Asus Zenfone Max: The Game Changer with a Powerhouse Battery Life

Being a traveller, I am always on the move. I love celebrating my life on the road. The journey to unknown simply fascinates me. While travelling, I love to take a nap in the lap of nature, talking to locals, sharing that one smile simply makes me high. Popping my head out of the window, I am not just amazed by everything I experience, I like to capture those moments into my lens to treasure those priceless moments. The fact is that it is not feasible every time to use your DSLR. So, I prefer Smart Phone photography a lot of time. It is easy to capture the desired moment, but at the same time incredibly easy to share it with the world. But when it comes to battery life of the smart phone, it fails to impress me.Many times, while on the move,I want to capture those rare moments and my battery gets exhausted.It not just spoils the fun of capturing moments but also contributes equally to spoiling your joyous mood. Being a Travel Blogger, I was longing for a solution for this.

And here it comes. Asus has launched this brand new phone called Zenfone Max with some power packed features which has created a revolutionary impact in the market. It was a couple of days before the launch I received this phone in a nice glass box with an embargo till 23rdMay. I must admit that Asus had successfully managed to create the curiosity. On 23rd May, Asus finally unveiled the advanced version of one of its best-selling smartphones in the country – Zenfone Max. The elegant style and 5000 mAh battery simply takes Zenfone Max to a new level all together. Let me take you through its Key Features.

Uncompromising Battery


The revolutionary feature of Asus Zenfone Max is undoubtedly its uncompromising battery life. The most celebrated feature,which makes this phone stand alone in the market. With 5000 mAH, Asus has certainly brought a revolution . A powerful device which not just gives you a powerful battery life but also a promise that one can keep the full charged Asus Zenfone Max for days without charging. The lithium-polymer battery, when fully charged, provides 914.4 hours of standby time or 37.5 hours of 3G talk time or 32.5 hours of Wi-Fi web browsing or 72.9 hours of music playback or 22.6 hours of video playback. The accompanying OTG cable turns the phone into a charger to power up the users’ other gadgets, making it a useful everyday accompaniment.

Look and Design


The very first thing I noticed about this phone was its look and design. Asus Zenfone Max is sleek, stylish and super smart to carry anywhere. Available in three different colours –black, orange and blue, the new Zenfone Max boasts of an extremely thin body that measures only 5.2 mm at its thinnest edge. The 3.5mm socket and Micro-USB port are at the top and bottom respectively. The notification light is at the front.The surrounding metal-like edge makes it durable while the back with a look and feel of embossed leather makes the phone look chic and fashionable for every occasion.

Enhanced and Superior Performance

The new Zenfone Max gives the users a super-responsive lag-free user experience because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-Core processor with a 2GB or 3GB RAM. The use of the latest 4G LTE technology enables the users to utilize high mobile data speeds.It helps people like me who like to keep a lot of handful data while travelling. Users can enjoy multi-tasking and blazing fast performance, enabling them to live their digital lives to the fullest.

Enriching User Interface

Asus Zenfone Max is backed by Android M 6.0.1 and ASUS ZenUI, which includes advanced features to satisfy power users. The Power Saver mode helps users manage and extend the battery life even more. With five battery modes and two smart switches that users can configure to make their own battery optimization settings and help the battery last even longer. This feature is really helpful for people who are travelling most of the time.



 The camera quality of Asus Zenfone Max is good. With 13 Megapixel, f/2.0-aperture rear camera with the ASUS PixelMaster2.0 technology and dual-LED flash, Asus Zenfone Max is best for natural-looking photography. It also features Laser Auto Focus technology that helps photography enthusiasts focus on an object in as fast as 0.03 seconds. The ZenFone Max’s front camera is a 5Megapixel, f/2.0-aperture camera with 85 wide-viewing anglethat helps in incorporating more information and details into the picture.Interestingly the good number of modes and manual setting stills and video is another feature for people like me who love to capture moments into the lens. The effects such as slow motion, HDR, time lapse, panorama and beautification offer great options for camera lovers. To add to it, video recording, flash toggle, and camera switching are easily accessible from the default screen.

Display Quality

Another striking feature of Asus Zenfone Max is its display quality. Featuring a 5.5 inch HD (1280 x 720) IPS display with full-screen lamination and ASUS TruVivid technology, Asus Zenfone Max provides superior clarity, brightness and touch responsiveness. The Bluelight Filter for Eye Care protects the users’ eyes from strain during prolonged usage.

The Verdict

With all these powerhouse features, Asus Zenfone Max is certainly the desirable phone with an affordable price. I have been using Asus Zenfone Max and my user experience is satisfactory. The long lasting battery life is the remarkable feature of Zenfone Max. Asus Zenfone Max comes with loads of Asus apps which are pre-installed in the device. Though that makes the phone little heavy on the user prospective as it needs constant updating along with your desired apps. Though, apps like 1Tap Boost and Power & Boost are really helpful to optimize the apps to boost the power of your phone. The TruVivid technology of Asus Zenfone Max has impressed me as it just gives you the bright, clean screen with super responsive touch screen experience. So, if I have to sum it up, Asus Zenfone Max is a stylised device with intelligent and innovative features that encompasses new age technology. Asus Zenfone Max is an absolute solution to your battery issue. This smart phone is undoubtedly my travel partner for life.


Rs.9,999 ( Zenfone Max with 2 GB RAM )

Rs. 12,999 (Zenfone Max with 3 GB RAM)


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    This smart phone is undoubtedly my travel partner for life. Are you sure? Bill Gates once said “640K ought to be enough for anyone.” You know what we mean 🙂 Of course it is a good phone and we too reviewed it today.
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