How to Spend 24 Hours in Helsinki, Finland? Find Out Here

The capital city of Finland, Helsinki, celebrates a unique rhythm of life. The Lovely seaside city is vibrant and buzzing, yet it is not chaotic. Located on the Northern coast of the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is surrounded by more than 300 lakes, lush green forests and captivating coastline. Known as the Design Capital, the city […]

Finnish Lapland, Northern Lights & Beyond: A Complete Guide

As I glided through the white blanketed forest trail on a reindeer sleigh at night, I became attuned to the deep sound of the wind and crunching snow on the path. I sank into the mood completely, closing my eyes, feeling the freezing wind traveling through my body. I never had such a strong urge […]

Why You Should Consider Holiday Club Resorts for Your Vacation in Saimaa, Finland

As I left the dazzling city of Helsinki, the landscape started changing. Each turn on the road was painted with white blanket of snow. The thick forest, the barren land on both sides of the road and popping colorful wooden houses from nowhere made it appear like as if I was in a winter wonderland. […]

Day Trip To Porvoo: The Colourful Town Of Finland

The unhurried pace of life, integrated age old cultural practices, traditional lifestyle and laid back attitude of any town or city lures me more than a concrete jungle of any place in the world. I am fascinated by the old-world charm of those towns that have a string of folklore and enriching history. Seeing the […]

Charms of Saimaa: What to do on Finland’s Largest Lake in Winter

Have you ever walked on a frozen lake? Did you hear the sound of snow crunching under your feet? I had probably never seen a vast expanse of ice sheet till that moment I actually landed at the biggest lake in Finland named Saimaa. As I looked around, the unending white stretches, vaguely visible hills […]

Why You Should Visit Finland At Least Once In Your Lifetime

It was nothing less than a fairy-tale destination. As the descending flight was about to touch down, the view from my window seat was magical. The enchanting spectacle of the snow layered forest made the land look like a winter wonderland. I was hooked at the first sight itself. Located between Russia and Sweden, Finland […]