My Dream Affair With Maldives : Club Med Kani Resort

The Sun blinked through my flight’s window, as I woke up to see a turquoise playground from the top. The atolls looked like green dots in blue canvas. I haven’t experienced such a pristine morning ever in my life, which left me awestruck at the very first glance. My excitement was soaring high as I touched down the  “Picture Perfect” destination –Maldives. It was my first ever trip to a beach country and to my delight, I had landed in one of the most gorgeous locations in the world map.

One sunny afternoon, I was reading one of my favorite blogs “Journalist On The Run” by Janet Newenham, where she had penned down her trip to the Maldives and how she enjoyed her “Solomon” (not a Honeymoon). I was completely hooked by the story and wished to visit this dream destination someday. In my wildest dream, I had never imagined that the day will come so soon and I would be flying to this Ocean paradise (that too just one day after my Birthday).

As I pan around, my eyes were treated to the endless water beyond my horizon. While the boat was cruising its way towards the resort from the Male International Airport, it left me numb for a moment to wonder about God’s creation.

Those floating resorts, a few luxury cruises, and speed boats were accompanying me on my journey. The only constant sound, which was ringing in my ears, was the sound of wind. I was spellbound.

Maldives tops the chart when it comes to a beach country. With its turquoise colored water, transparent marine life, vibrant coral reef, the swaying palms, and white beaches, Maldives spoils you with its spectacular beauty.

With the tiniest capital city in the world, Maldives flaunts its serenity, the breathtaking water villas and a great Maldivian hospitality. Maldives is mostly tangled with the tag of the ideal Honeymoon Destination. But in my opinion, this amazing country can’t be put into a specific bracket. From couples, friends to families, Maldives gives you enough reasons to celebrate life in the lap of blue lagoons and white beaches.

I was invited by Club Med to be a part of their Global Media Event in Kani Resort in Maldives. Club Med is the world leader in upscale Premium All-Inclusive Holidays. It includes a premium accommodation with refined comfort, all gourmet meals, all day bar and snacking, a wide selection of sports and leisure, parties and children’s clubs. With around 70 resorts located at the most amazing destinations in the world, Club Med basically has two kinds of resorts – Beach and Ski Resorts.

The First Look

After a 35 minute ride in the speed boat, I finally reached Kani Resort. The moment I stepped out of the boat and stood at the jetty point, I was blown away by the first look of the resort . As I started walking towards the white sand beach (literally white colour) , I found it to be the most picture perfect place I had ever been to. You have to see it to believe it. Even photos don’t justify the beauty of Maldives.

Soon I was greeted by the ever smiling staff of Kani Resort, giving me the little brief about my stay, facilities and activities. I was later escorted to my Beach Villa, which was approximately 500 meters from the reception area. Surrounded by Palm trees and white sands, the beach facing villas are ideal for your vacation. The tranquility, crystal water and the endless pristine paradise adds the much-needed charm to your holiday.

About Kani Resort

After a scrumptious lunch at Velhi Restaurant, I was escorted by a G.O (Gentle Organizer) along with a few media persons from different countries on a property tour.

The Club Med Kani Resort has four categories of Villas in the Island. The best-selling ones are the Water Suits, which are considered the most luxurious ones  as it has the most stunning view of the ocean and are equipped with personal services.

Water Suits

Apart from that they have Beach Deluxe Rooms, Beach Club Connecting Rooms, Garden Club Connecting Rooms and Club Rooms.

Club Room

My favorite part of the water suits is the Manta Ray Lounge. You can spend the day sitting on those orange hanging couches, admiring the turquoise water under the sun.

Manta Ray Lounge

I can spend the entire day sitting here

One of the best hang out places in the resort is the Sunset Beach Bar.

Watching the sun painting the sky with its orange hue, slowly hiding behind those floating waves, when you sit on a couch holding a glass of beer, carelessly handling your hair and your feet is buried half an inch inside the white sands, was undoubtedly one of the cherished moments in the resort.

Kani Resort also has three more restaurants, namely, Kandu, Kaana and Iru Alfresco Bar.

Party Scene at Kani Resort

There is not a single dull moment for their guests at the resort. The G.Os know their job best as how to keep their guests entertained all the time. Apart from offering a good variety of activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, parasailing, submarine & glass boat excursions, water skiing, Fly board, wake boarding, etc, there are a lot of options to keep you busy the whole day. But as the Sun sets on the Indian Ocean, there is not much to do other than partying. And Club Med Kani masters this art of partying.

