Padavedu in Tamil Nadu: The Finest Example of A Progressive Village

On a scorching summer day, when I traveled to Padavedu to have a glimpse of the lifestyle of the villagers, I was pleasantly surprised. Being a city dweller, I hardly get the opportunity to visit the remote corners of my country on a regular basis. So when I was invited by TVS Motor to visit the picturesque village in Tamil Nadu, I refrained from saying no.  My urge to spend time with the locals, knowing new cultural landscapes and be a part of the social fabric, always brings me back to the rustic villages of my country.

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust

Padavedu is hardly an hour’s drive from Vellore. Encircled by the hills, lush green vegetation, the colorful houses, temples, and people in their traditional attire, I was delighted to see the developing lifestyle of the villagers and the self-sustaining village. I learned how Srinivasan Services Trust (SST), the social arm of TVS Motor Company has been contributing tremendously in altering the lives of the villagers in Padavedu in every possible way.

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust

Whether it is about changing their attitude towards social and cultural development, education, self sustainability, infrastructure, women empowerment, health and environment, SST along with the help of the government, has been involved closely with the village communities, by introducing some great initiatives, touching 3.2 million lives in 5000 villages across five states.

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust

Meet these successful women in Padavedu

Among all the great initiatives taken by the SST, I was impressed by the women empowering initiative in Padavedu village. While forming SHG (Self Help Group) and providing skills training in managing small scale cottage industries, SST has been making an enormous effort to make the women self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust

“Smiles on their faces, dreams in their eyes and confidence in their tones,” were assuring enough to know the present scenario of Padavedu”.

I was extremely happy meeting these promising groups of women in that remote village of Padavedu, who are running their household beautifully along with involving themselves in the making of Banana Fibre handicrafts, which gives them the opportunity to use their skills and earn money for themselves.Today, they are self- sufficient, confident and more importantly financially independent. They no longer depend on their husbands for financial help. Not only that, they are also able to save some amount of money every month.

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust, Banana Fiber Making

I could feel a sense of pride in their voice while sharing their success stories. Because of the great initiative by SST to empower these women, they have earned an equal importance in their household. My heart was filled to the brim with joy when I came to know that they are now able to take financial decisions. Not just that, they are able to send their kids to schools and colleges for higher education. While having a conversation, I was told that they had made this village alcohol free, which is a great milestone to achieve in remote corners like these. It feels great to meet women who are no longer submissive. They have got their voice, employment, and independence. It gives them the courage to dream and also the ability to achieve them as well. They are the perfect examples of successful women today, who are contributing in shaping a better future for themselves and their families.

Other Progressive Initiatives

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust

SST has touched the lives of these villagers beautifully by introducing several other life altering initiatives. I also visited one household where the woman has been earning an extra income by making camphor in her free time. Meeting those adorable kids in the Aanganwadi School was another highlight of my day. By providing the right infrastructures and facilities to these kids, SST is not only improving the quality of education but also conducting parent teacher meetings to educate the villagers about the importance of education. I was delighted to know the decreasing rate of drop outs of SST village schools. Among all other initiatives, I was really impressed with SST waste management system where they collect dry wastes from the villages and produce manure.

Well, when you are in South India, sampling the authentic meal is mandatory. The joy of having the flavors of Chennai on a banana leaf was quite overwhelming. I also tried my hands in making pottery with the locals.  I do crave for these rustic experiences that make your visit worthwhile.

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust

I always believe that a progressive village can pave the way for a successful society. It is very important to work at the grass-root level to make people ready for a better future. By creating awareness, imparting training, and involving village communities to be a part of the change, SST has been making significant efforts since the last 20 years to take India on the road to continuous progression.

Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust, My Travel Diary, Parnashree Devi

I was invited by TVS Motor on a Press Trip to Padavedu

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Tamil Nadu, Rural India, SST, TVS Motor, South India, Padavedu,  Srinivasan Services Trust

18 Replies to “Padavedu in Tamil Nadu: The Finest Example of A Progressive Village”

  1. Nice initiative by SST. Great photography too.

    1. Thank you. I had great time exploring the village and knowing about the SST initiatives in Padavedu.

  2. Travelling to rural India always brings out the best of India. The laid back yet disciplined lifestyles can teach us a lot.

    1. Thank you Anuradha Ma’am. I totally agree with you.

  3. Such amazing colors! I really like your photographies, they seem to me very authentic and nice.
    India is still on my bucket list, especially the country side is very interesting I think and I am very curious to discover one day with my own eyes. And since I love good Indian food, I feel now even a bit hungry after seeing the flavors of Chennai on a banana leaf.

    1. Thank you Hendrik. It’s beautiful and colourful in the rural India. You must experience it whenever you are in India next.

  4. SST touching the lives of 3.2 million visitors…. Wow. That’s impressive. I would love to eat authentic south Indian food from a banana leaf someday. That would be epic.
    Jenn and Ed Coleman recently posted…What Makes Indy Cool and Why Does It Taste So Good?My Profile

    1. SST is doing fantastic job in 5000 villages. You must have authentic South Indian meal someday. I am sure that you will like it.

  5. Wow that’s a really nice initiative by SST. It was nice you could be a part of it and create awareness about the same.

    1. I am glad bro be part of this . Thank you

  6. I have not heard of Padavedu in Tamil Nadu before but it looks beautiful. One of the reasons I love reading other peoples blogs is because I get to find out about new places. What a great company SST helping others and bring initiative to rural places. It is great that you were able to be apart of it and create awareness. Btw I love how you have captured the locals through your pictures.

    1. Thank you, Mel. I was also delighted to know SST initiatives and how they are transforming lives of the villagers in the rural area. They are doing great work.

  7. South India has some of the most beautiful verdant countrysides. We have experienced much of it in Kerala but Tamilnadu still remains to be explored. SST is a great initiative which is helping the villagers harness their potential, in turn, help the village develop. Padavedu looks like a wonderful place to experience the quintessential Indian village.
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  8. Stunning photography of Padavedu! I had to look up on a map where this place was and add it to my list! I love hearing stories about the progressive women of the village. I agree: SST is amazing!

  9. What an interesting set up. It’s great to see community development working so well. So often projects like these never leave the village and we have no idea of the good work being done

  10. Such an amazing initiative by SST. Glad to see small villages in India are moving ahead with time with such a positive attitude. Loved the post 🙂

  11. Nice! Padavedu is a such a beautiful village in Tamil Nadu and the progressive steps to make a develop village is so admirable.

  12. What a pretty and very colouful village in India! It’s so encouraging to read about these types of initiatives and how they’re helping the villagers. Wonderful about the women becoming successful and independent from men to make a living, very positive as a whole!

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