a luxurious stay and personalised services, it becomes memorable to another level altogether. And Taj Safari seems to have hit the right cord in that aspect.
    Arnav recently posted…McLeodganj for the Budget TravelerMy Profile

    1. I had the best Safari experience with Taj Safaris so far. I have traveled to many National Parks in India and even in Nepal, But the experience you get with Taj Safaris is absolutely fantastic.

  6. Taj Safaris looks amazing! I love these kind of places that are in nature, offer luxury environment and has a strong ethos!! The swimming underneath the night stars sounds magical; I like the sound of this place 🙂

  7. I’m yet to visit Madhya Pradesh. I need atleast 10 days to spend in MP! Its indeed Hindustan ka Dil! The accommodation is awesome! From outside it looks so blended with nature while the interiors is luxurious! And its awesome that you spotted the Striped Beauty!
    My Travelogue by Bhushavali recently posted…Musings at ItalyMy Profile

    1. Thank you Bhushavali. You must experience wildlife Safaris with Taj. They are the best in the country. I had absolutely great time in Madhya Pradesh this time.

  8. Tatum Skipper says: Reply

    I think I would go strictly for that amazing room you get to stay in. I have always wanted to go on an actual safari but haven’t had the chance to yet. Was not even aware that India had stuff like this. Nonetheless, what an amazing experience you had! It always helps to have people who are knowledgeable about the animals and such.

    1. You will be amazed to stay Taj Safaris ultra luxurious yet Eco-Friendly properties. Their services are top notch. You must experience it whenever you are in India.

  9. Taj Safaris sounds to be the perfect host. It makes a huge difference when a company is friendly, knowledgeable and genuine. The accommodation options and hospitality look good too. I like how they promote responsible tourism.
    Only By Land recently posted…Yogyakarta, Borobudur, Prambanan and Mount MerapiMy Profile

    1. Their Accommodation is by far the best Eco-Friendly ones in the country. When it comes to experiencing Taj Safaris, they are considered to be the best in the country. You must experience Taj Safaris while in India.

  10. wow what an incredible experience! I really appreciate that it promotes sustainable tourism. It seems like its got everything, animals, nature, and culture. You’ve sold me! I want to go!

    1. They are the best when it comes to wildlife experience in India.

  11. My husband is fascinated by tigers and has wanted to photograph one – this safari experience would be perfect! It’s also good to know the accommodations are eco-friendly and the staff is knowledgeable about wildlife and the surrounding lifestyle.

    1. Jamie, you must experience Indian wilderness with Taj Safaris. They give customized services and have excellent naturalists and staff.

  12. Taj safaris seem amazing. Enjoying the best of what nature has to offer while basking in the unmatched hospitality of Taj. What more could one ask for?! Thanks a lot for this post

  13. The best part here is the development of eco-friendly accommodations. Many other parts of the country have gone wrong here but especially the tiger zones in the heart of India are still a delight. No one should also miss the opportunity to interact with the locals and visit their villages as you have rightly pointed out.

    1. Taj Safaris is doing a great job promoting sustainable tourism and also contributes a lot for responsible tourism as well. I really like their development initiatives.

  14. I love how eco-friendly this safari tour is and that the naturalist are there also to give you more info on the tour and the eco-system. Going on a wild safari is my dream and I wish to do the Taj Safaris when I get to India.

    1. Thanks, Julie. You must experience Indian Wilderness with Taj Safaris. They are the best in the country.

  15. OMG this looks like an absolute dream! The hotel is so gorgeous. I really want to visit India and when I do I’m definitely doing a safari. I need to save this post so I remember!

    1. When it comes to experiencing wildlife in India, Taj Safaris is the best.

  16. Excellent information about the perfect Taj Safaris which is the best option for exploring the national parks visit in India. I love this blog which likes attractions of beauty in India.

    1. Thank you so much, Ayla. Do experience wildlife with Taj Safaris whenever you come to India.

  17. This looks so tempting! I haven’t explored MP yet, but I am sure that it has a lot to offer. And this post is making me want to go on this Safari real soon. Great post!

    1. You must experience wildlife Safari with Taj. They are the best in the country.

  18. after reading this article iam very excited to visit wildlife safari with taj.i have a dream to visit safari travels but iam shy about safety.after reading this article iam very excited to visit as early as possible.thanks for sharing with us

  19. Lovely post. Taj is a big enough brand name in the hospitality industry and though we haven’t personally travelled with Taj Safaris, the description above as well as our personal experience with other Taj hotels makes us believe it would be a great experience for sure

  20. I didn’t actually know much about the safari scene in India! I’ll keep this company in mind, I think it’s so important to research who you go with!

  21. Have you visited Bilaspur,HP? I am planning to visit this beautiful place…If you have any travel info about Bilaspur,please share with us…..

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