From regular night parties to Glow parties, you will be entertained to the core at night. The most important part of this nightlife is that the G.Os have their own shows with different themes each day. It was an absolute delight to see how the staff (G.Os) performs so effortlessly to entertain their guests. The G.O show is the must have experience at the resort.

If I talk about the most fun party I had ever attended was the glamorous Beach Party on the last day.

The dress code for the party was Snow White. With the Moon up in the sky, dazzling white set up on the beach and the best food counters, there was everything possible you would have ever imagined.

When suddenly you see the sparkling fireworks in the sky, followed by a brilliant performance by the music band, you can’t stand still in one place. I danced like nobody was watching me. It was so much fun dancing at the beach to some of the finest tunes that I can not recall the time I got back to my room.

What I liked The Most

The Concept of G.O (Gentle Organizer)

Being a Travel Blogger, I get to travel a lot to the most luxurious properties across India and abroad. In every single trip of mine, I find million reasons to appreciate what others do for me. How the staff takes care of your every little need and make your holiday an unforgettable one. But I haven’t heard a concept like G.O (Gentle Organizer). Club Med Kani has this fantastic concept of G.Os, the people with ever smiling faces, who make sure that you are in an absolute comfort zone while vacationing at Kani Resort. They go extra miles if needed to make your holiday a special one. From taking care of your smallest needs, entertaining you through their G.O shows to making you feel special on your birthday or anniversary, G.Os are the soul of this resort.

Happy Children’s Corner

“Happy Children’s Corner” is the newly added facility at the resort, where children from the age of 4-10 are taken care of by the G.Os for the day, while parents can have their private quality time at the beach or they can indulge in the various adventure activities. To make your ideal family holiday experience an exceptional one,  G.Os take the responsibility to entertain your kids by keeping them busy with various fun and educational activities like arts & crafts, cooking lessons, fun games, etc. This is an absolutely brilliant concept of offering best family holiday, where both kids and parents can unwind, relax and have great experiences.

Celebrate Happiness with Your Family

Club Med Kani Resort gives you every single reason to rejoice your vacation in this unspoiled island. From the most luxurious suites, world cuisines to various adventure activities for your kids, you will definitely come back with not just a bundle of good memories, but an experience of a lifetime. The best-selling point of this Club Med is that they have an “All Inclusive Package” which is transparent and suits your pocket as well. The all-inclusive package makes your life easier and gives you a great value for money as well.

What you should not miss

Glass Bottom Boat Excursion

I did snorkeling without even diving in the water. Do you buy that? Well, though this sounds impossible, but I enjoyed a submarine ride in  Maldives. Being a water phobic, it was simply impossible for me to do scuba diving or snorkeling.  I was thrilled on being offered the Glass bottom boat ride, which was equal to a submarine ride in the ocean.

Seeing the coral reef, the exotic flock of fishes, many other colorful species and most importantly spotting a Sea Turtle was the greatest find of my ride. I was shouting with joy when I first spotted the turtle swimming beautifully under water.

Photo Credit : Eric Bar

The moment I saw the depth of the sea, I realized that I was in the middle of the deep-sea and it was one of the scariest seconds. I marveled at the courage the locals have as they simply live in the water. This was undoubtedly one of the most adventurous treasures of my life till date.

Sunset Cruise

If you are in Maldives, one of the must have experiences is the Sunset Cruise. It will leave you speechless with the breathtaking views of sunset, along with a high chance of spotting Dolphins.

Maldives is ranked among the top five places for watching Whales and Dolphins. My excitement was rising high as I was sailing towards the Dolphin spotting point.

I was very curious in the first place. But the moment I saw the first Dolphin actually jumping out of water, just a few meters away, my excitement knew no bounds. Watching Dolphins in such close proximity was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my trip.

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the breathtaking sunset on my way back. With the sky turning blue, the boatmen returning home and seeing the reflection of the Moon in crystal water, was by far the most celebrated moment of my trip. I could not have asked for a better ending to my dream affair with Maldives.

Note : I was invited on a press trip to Club Med Kani Resort in Maldives

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  1. Karen

    Amazing place….Need to put to my travel list.Thank you for info

  2. Julie Cao

    All the pictures look absolutely stunning! If they cannot justify how beautiful MNaldives is, you are right, I have to see it with my own eyes. And looks like Club Med did a great job and that you had a fantastic time. Cheers to a great place and a lifetime experience.

    • Parnashree Devi

      Julie, you must visit Malvides to actually see it to believe it.

