Don’t Miss Exotic Easter Brunch at 1911 and Easter goodies at La Baguette , Imperial Hotel

It is said that food has united communities, religions and cultures over decades. Having food together is not only a way to celebrating any occasion but it also unites people over differences. When it is the Easter Festival time, one can’t just sit behind, not relishing the mouth-watering Easter menu at the lavish and upscale […]

It’s time for Sushi

My tryst with Sushi happened when I ordered my first Sushi from the newly opened Sushi Junction (Malviya Nagar Outlet). I ordered 3 authentic size of Sushi, Futomaki (large thick roll),Chumaki (medium size inside out roll with rice outside Seaweed Inside) and Hosomaki(traditional thin roll). I was pleasantly surprised by the Indian flavours in Japanese Sushi. The fusion of […]

Launch of Portuguese Cocktail Bar & A Brand New Desserts Menu at Barcelos

Barcelos is a household name worldwide for its authentic and extremely delectable, yet traditionally cooked cuisines. Whenever it comes to Barcelos, people mostly associate it with its famous Flame Grilled Peri Peri Chicken menu. After the huge success of bringing the famous Black Burger to India, Barcelos has introduced the rich wine culture of Portugal […]