Confessions of Women Travellers On Fluid Fashion Trend & Monsoon Clothing

Solo women travellers confidently breaking the stereotypical image of fragility, have become an inspiration for many to follow the untrodden path. Following their passion, braving the odds, having the courage to dream and fulfill it, is truly noteworthy. Being a woman traveller myself, I have been frequently questioned about my nomadic lifestyle. When we talk about the issues related to women travellers, they are mostly associated with the safety and security of the travellers on the road. I feel that the urge to recognize women travellers in the bracket of “Fashionable Women” is missing and not even talked about in any of the conversation. Most people consider these women as rugged, tough, confident, but not the ones, who can be enchantingly graceful, soft and having a fashion sense. But if I look around, I can see the changing times and trends. Travellers are conscious about making a fashion statement while travelling. Gone are those days, when one would see women clad only in Jeans and T-shirts on their holidays. Women are not shying away from flaunting their fashion statement in various outfits, depending on the mood of the season and the destination as well. The social media is also contributing immensely in introducing new fashion trends in the market. If I talk about the trending fashion, I would have to mention the current trend of fluid fashion, which is revolutionary and a way forward in coming days.

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The easy, comfortable, adaptable, free fall and easy to drape clothes have simply taken the fashion trend by storm. Being a woman traveller, I celebrate fluidity in my fashion statements. Wearing fluid fabric not only helps me to make my journey extremely comfortable but it even makes my suitcase lighter.Talking about the summer season and especially the monsoon, I like the fast moving clouds, the white blanket of mist and the rhythmic sound of raindrops. What I like best about the monsoon is the joy of jumping in the rain, wearing my short dress, which drapes around my body beautifully, only to compliment my fashion in the monsoon.


Who doesn’t want to make a fashion statement while you are on holiday?

I asked a few women travellers, who are constantly on the move, to share their thoughts on Fluid Fashion Trend and the right kind of clothing in Monsoon season. Let’s hear their Confessions…..

Shraddha Gupta |

Shraddha Gupta, founder of travel and culture blog StreetTrotter says,  “The fluid fashion trend in travel has become more popular than one could have imagined. Fabrics that drape with ease occupy less luggage space and can be easily washed while on a trip. I love the styling options it offers, as you can quickly layer them up with other outerwear products like jackets and scarves as you travel from one climate to another. For me this trend is not restricted to a particular season and can be worn all around the year.”

She adds, “For a monsoon trip, I always carry a water repellent jacket with me. While a raincoat is a good option for many, I like to carry a multipurpose hooded duck feather jacket that solves both the purposes of keeping me warm and dry at the same time. A few other important things to pack are quick dry pants and lowers, and waterproof shoes with a good grip”

Akanksha Dureja |

Akanksha Dureja, a popular Travel Blogger says, “Fluid Fashion seems the way forward for people like me who choose comfort over everything else, when it comes to clothes. I believe that it’s going to change trends and make its presence felt in a market which is already overflowing with options. Travelling or not, I always prefer comfortable clothing over fashionable ones. With fluid fashion, I feel fashion will join hands with comfort and bring about a much needed change”.

She prefers mostly cottons during monsoons as it gets humid and there are many possibilities of clothes getting dirty.

Srotoswini Svetlana |

According to Srotoswini Svetlana, the Germany-based Indian Travel Blogger, “Fluid Fashion makes a lot of sense, especially when you are travelling because you want to be comfortable. This is especially important on long duration flights. Plus, there’s a saying which goes on the lines of, “Seasoned wanderers travel light”. When you travel constantly for work, you would prefer to carry things which make least space, since it’s easy on your back too.”

For Svetlana, Monsoon is all about light, fluid,quick drying fabrics which breathe and garments which cover her arms and legs.

Prachi Garg |

Prachi Garg, Blogger cum Writer thinks that the concept of Fluid Fashion is great, as solo bag packer; it helps saving lot of space which can be otherwise utilised for her camera accessories. Regarding her monsoon trips, her clothing depends completely on the place she is going, if it is trek, then definitely some track pants and comfy t-shirts, if it is beach then definitely beach wears.

Doesn’t it say all? Are you still wondering about your monsoon packing?

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The trending Fluid Fashion is going to be the ultimate choice for women. The flawless falls, the perfect drapes and silky smooth texture of the fabric is going to be a favourite companion in your travels. Whether it’s your casual outings, family picnic or even office wear, when the fluid fabric blends beautifully with comfort and fashion at the same time, it simply celebrates femininity gracefully. To delight you, the newly launched Liva fabric by Aditya Birla Group is the next talked about fabric in the fashion industry. The new aged fabric has not only created a buzz in the market, but is also celebrating Fluid Fashion in true sense.

So all you gorgeous and adventurous women, what are you waiting for?

This monsoon let the raindrops kiss your cheeks, let your hair down and let the little black dress caress your body as you dance into eternity.

