The Making Of Durga Idols in C R Park, Delhi : A Celebrated Tradition

Festivals in India are a celebrated part of our cultural heritage. These festivals are being observed from time immemorial. Being a multi-cultural country, India celebrates hundreds of festivals each year, belonging to various cultural practices, religious occasions, age-old traditions, and beliefs. Each festival introduces you to those deeply rooted beliefs, customs and imperishable faith of […]

The Imperial New Delhi: The Iconic Luxury Hotel from Pre-Independence Era

Have you ever experienced the luxury of staying in a “Museum Hotel” in India? How about sharing the same table for your evening cup of coffee in a luxurious setup at an upscale hotel, which used to be Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite dining spot? Sounds unfamiliar right?  Well, The Imperial New Delhi, is an iconic hotel from the […]

Aamod Dalhousie Resort : A Luxurious Retreat In The Lap Of Himalaya

As I travel far and wide, I find uniqueness in every curve of the road. There is always something which leaves me speechless and forces me to think as to how everything can co-exist so peacefully in each corner, giving it a rare identity. Popping my head out, closing my eyes, feeling the cold breeze […]

Rokeby Manor : The English Retreat in Landour

I have been searching for a perfect hilltop during my journeys. I do find many such tiny luring corners in the hills, though a sense of belongingness is missing in those corners. I often wonder why the best creative souls consider this place as their oasis. Leaving behind an overcrowded Mussorrie, the moment I entered […]

Have you heard of the Corn Village near Mussoorie?

The very first sight of the Sainji village made a deep imprint on my mind.  The rustic look, the earthy smell and the colourful houses were enticing enough. It was a sheer visual delight. The golden coloured hung corns dominated the tiny village situated on a hilltop. The courtyard was filled with red chilies and […]

Misty Mountains, Mahasu House & Mashobra

The fragrance of the woods, the cold breeze, floating clouds and the breathtaking landscape became my constant companion as I traveled on the winding roads in the hills. Leaving behind the concrete jungle, as I was making my way up in the high altitude, I realized that I have come a long way to be […]

The Winding Roads And My Affair With The Hills: Binsar, Uttarakhand

I am soaked too deep into my affair with the hills. Every time I embark on the road to a wonderfully secluded hilltop, the fragrant breeze, those scattered tiny huts and simplicity of the Pahardi people bring a smile to my face unconsciously. I let my hair play with the flirtatious wind, while setting my eyes […]

Heritage Village Resort & Spa : A Perfect Weekend Getaway

After spending those hectic hours at work, handling an end number of projects, meeting clients and living the same old routine life, everyone eagerly waits for the weekend to break the uniformity to rejuvenate and relax. Imagine spending your weekend sitting by the poolside, indulging in luxurious Spa experience, having a meal cooked with organic vegetables, and […]

Launch of Portuguese Cocktail Bar & A Brand New Desserts Menu at Barcelos

Barcelos is a household name worldwide for its authentic and extremely delectable, yet traditionally cooked cuisines. Whenever it comes to Barcelos, people mostly associate it with its famous Flame Grilled Peri Peri Chicken menu. After the huge success of bringing the famous Black Burger to India, Barcelos has introduced the rich wine culture of Portugal […]