Why “Taj Safaris” Is The Best Choice When It Comes To Experiencing National Parks In India?

“Expect the unexpected”, this phrase made absolute sense when I experienced game drives in the forests of Madhya Pradesh with Taj Safaris. I spotted tigers thrice on my safaris in two of the most noted national parks (Bandhavgarh & Kanha National Park) in central India recently. Following the alert calls in the jungle, watching the […]

All About Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart 2016

The tagline,“Madhya Pradesh – The Land of Many Possibilities”, is rightly placed. If there is any state in India which offers diversity at its best, then it has to be Madhya Pradesh.  The royal Palace in Mandu, the marble mountain in Jabalpur, erotic & exotic stone carvings in Khajuraho, ancient rock shelters with paintings in […]

Madhya Pradesh Travel Mart 2016: Let’s Explore The Heart of India

It was way back in 2008, when I visited Bhopal for the very first time for a field trip from the university. I still remember the train journey with my fellow classmates and how we sneaked out for a few hours every day from our hectic schedule to explore Bhopal.  The contrasting cityscapes, scenic lakes […]

Into The Wild: Satpura National Park

The mosaic of landscapes, manicured green lands, mud houses and vaguely visible hills from a distance. With wind in my hair and wish list in my head, I was slowly travelling deep into the forest to experience a completely new world of diversity. The earthy smell, the sound of wind, and the blazing sun rays […]

10 Incredible Photographs of Chhattisgarh that will force you to put this state on your Bucket List

Life on the highway is one big celebration in itself. While moving on the highway, you get that rare opportunity to let go everything you are holding back for years. Even when you pop your head out of the window, you are not only amazed to experience the natural wonders all around, but it precedes […]

Welcome to The Tribal Planet of India : Bastar , Chhattisgarh

It feels as if time slows down suddenly . The Lush paddy green fields look like a large sheet of green carpet well spread across the miles. The sound of the chirping birds and the breathtaking waterfalls from far off creates the rhythm in the surrounding . The earthy smell of soil is enticing. As […]