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  1. kamal

    Thank you so much for your blog. I learned a lot from you

  2. M Collection

    I have finally been packing light for my trips and l find that dresses

  3. Yana Johnson

    This is a very interesting writeup on women’s perspective on fashion during they travel. Women who travel frequently definitely would want to make a fashion statement depending upon their personality and taste. Going for the fluid fashion fabric makes complete sense during travels because they are so convenient and comfortable and I strongly believe that it is here to stay.
    Yana Johnson recently posted…Nam condimentum justo ametMy Profile

  4. Ella Lopez

    Thanks for the suggestion that you will provide the information YOU WILL THE WAY OF ARTICLE. And thank for the sharing the information.

  5. Women's Clothing in London

    Thanks for this amazing article with us for a woman traveler. I also like traveling. I have a tour plan next year in Canada. Your article will help me a lot.

  6. Anne

    I love the black and white dress. Beautiful!

  7. Kelly | A Pair of Passports

    Lovely post! I wouldn’t say my fashion statements result in lighter packing (lightweight pieces are just an excuse to pack more!), but I do definitely love dressing nicely as I explore new places. I feel that, if I dress like I do when I’m at home, I feel more like a local in each city – and that’s my favorite part about traveling!

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks Kelly. Yes , the trend is changing . Now people wants to look fashionable on their travels . And the fluid fashion is revolutionary in this matter. Packing a lot of fluid fabric is just a excuse to pack more actually. Though it will not make your suitcase heavy after all.

  8. Kemkem

    I have finally been packing light for my trips and l find that dresses like pictured are lighter than pants and shorts etc.. so yep..l have found myself being trendy without meaning to :-). Great post!
    Kemkem recently posted…How to spend a day in Madrid, SpainMy Profile

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thank you Kemkem. The fluid fashion is trendy yet comfortable

  9. Kathi

    I wasn’t familiar with this term at all – it really is about finding clothes that you feel comfortable in at home and while travelling – not always easy! I love light fabrics, but also oversized things, as they also work for cold temperature trips as layers 😀

    • Parnashree Devi

      Fluid Fashion may be a new term in the fashion circle , but the underline meaning is to deal with light , easy to drapes and most importantly easy to carry clothing while traveling . I agree with you absolutely as oversize cloths work for both the seasons.

  10. Eulanda

    Thanks for introducing me to a new term! The last few trips I’ve taken have all been about packing the most useful, lightest, and yet fashionable options. It makes the memories more enjoyable honestly. When I look back at the photos with myself in them, I like to see myself looking comfortable, happy, and a bit stylish too ;).

    • Parnashree Devi

      The trend is changing . And looking stylish , yet wearing your comfortable clothing is in the trend. Celebrate fluidity through your fashion statement. Thank you Eulanda.

  11. Annika

    I didn’t know it was a trend but I guess I have been dressing fluidly without being really conscious about it. And yes – so comfortable! And it also shows that you can wear practical things without looking like a tourist or wearing zipoff pants (my personal pet peeve of travel ‘fashion’)!

    • Parnashree Devi

      Hi Annika, Fluid fashion is all about comfortable clothing while on the road. Its easy to carry and also make your suitcase lighter. It helps us travel light which is a big problem for many.

  12. Emily Luxton

    “Seasoned wanderers travel light” – love that quote, but I wish it applied to me. The more I travel the heavier my bags seem to get! I need to give this fluid fashion thing a try, thanks for the awesome tips!

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks Emily. You should definitely try the fluid fabrics while traveling and it will make your suitcase lighter for sure.

  13. Chloe

    Great to read about fluid fashion – it wasn’t a term I was familiar with. Also as I may be heading to Asia for Monsoon season this year, it’s good to hear some tips!!

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks Chloe. Its a new term I agree , its all about celebrating comfortable clothing while traveling. Monsoon in India is a pretty sight to explore.

  14. Abhinav Singh

    The trend of looking fashionable during travel is already popular in some countries. It’s gradually catching up in India and more and more people are conscious of looking their fashionable best.

    • Parnashree Devi

      Fluid Fashion is going to be the choice for women travelers in coming days .

  15. Manjulika Pramod

    So sorry Parna, I missed sharing my views earlier on the mail.
    But then what is better than talking about it here. Fluid fashion is interesting, colorful as well as comfortable. When I pack for my travels, I ensure to keep clothes as per the season. But of all the relevant choices, there have to be some dresses of my favorite fabrics. Its important to look good but its all the more important to wear that pampers your skin.
    For rainy season, I prefer dresses which are light and dry easily. You never know when you might get soaked.
    For summers, I like bright and flowery colors and a very comfortable fabric.
    Manjulika Pramod recently posted…Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa – My Experience!My Profile

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thank you Manjulika for your views on Fluid Fashion. This trend is going to be the ultimate choice for women travelers.


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