The Making Of Durga Idols in C R Park, Delhi : A Celebrated Tradition

Festivals in India are a celebrated part of our cultural heritage. These festivals are being observed from time immemorial. Being a multi-cultural country, India celebrates hundreds of festivals each year, belonging to various cultural practices, religious occasions, age-old traditions, and beliefs. Each festival introduces you to those deeply rooted beliefs, customs and imperishable faith of […]

The Imperial New Delhi: The Iconic Luxury Hotel from Pre-Independence Era

Have you ever experienced the luxury of staying in a “Museum Hotel” in India? How about sharing the same table for your evening cup of coffee in a luxurious setup at an upscale hotel, which used to be Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite dining spot? Sounds unfamiliar right?  Well, The Imperial New Delhi, is an iconic hotel from the […]

Launch of Portuguese Cocktail Bar & A Brand New Desserts Menu at Barcelos

Barcelos is a household name worldwide for its authentic and extremely delectable, yet traditionally cooked cuisines. Whenever it comes to Barcelos, people mostly associate it with its famous Flame Grilled Peri Peri Chicken menu. After the huge success of bringing the famous Black Burger to India, Barcelos has introduced the rich wine culture of Portugal […]

Photo Story: An Evening in the Alleys of Chandni Chowk During Ramadan

The by-lanes of Chandni Chowk are enriched with the glorious history and numerous tales from pages of the Mughal Era. The overcrowded, busy, chaotic, and bumpy roads of Chandni Chowk may not impress you at the first glance, but if you turn the pages of history to know more about this place, the experience will […]

The Spice Route : The Summer Collection Menu by Chef Veena Arora

The great Indian summer is not always about the hot, humid, and dusty weather; rather this is the time when people relish some of the great fruit baskets as well. If I talk about the flavour of the season, it has to be Mango. Whenever I talk about mangoes, a bundle of treasured childhood memories just […]

Basecamp Traveller : One stop solution for all your travel needs

Travel is the buzz word nowadays. Almost everyone is talking about travel in every possible way. From destinations, experiences, to do’s and don’ts, it feels like every other person has become a traveller. Travel has literally become an addiction.  The easy access to information, lucrative travel offers, and the quest to discover places around the […]

Ski India: Asia’s largest Snow Themed Park is here in Noida

It’s snowing in Delhi/NCR Are you still wondering about this? But the fact is that the news is absolutely true. Now you can beat the unbearable heat in the capital by spending your day enjoying fresh snow fall with dipping temperature of minus 15 degrees in Noida. The indoor Sci-fi themed Snow Park, Ski India […]