  3. James

    Parnashree – What a great trip! The photos are great and I’m sure they only show 10% of the beauty. Your descriptions in combination of the photos tell a great story. Would love to go there and do some scuba diving! Thanks for sharing.
    James recently posted…Best Dive WatchesMy Profile

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thank you James. Photos can’t justify the beauty of Maldives. Its unbelievably stunning.

  4. Shivneri

    I like to visit maldives. Beautiful images and great description of the location. Looking so lovely

  5. Maria

    My sister went to the Maldives for her honeymoon 20 years ago. It’s been on my dream wish list ever since. Your photos feed my hunger to see this place for myself one day. Absolute bliss <3

    • Parnashree Devi

      You must visit it soon Maria. You will be mesmerized.

  6. Jessica Festa

    That definitely does look like a dream. Wow, those colors! Bucket list officially updated 🙂

  7. Venkat Ganesh

    Love the pictures and all the blues of the ocean. The resort looks so luxurious and it location is just stunning. My friends are getting married next year and were asking for recommendations. I’ll make sure to pass this on to them
    Venkat Ganesh recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Motorbiking in North VietnamMy Profile

    • Parnashree Devi

      Maldives is one picture perfect destination I had ever been to. You must recommend your friend for this amazing place.

  8. Annika

    It looks absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to go to the Maldives for some serious diving some time soon. The resort looks beautiful, I love the look of that over the water hang out area – so nice to chill.
    You mentioned that you loved the parties but for someone like me – who is not into animators and glow in the dark cocktails – can you escape it or does it take over the whole resort in the evenings?

    • Parnashree Devi

      Hi Annika, You must visit this awesome Resort in Maldives. Yeah, You can avoid the parties if you wish to spend time alone 🙂

  9. Sarah (JetSetting Fools)

    We would love to visit the Maldives! So wonderfully beautiful. Looks like Club Med might be the way to go!

  10. The Untourists

    This is so beautiful! Would be lovely to go out a little into the sea to check the wildlife…

  11. Manjulika Pramod

    The description by you makes Maldives look more so tempting.
    Gorgeous pictures and there is no doubt about it that you had an amazing trip.
    Club Med Kani Resort looks absolutely inviting. I would love to meet the Gentle Organizers.
    This concept is unheard to me as well. The people in hospitality team are the real rockstars.
    Manjulika Pramod recently posted…WIN THIS FUN CONTEST with RAILYATRIMy Profile

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks a lot Manjulika. Yes , I was hooked completely. The concept of G.Os is unique and its one of the most exceptional one at Club Med Kani Resort. A must visit resort in Maldives.

  12. Abhinav Singh

    Maldives sure looks like a dream destinations. Loved the pictures you have shared here. It is so close to India and I hope I am able to make it there someday. Sharing this on twitter.

    • Parnashree Devi

      You must visit Maldives. Its your kind of place. And its magical .

  13. My Unfinished Life

    Maldives is really magical place going by all my friends accounts…
    Nice clicks you have taken..

  14. Dipanshu Goyal

    What a lovely place Maldives is. Very well written article. I am now tempted to stay at the Kani Resort. It looks Luxurious and a perfect place to escape from all the chaos . One would feel so relaxed here..

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks Dioanshu. Kani Resort will make your holiday an unforgettable one. Malvides will impress you totally.

  15. Shweta Tiwari

    Wow.. is the only word that came to my mind when i read your article and saw such mesmerizing pics…. The picturesque view from Kani Resort is surely a heaven.. spending some time here would take away all your worries it seems. and oh the color of the water.. true bliss

    • Parnashree Devi

      Trust me Shweta ..You will be speechless . At least you should visit once. Its a pure bliss.


    Ah the magical blue <3

    Brilliantly captured moments !


    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks a lot. You can see many shades of blue in Maldives.

  17. Shivi

    Excellent post ; Could actually visualize being present there with you. The images are very lively as well.

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks Shivi. You have see it to believe it .

  18. Swati

    Looks so dreamy… I like the Manta Ray Lounge

    We stayed at Velassaru Resort which is also a gorgeous property to stay ?

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thanks a lot Swati. Maldives itself is a gorgeous place. I would love to visit Velassaru Resort someday.

  19. Rashmi Gopal Rao

    Looks magical; great post! Good to know about GOs

    • Parnashree Devi

      Its a magical land. G.Os are the soul of the property .

  20. Bharat

    Hi Parnashree, Beautiful images and great description of the location. That sand and the turquoise sea. Ahhh. Mixed with friendly and beautiful people makes me feel like taking the next plane out there. You have convinced me!

    • Parnashree Devi

      Thank you sir for lovely words . I still can’t get over of this breathtaking place. You must visit it again.


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