Gaj Retreat Resort: A Weekend Getaway in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Punjab, the land of spellbinding fields and large-hearted people is a state in the northern part of India and is acclaimed for its cultural opulence. The very first impression when you visit Punjab that flashes in front of you are the lush green fields spread across miles, an overflowing glass of Lassi, the magnificent Gurudwaras […]

Between the Lines : Wagah Border

It was an amazing feeling when I first visited Wagah border this winter .Wagah Border is only road border crossing two historic cities Amritsar in India and Lahor in Pakistan.Historically , the village Wagah was divided at the time of Independence in 1947 , as a result of which eastern part of the village Wagah […]

A Glimpse of Amritsar

If we talk about Punjab, the very first place comes to mind is Amritsar. Historically, Amritsar was known as Ramdaspur. This city is known for the famous Golden temple, Historical Wagah border and undoubtedly for its food culture. The meaning of Amritsar is Pool of the Nectar of Immortality. It is said that food is […]