Aamod Dalhousie Resort : A Luxurious Retreat In The Lap Of Himalaya

As I travel far and wide, I find uniqueness in every curve of the road. There is always something which leaves me speechless and forces me to think as to how everything can co-exist so peacefully in each corner, giving it a rare identity. Popping my head out, closing my eyes, feeling the cold breeze in the hills, with the silence whispering in my ears and the earthy fragrance dominating my senses, it surely brightened my face. I could not stop smiling quietly appreciating everything. Yes, I was in the hills.

Leaving behind the concrete jungle, my uniform daily life, I was silently conspiring to be in the lap of nature, walking in the woods alone and having my morning cup of tea with the shimmering sun rays, piercing through the towering mountains. I was ecstatic when my unsettling mind found the luxurious abode amidst the thick Deodar forest, with an unhindered view of the snow-clad Pir Panjal range in Himachal Pradesh named Aamod Dalhousie Resort.

Located on a mountain ridge adjoining the Kalatop wildlife sanctuary, Aamod Dalhousie Resort is approximately 5 km from Dalhousie town on the road to Khajjiar. One of the best luxury resorts in town, the resort is known for its ideal location, the best services and uncompromising hospitality. The very first impression of the resort was convincing enough to guarantee an exceptionally unique vacation experience. What I loved the most the moment I stepped on the property was its open air restaurant with jaw dropping landscapes.

I could spend the entire day sitting there, literally doing nothing. Being a travel blogger, I am always on the move, surrounded by people and swear by a hectic schedule otherwise. Places like these not just satiate my soul, but help me to unwind and be myself.

When the resort is well equipped to deliver great services, reputed for its eccentric delectable tastes of food and promises to make your vacation a memorable experience, you should just surrender yourself there.

The Rooms

The very first look of the rooms was pleasant. Equipped with all the modern amenities, the rooms were designed aesthetically. The luxurious Eco cottages and rooms are not only giving you the most comfortable stay, but also provide scenic views of the surrounding valleys. These mud cottages are best for all seasons and can bear the extreme weather condition.

Aamod Dalhousie has three categories of rooms, which range from Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Deluxe suites. Tugged into the forest, each room promises to give the best view of the mountain range, forested green valleys and a luxurious stay. Waking up with the bright sunlight negotiating through the branches of deader trees, sipping a cup of coffee, and sitting in the balcony, watching the sun rising up in the mountain, the morning looked absolutely blissful.


After visiting a few Aamod properties, I can vouch for the delectable taste of its food. This is undoubtedly one of the desired holiday resorts in India, where guests can enjoy the best world cuisine, fusion food and local delicacies at the most prized restaurants called “The Colonial”.

Aamod Dalhousie Resort did exceed my expectation. From scrumptious breakfast, Continental dinner, North Indian lunch, to the most authentic Himachali meal named “Dhaam”, I can swear by its taste. If you love sampling various cuisines, this restaurant can give the most gastronomically satisfying experience in the hills.

What I loved the Most

The Bonfire, Soulful Music and The Evening

I love those experiences when the host takes a few extra miles to make your vacation an extraordinarily remarkable one. Especially crafted evening, where stars shine bright up in the sky, the valley from the hilltop looks like a piece of falling shimmered land, dazzled with thousands of tiny lights from a distance, where you are surrounded by a bunch of creative souls, soothing music playing in the backdrop and you stand still next to the bonfire, only to be lost in transition.

I had the most beautiful night at the property that day when my senses were filled with soulful music, delicious food and never-ending conversation under the sky on the hill-top. It had everything to make your evening one of the most unforgettable one. I lived each moment as if there was no tomorrow.

Authentic Himachali Lunch at a Local’s Home

We were invited to have the best authentic Himachali cuisines at local’s home next morning. Meeting new people, interacting with locals and even sampling some of their local delicacies is always on my agenda. There is nothing that gives me happiness than having spent those priceless moments with local people. Sharing a laugh, observing their lifestyle closely and being a part of their life for those few moments simply made my day. Moreover, I was floored by their honesty, simplicity and hospitality. The warmth in their behavior won my heart every time I stepped inside a local’s home.

