It was still dark. I could see a few people on the road,out for their morning walk. The world was getting up for yet another day. And I was ready with my backpack for a road trip to the hills. When you pop your head out of your window seat, the still air passing through your body and you are speeding away on the road far away from your daily life, it is undeniably a wonderful feeling.

I never miss any opportunity to be amidst nature. The charm of the towering hills, ever-changing landscape, and the unheard tale of the place always fascinates me. So, when an invitation to travel to Kumaon hills arrived in my inbox, I was super delighted. I have been to numerous hill stations in the last few years, but when it comes to the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand, my heart melts like a candle (I am a little biased).  And, on top of it,you are offered a road trip, my joy translates into a big smile on my face.

Road trips are the best way of travelling. You are not only introduced to a whole new world of culture with each turn but also get the opportunity to explore new things.  And when you are accompanied by like-minded people on your trip, it becomes a journey like never before.

As I was travelling high on those twisted roads, the landscape was changing. You are surrounded by those layers of hills, distant valleys, smiling faces and fresh smell of the soil. I did not realize how time just slipped through my fingers and we reached Aamod Resort in Bhimtal.


It is a beautiful property in the middle of the Oak and pine forests.


We were greeted by the resort manager, Mr.Pankaj and offered a local drink which was quite refreshing.


Soon I was handed over the keys to my room. I was impressed with the interior of the room which was quite big with the private balcony  overlooking the valley.

room at Aamod at Bhimtal

Interior of the room


After a long road trip from Delhi, the need of the hour was a delicious lunch. And I must admit the fact that if you are in Aamod resort, you will be treated to a variety of mouth-watering dishes. When you are served the best Indian cuisines with a spectacular view of the hills around, life seems perfect at that moment.


Situated at an altitude of 1370 meters above sea level, Aamod Resort in Bhimtal is a perfect blend of luxury with nature. With 43 rooms from executive to private suits,conference room, swimming pool to spa, Aamod Bhimtal is equipped with all the modern amenities to make your holiday experience an unforgettable one.

Aamod at Bhimtal

A beautiful setting in the middle of the forest, one can rejuvenate there with a great view.


If you want to spend some time in solitude, Jacuzzi hut is the perfect place to be. The aura around the area is in flux with positive vibes.


Not just that, if you want to indulge in luxury, you can have dinner by the poolside as well. The swimming pool area is another beautiful corner with the pristine view of the hills.


Another significant element of Aamod property is their adventure activities. The activity area of the property is one of the most interesting part where guest are encouraged to participate in the adventure activities.


The Burma Bridge, Rope Bridge Walk, Commando Net are some of the hurdles on the course. Along with that, it has the zip line, rappelling, basketball ground, paint ball, badminton court, etc. One can also do cycling in the twisted hilly roads.

As the Sun left its last rays on the valley, darkness followed quietly. And while enjoying the hot cup of tea in the lounge area, I was joined by Mr Gaurav Jain, the owner of Aamod Resorts. After a quick chat, I was invited to the terrace area. The first sight of the beautiful setting was jaw dropping. The low sitting arrangement,twinkling lights visible from a distance into those hills, star- studded sky, cold breeze, and a great company. The never ending discussion from travel to politics were some fun moments which made my visit a worthy one. I must admit the fact that Mr. Gaurav Jain is not just a successful entrepreneur, but a great host too. While having our conversation, I got to know about his future ventures too which sounded quite promising.

When you wake up to a great view along with those golden rays, making their way through your window, it is undoubtedly the perfect start to your day. I enjoy these priceless moments of joy which make my journeys worthwhile.


To feel the warmth of the sun in the morning, I decided to walk around the property. After capturing a few moments into my lens, it was time for breakfast.


Well, the day was designed with a lot of activities. What I enjoyed a lot was the adventure activities in spite of my fear of failing.


But I must admit that one should indulge in these activities at least once to know yourself better. These activities are not just about physical fitness, but also a mind game.

One of the best moments during the trip was fishing in the lake. While trying our hands in fishing, we not only had the ultimate fun on the lake side with gorgeous view of the surrounding villages, but interaction with a bunch of local kids was an awesome experience.



Your day cannot have a more perfect ending than India winning their Cricket World Cup T20 match against Pakistan, followed by a bonfire under the sky.It was the moment of the trip for me. When you see full moon in the sky, enjoy the bonfire with a bunch of  like-minded people, indulge in never ending conversations with mouth-watering food and a superb collection of music to compliment it, life seems to be smiling at you.

The sound of raindrops became louder when I woke up the next morning. But in spite of the rainy day, we were out to trek towards Sattal.


Sattal is a cluster of seven interconnected set of freshwater lakes in the Kumaon region. Located amidst the thick forest, the view of the lake is pristine.


Since you cannot predict weather in the hills, so after a few kilometres, the bright sunshine just welcomed us. While trekking towards the lake, I came across an old British Church in the middle of a forest which was built apparently in 1912.


I love these nature trails for taking the road less travelled. And you discover places which are off the tourist map.


While taking the narrow road, I discovered not just an old post office, but “Shanti Ashram” in the middle of the pine forest. I was captivated by this cottage from the British era which was an ideal place to unwind and celebrate the silence.


As I always say that every hill station has its mystical character which never fails to fascinate me, Bhimtal is no exception. From fishing with the local kids, watching the sunset over the valley, doing adventure activities, poolside conversation, trekking in a rainy day, bonfire in the forest to taking a road trip, I experienced everything in one trip. So, if you want to have a perfect holiday this Indian summer, you know where to land up.

My Trip to Aamod Resort in Bhimtal was organised by Escape Route.

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  3. sumit

    The whole experience came back alive.. 🙂 #escaperoute

    • Parnashree Devi

      I am glad that you like it. My trip to Bhimtal with #EscapeRoute was fantastic.

  4. VJ Sharma

    Beautiful clicks and now I know that your camera also like hills 🙂

    • Parnashree Devi

      And you know how much I am in love with Hills which my lens says it all.

  5. Kavita

    Such a fun trip.. Pictures are wonderful!!

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    The place looks beautiful!

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