White River Rafting and Night Camping in Punakha

The swelling river, high rapids, and the gushing sound came alive the moment I was told about River Rafting in Punakha. It reminded me of my first river rafting experience in Maharashtra. That one epic experience helped me to break out of my shell of fear of being in water. Though I did look confident […]

A Complete Guide: Top Places to Explore in Thimphu

Unlike other cities of the world, the capital city of Bhutan draws your attention at the gateway itself with its unique yet impressive architectural designs of their houses. The intricate details and colourful paintings on the walls make it one of the most colourful cities in the world. The combination of both modern cosmopolitan and […]

The Unseen Thimphu: My Walking Trail

Travelling a few extra miles and pushing the stereotypical geographical boundaries, enable you to feel the intrinsic nature of a place in the true sense. It was during our stay in Thimphu, we were offered to do cycling in the countryside of the capital city of Bhutan. What better way to be in the lap […]

Photo Story : These Captivating Pictures Will Make You Want To Explore Bhutan Immediately

Bhutan – a slice of a Himalayan kingdom is a land of mountains, monasteries and magic. With its fascinating culture, symmetrical architectures, lush greenery, unpretentious nature of the people, and the undying love for their king, Bhutan made me wonder about its own land. Bordering with India and China, this small country is one of […]

Haa Valley : The Well Kept Secret of Bhutan

The prayer flags were fluttering in the air. The sound of the breeze was ringing through my ears. As I took the turn up in the eastern Himalayan ranges, the curvaceous road was suddenly engulfed in the ascending mist. I felt as if the wind was whispering, announcing the arrival of this compelling, yet hidden […]