As soon as I stepped inside, I was greeted with a big smile and welcomed to their living room. The house was on the edge of a flat surface with flourishing step farming and a stunning view of the hills. Soon I was invited to the upper floor, where they had set up the lunch. It gave me so much joy seeing the local women cooking and men serving us. They also allowed me to come to their kitchen to capture a few moments with those beautiful women.

If I talk about the food, it left me craving for more even though I was full. I absolutely relished each food item that included Khatta Maani, Madra, Enn, Kadhi, Lassi wala saag, & Keer .This was one of the most fulfilling experiences so far.

Places I explored around

Apart from being in the luxury property during my stay, I also explored nearby places to get a sense of the surroundings. I love wandering around, learning new things and craft anywhere I travel. Here are a few things that I did in Dalhousie…

Visit Khajjiar

Often referred to as ‘mini-Switzerland of India’, Khajjiar is a small town near Dalhousie, which attracts a lot of tourists around the year for its unique combination of Deodar forests, lake and well spread green meadow.

This is one of the picturesque locations to spend some quality time. I visited Khajjiar on the same day of my arrival in Dalhousie. It looked quite like a postcard from a long distance. Though the Forest Guest House in the shadow of the towering Deodar forest, drew my attention.

Located at an altitude of 6,500 feet, Khajjiar is known for its nine-hole golf-course which is nestled in the midst of lush greenery and a 10th century temple dedicated to the lord of the snakes. The tourists seem to be enjoying a few adventure activities like Paragliding, Horse riding, Zorbing, etc. You can also trek in the Deodar forest.

Trek to Dainkund

Trekking in the woods sounds fantastic, Isn’t it? I love wandering around the forest, spending some quality time in the middle of nowhere and listening to the sound of silence. It was early in the morning, after having a very well spread breakfast; I started trekking to Dainkund along with fellow travelers and a local guide.

Located at the altitude of 2755 meters, Dainkund peak is the highest mount in Dalhousie, from where you can enjoy the uninterrupted view of the valleys and the mountain ranges. As I started trekking through the woods, I realized how unfit I was for an adventure.

Life in a metro and lack of proper exercise made it worse to trek so far up in the hills. Though I had a great experience reaching the top of the peak where I visited a temple of a local deity called Pholani Devi Temple.

I was amazed to see the devotees at the temple. Apparently it is said that if you wish for something here, it comes true. Perched on the top of the mount, from this temple premise, you get the best panoramic views of the valley with snow-clad mountains.

Once in a while, you need to slow down, lie low, unwind and relax in a quiet corner from the regularity and the routine. Vacationing at Aamod Dalhousie was the perfect break that I was yearning for a long time.  If the soaring temperature is getting high on your nerves in the hot and humid summer, escaping to Aamod Dalhousie resort in Himachal Pradesh will be the best option to enjoy a luxurious vacation in the most stunning location ever.

I was invited by Escape Route and hosted by Aamod Dalhousie Resort 

Getting there 

The charming hill station in Chamba district can be reached via Train , Bus or by your private car from Delhi easily.

Train : The most convenient way to reach Dalhousie is to take a overnight train from Delhi and reach Pathankot early morning , from where one can hire private taxi to reach Dalhousie. It will take around three hours to reach the destination. Pathankot’s Chakki Bank rail-head is the nearest railway station, which is about 71 kilometres from Dalhousie. There are several trains available from Delhi to Pathankot station.

Bus : One can choose to take a bus to reach Dalhousie. Many deluxe, semi-sleeper, luxury and Volvo buses run from ISBT New Delhi . The journey covers a distance of about 590 kilometers. If not bus, you can also take your car or rented vehicle to Dalhousie. It will take more than nine hours to reach your destination from Delhi.

Disclaimer :

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