The landscape changed suddenly. As soon as I took the turn upwards, the dense forest welcomed me. The towering Sal trees on both sides of the road took me to this remote village called Kyari in the Corbett National Park. The bumpy road, dried river bed and a few scattered houses was what I saw while driving through the jungle. You feel a sense of belongingness amidst nature. The dense forest and its scenic landscape simply take you on a journey to the unknown. I like such journeys where you embark on a self rejuvenating voyage.


In no time, I realized that this was a no network zone. Instead of worrying about it, I was delighted to have a gadget free vacation, which I was yearning for a long time.We are so much accustomed with accessibility and connectivity that we can’t even think of our life without gadgets. In the whole process, we are connected virtually with everyone but we forget to live our life in true sense. We are just existing but not living. So, when you get a rare opportunity to celebrate life outside your virtual world, you should make the most of it.

While making my way through the rough terrain, I finally landed at my destination. Located in a pretty village called Kyari, this resort can easily transport you to your sweet childhood by its very first glance. If you look around the property, your eyes will only capture the numerous mango trees.


I don’t remember the last time I visited a mango orchard. It reminded me of my sweet old summer holidays when I used to visit my grandmother’s place. Running around in the orchard and plucking out the mangoes were those priceless moments that I treasured carefully until I visited  Corbett Wild Irish Spa and Resort recently.

Cottages in Corbett Wild Irish Spa & Resort


A beautiful property in the dense forest of Corbett National Park with all kinds of luxuries.


The most interesting part of this resort is that no single mango tree was cut during the construction of this property.


Not just that, they are doing their bit of promoting responsible tourism too. You will only find local Kumaoni people as staff members here.

Beautiful small cafe


After a long drive from Delhi, all I wanted was a delicious meal for my lunch. What better way to start your vacation when you are presented an array of Kumani Cuisines.


It brought an instant smile on my face. I must tell you that the food was mouth-watering. Having local food is always high on my agenda while travelling. And I was more than happy.


Village Walk

I like this kind of holidays where you get the rare opportunity to connect with people, nature and the surroundings. Taking a nature walk in Kyari village was the perfect way to spend the evening in a forest. Taking those narrow walking trails, crossing almost dried Khichdi River, seeing the village life closely were those little moments which adds an extra charm to your evening. I really enjoyed having my evening cup of tea in a local village shop with delicious Samosas and Pakoras. As the sun left its last rays, I decided to head back to the resort.


Photo Credit : Dipanshu Goyal

My tryst with Adventure: Body Surfing

Have you ever heard of body surfing in Corbett National Park?

Well, it was the most thrilling experience I had during my stay . As part of the adventure activities, Corbett Wild Irish Spa and Resort has much to offer which includes river crossing, ladder climbing, cycling, body surfing, etc. Apart from all these thrilling experiences, what took my adrenaline rush to another level was the body surfing.

And I was floating

Photo Credit : Abhinav Singh

Being a water phobic, the very idea of getting into the water was not that exciting. Sometimes pushing yourself to the edge, taking a step forward to come to terms with your fear is also important. I decided to experience this unique adventure. As soon as I stepped into the canal, it was like a moment of truth for me. I geared up with a life jacket and after a demo from the instructor, I was all set to swim with the wave and let my body flow with the force. I was scared like anything to even step in …but once you flow with the wave, it was like an experience of a lifetime. When you loosen up your body in the water, your body just floats like a boat and your eyes go up in the sky, you are literally transported to another world. I never felt so relaxed in life. A great sense of calmness just lingers around you. And you just submit yourself to that moment.

A visit to Jim Corbett’s House in Kaladhungi

What a great start to my next day! After the adventurous morning, it was time to meet Mr. Carpet Sahib of Kumaon.


The legendary figure, Jim Corbett was addressed as Carpet Sahib by the locals as they could not pronounce his name correctly. I was pretty excited to visit his house in Kaladhungi which is converted into a museum.


The house has a very old rustic charm to it. A well maintained house, where you can have a glimpse of Jim Corbett’s life through the pictures and Oil paintings, interesting notes and a few old furniture. It was like turning a new page of his life with each painting and notes. I was enriched after visiting this place.

Lunch at Powalgarh Forest Rest House

Next stop was famous Powalgarh Forest Rest House, where Jim Corbett spent the night before killing the famous “The Bachelor of Powalgarh”,the biggest man eater of Kumaon.


I happened to read,“Man Eaters of Kumaon” by Jim Corbett. I must admit that while going through the book, I could visualize each hunting scene and it was quite fascinating. Visiting the same place where he killed the “Bachelor of Powalgarh”, was an amazing feeling.


Interestingly, the lunch was arranged there at the old British forest house. I could not have asked more than this.

With the setting Sun in the forest, darkness had followed quietly. To my delight, surprises started unfolding for the night.


A special kumaoni night was curated and arranged especially for us. A jaw dropping village set up, which not only gives you glimpses of Kumaoni lifestyle, and also introduces you to its rich cultural heritage.

Photo Credit : Corbett Wild Irish Resort

Photo Credit : Corbett Wild Irish Resort


Village Set up


Sitting under the star studded sky, never ending conversation with a bunch of likeminded people, listening to the beautiful kumaoni folk songs, meeting our lovely host, and having delicious local food, it was more than a perfect ending to the day.

Photo Credit : Corbett Wild Irish Resort

Photo Credit : Corbett Wild Irish Resort

It was 5 am . My phone rang suddenly. In no time, I realized that it was a wake up call for the Jeep Safari. I got ready for our morning safari. Morning looks absolutely blissful in the forest. The cold wind and sound of chirping birds welcomed me. I was excited to take the journey into the wilderness.


Though I am not a wildlife enthusiast, but I like being in nature. More than the wild animals, what surprised me was the breathtaking landscape of Sitabani Zone. This is absolutely a hidden paradise for nature lovers.

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If I have to sum it up, I would say that it was an enriching experience for me. From nature walk in kyari village, adventure activities (special mention for Body Surfing), visiting Kaladhungi, Powalgarh FRH, kumaoni night to exploring amazingly beautiful landscapes of Sitabani zone in Corbett National Park, was nothing but a journey like never before. 

This trip was organised by Travel correspondence /Blogger Group and sponsored by Corbett Wild Irish Spa and Resort.

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  1. Jatin

    Will be in Jim Corbett by coming tuesday, so thanks for sharing the post.Really like the “Village Set up” image.

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thank you Jatin for the comment. As I mentioned earlier that the village set up was specially arranged for us. So, I would like to inform you that it depends on Guest requirements. Thanks

  2. Mahesh

    Beautifully written post !

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thank you so much. Keep following my journey to other destinations as well.


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