My Toy Train Ride on Kalka Shimla Railway: An Unforgettable Journey

I missed my very first Toy Train ride from Kathleeghat station by a whisker. The chugging toy train slowly curved its way, leaving me awestruck. I became impatient as it was my only chance to board the toy train to experience the ride. Without wasting time, the car was speeding high on that twisting road […]

Aamod Shoghi Resort: The Perfect Abode in the Woods

The distant whistle of the toy train became louder as I slowly opened my eyes. The twittering of the birds announced the morning glory. Those morning sun-rays falling on my face, the feeling of being in the lap of nature and the hazy hills were the luxuries I was indulging in far away from my hectic […]

Aamod Dalhousie Resort : A Luxurious Retreat In The Lap Of Himalaya

As I travel far and wide, I find uniqueness in every curve of the road. There is always something which leaves me speechless and forces me to think as to how everything can co-exist so peacefully in each corner, giving it a rare identity. Popping my head out, closing my eyes, feeling the cold breeze […]

Misty Mountains, Mahasu House & Mashobra

The fragrance of the woods, the cold breeze, floating clouds and the breathtaking landscape became my constant companion as I traveled on the winding roads in the hills. Leaving behind the concrete jungle, as I was making my way up in the high altitude, I realized that I have come a long way to be […]

When Artists Transform A Village Into A Colourful Canvas in Himachal Pradesh

People say that some places grow on you. I never actually gave a thought to that. I keep travelling and wondering, covering many dots on the map. You travel, live those moments, share that laugh with strangers, admire nature and move on to another destination. However, it was not happening with me this time. Often […]

ShopArt ArtShop: A unique Art Festival where a village turns into an Art Gallery

Have you ever heard of an Art Festival, where art is exhibited in village shops? Curious enough? Well, let me take you to a beautiful village called Gunehr, situated in the foothill of Dhauladhar range, Himachal Pradesh. The scenic landscapes, beautiful valleys with step farming, scattered houses and simple pahadi people have made it a […]

New Feature : Travel Postcard of the Week

This is no secret that I am deeply in love with Hills. And, I love to call myself “A Mountain Girl.” The twisted road, golden sun rays, the cold breeze, layers of hills and incredibly simple Pahadi people. What makes me fall in love with the hills is not just the scenic landscapes that it […]