Oman Airways – Completing 24 years of Operation in India

I was recently invited at the LeMeridien Hotel, New Delhi, on 13th July, to attend the round table meeting with Mr. Paul Gregorowitsch CEO – Oman Air, who was visiting India on the occasion of the Oman Airways completing 24 years of operations in India this year.The event was a high profile affair with the […]

Thailand’s Golf Ambassador : Ms Vani Kapoor

Known as   Golfers’ Paradise ,  Amazing Thailand keep going  on for   golf celebrity  marketing . The   Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)  announced  the  appointment of Thailand  golf ambassador in  India – Ms Vani Kapoor. Ms. Vani Kapoor , currently Indian’s number 1 lady golfer. This association fits perfectly with Thailand being a well known golfing […]