Taj Safaris Banjaar Tola & Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

It has to be my most treasured wildlife safari till date. When I was negotiating my way through the thick gorgeous forest of Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh on a rainy day, the experiences I had were unparalleled. The joy of exploring the wilderness reaches another level while experiencing it with Taj Safaris. They are the most reputed when it comes to wildlife safaris in India and Nepal. More than anything else, the naturalists are the most exceptional and experienced bunch of people who will make you fall in love with the forest.

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Kanha National Park with Taj Safaris

Monsoon has its own charm and when it rains, everything looks dauntingly fresh. The unstoppable rain that day could not dent our spirits from going on a safari and chase the wild animals behind the bushes. It was my very first time in Kanha National Park and I lost my soul the moment I entered the park.

More than anything else, I was in awe of the jungle, the landscapes it painted were picture perfect. Since it was raining heavily I could not take out my camera to capture some of the best sceneries into my lens, but it will always be alive in my memory. Especially, when our jeep passed through the hundreds of spotted deer and barasingha on the grassland, happily getting drenched and enjoying their time, far away from the big predators, the Sambar deer crossing the road without any fear, and the restless monkeys jumping from one tree to another.

I still could not believe that euphoric moment when we got to spot the tiger named “Umarpani”, famously known as T30. The groundbreaking roaring sound behind the bushes made my heart beat fast. The very first glimpse of him walking out of the jungle was an epic moment. When he decided to take us for a little walk with him, it was unbelievable.

At one point, I was too close to the tiger, hardly a few inches away. The unexpected meeting with the King of the jungle in a most dramatic way was certainly the most defining wildlife moment of my life.

Nature Trail

Don’t miss the nature trail of Taj Safaris while staying at Banjaar Tola. It was a beautiful walk in the buffer zone of the forest where one gets the opportunity to be with nature in the best possible manner. The sound of the wind, the raindrops on the leaves, the crawling tiniest insects, colorful butterflies and the earthy smell of nature accompany you throughout.

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The best part of completing the walk is their delicious breakfast right in the middle of the forest. The whole setup of the breakfast on the jeep, the spread of the food and the hospitality of the naturalist were simply overwhelming.

Taj Safaris Banjaar Tola

After numerous jungle stays across India and even in Nepal recently, I haven’t come across such luxurious tents in the forest, adjoining the core zone across the river. Once you enter the main gate of the property, you are actually going to stay amidst the forest in a buffer zone of Kanha National Park.  The best part of the property is the location. The stunning Banjaar Tola tents are just on the bank of river Banjaar, giving a sense of belongingness to the wilderness straight from the tents.

One of the commendable things about the property is that the tents are eco-friendly. Interestingly, the tents are set on raised structures which allow natural growth under the buildings and the minimalistic use of concrete is quite appreciable. They also encourage using energy saving lights, gas-based water heating, solar-heated swimming pool, and solar-powered outdoor lights.

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The very first look of the tents was impressive. The most aesthetically designed, contemporary styled and modern tents are luxurious beyond imagination. Well equipped with modern amenities, large oval sized floating veranda overlooking the forest and the large sized bathroom with a bathtub made the tents nothing less than swanky yet gave a very rustic look.

Check Out Taj Safaris Banjaar Tola Lodge in Madhya Pradesh HERE 

My favorite was the most comfortable lounge sofa.


When it comes to food, Taj Safaris can offer the best food platters during your stay. I had the best time sampling some of the most delectable food at BanjaarTola.

I simply relished each meal, whether it was the banana cupcakes, chicken cooked in bamboo, Biryani or the simple zeera aloo and dal fry.

When it comes to hospitality, Taj Safaris has set the bar high for others. From the warmest greetings by each one of the staff members, taking care of the tinniest demand, turning your every wish into reality, Taj Safaris can go the extra mile to make your holiday an unforgettable one.

Have you been to Kanha National Park in India? What fascinates you about the jungle safari?

I was invited by Taj Safaris on a Press Trip. All the thoughts, ideas and opinions are mine.

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  1. Travel Roady

    What stunning presentation of images. Each particular image reflects some unspoken story of the wildlife destinations in Madhya pradesh. The desire to reach this places and watch this glorious view is the only thing running in my mind right now!!
    Great work!
    Thank you

  2. Niyas

    good photos and great adventure spot.

  3. Patrali@Couponsji

    Wow! You must have had an experience of lifetime..I had a similar one while we left Banjaar Tola with beaming smiles and the most precious memories, knowing right then that we are going to come back for more. Before we left we were already planning our next trip there, and that should tell you what a great time we had. We enjoyed the jungle and HOW! can’t wait to be back and fingers crossed this next time around we see the tiger. Fantastic write up!

  4. Sabrina

    Oh my! This looks like an incredible experience! I never been to a safari, but if I was to book one, I’d choose this one, your pictures are absolutely stunning! Oh! And how lucky to meet Umarpani, were you scared?

  5. Indrani

    Such an exciting and eventful jungle trip. You have seen all and your words painted the picture of rainy jungle so well. Imagining to drive through through herd of spotted deer!

  6. Janiel

    I’ve never been on a Safari before, and have only heard a lion roar in a Zoo; how cool it must have been to hear him roar in a more natural habitat! I really really really love the breakfast in the forest idea and the food actually doesn’t look that bad either.

  7. Yukti

    What a great way to have breakfast right in middle of forest that too jeep is converted into dining table. Taj Safari Banjaar Tola property looks luxurious with perfect nature all around. Wildlife photography is so perfect. Whole trip looks so wonderful!

  8. Stacey Billingsley

    What a beautiful place for a safari! I never really thought of going on safaris in a jungle before. It is so lush and green! I think I would’ve had a heart attack if I were that close to a tiger, though! What an amazing memory! The whole experience looks truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing about this!

  9. Nomadic Alice

    This is interesting, when you think about great safaris you usually think Africa. This safari seems great, and the house in the middle of nature!! I’m sorry it was raining but apparently you had a good time anyway!

  10. Rosie

    Safari is at the top of our bucketlist! It looks like you had an incredible time, and how amazing that you got to see a tiger! kanha national park looks so green and lush, hope we can visit someday.

  11. Susanna

    Wow, everything about this place looks FANTASTIC!! I can’t believe you go so close to the Tiger, what a special moment. I felt like I was right there with you based on your description. The picnic on the jeep looked fun too and your accommodation was divine! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
    Susanna recently posted…Almabtrieb – The Autumn Cow Parade in the AlpsMy Profile

  12. Faith Coates

    Wow that tour looks absolutely amazing and the breakfast I am totally jealous. The views and the animals make the trip though how magical to see tigers in their natural habitat.

  13. Mikaela Hoover

    Hello I am Mikaela Hoover Thank you so much for the post; This place looks gorgeous and hoping to witness the amazing views everywhere.too good to see you travelling and sharing all the relevant information and experiences. Awesome tour tips, lovely photography.

  14. Home Vilas

    wow beautiful and amazing service its wonderful

  15. Manish Chaurasia

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful and interesting blog about the kanha national park Madhya Pradesh.I found this article very much informative. The content given here is good.The images given here make me think of visiting this place once in my life time.

  16. Amit

    Great post with great pictures…
    Good job!!!

  17. Shweta

    I have been to the lovely Kanha forest more than a decade ago. Glad that you had a great trip. Your experience of tiger viewing – rare in monsoon I would imagine – is awesome. And having experienced the Taj Safari property at Pench, I can only imagine how good the stay here would be. On my travel list!


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