My Canoe Ride with the rising Sun

It was an absolute darkness.The jeep was speeding up towards the bank of Denwa River. In that freezing cold, the enthusiasm for a boat ride somehow did not appear to be very inviting. As time was passing by, with my floating attention, I could see those canoes in the dock which were ready to take us for a ride in Denwa River.


Have you ever heard of a canoe ride in the middle of Satpura National Park?

Have you ever had the joy of riding a boat with the rising sun?

Did it ever happen that the sound of water dominates the sound of your own heartbeats?

Have you ever experienced the joy of riding a boat with rising mist?

It was dawn. The still air touched my face and a kind of cold sensation just ran through my body. I was constantly thinking about my decision to sacrifice my sleep early in the morning for taking this boat ride. Being a water phobic, taking a boat ride that too in a canoe was not an ideal situation for me. But as I always say that traveling pushes you to the edge and you embrace everything that comes your way. So experiencing something new was the only driving force behind my decision to come for this boat ride. I was totally unaware of this kind of an adventure activity in the middle of thick foliage as national park generally pictures thick forest with wild animals in its periphery. Well, life takes you on a ride of serendipity when you are welcomed by the rising sun behind those vaguely visible hills beyond your horizon.


It looked as if someone is slowly raising the curtain of your window and a golden ray is making its way through the window to your room. The darkness is fading away in a quiet manner. The whole transition from darkness to light was incredibly beautiful. The morning was surreal.


When the sound of wind and water blend perfectly and you sail though the river in a sun-kissed morning ,it gives meaning to your existence in the world.

Who is going to sit in the front? David asked. The prominent voice was enough to bring me back to the shore. As we were sailing ahead along with other canoes, the floating canoe in the river made me still for almost half an hour.


The golden reflection in the water, rising sun behind those layers of hills, the cold breeze, dancing waves and rhythmic sound created by the waves. The whole aura was enchanting. The rising mist from water surface and the reflection of burning sun in the transparent water created a picture that was too perfect to ask for.


As we were sailing through, we spotted exotic birds that were resting on those small islands in the river. While moving ahead towards the backwater, a spotted deer was posing happily in the bush. As I settled down finally in the canoe, I got busy capturing those rare moments into my lens.


The pristine water beyond the horizon, locals with their fishing net in those tiny boats were visible from a distance. The more I wanted to go close to that tiny boat, the more it sailed far away.

That tiny boat,the rising sun, the curtain of mist, and the sound of water transported me to another world. I was numb and still,wondering about God’s creation and felt blessed to experience this magical moment. I refused to blink for those rare moments.

I visited Forsyth Lodge  as a part of  The Bloggers Meet 2015. To invite me on a similar trip, connect with me [email protected] / [email protected]

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  1. Snow Holidays

    Awsome photographs. Thanks for sharing the same.

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks a lot Sushmita. It was an awesome experience .


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