7 Reasons To Go For An African Safari During Your New Year’s Vacation

Every traveler makes plans for that one last trip in the year-end to wind up the entire year with a bang and wish to start the new year with some amazing experiences. When it comes to backpackers, soul-searching solo travelers and budget-minded thrifters like ourselves, we try to make the most out of a trip. A destination in other words, what you call an ‘All-out experience’, is what we look for. Africa is one such place that pulls out all the big guns when it comes to enthralling its visitors, and we got lucky to get a chance to strike off an entire continent in one go. And even if a continent-spanning adventure is not something you’re looking for this year-end, any sane minded wildlife and nature lover would go gaga with the idea of an African Safari, anytime basically!

Here’s why an African Safari could be a perfect adventure to end your fantastic year and start an equally exciting new year in 2018.

It’s Budget-Friendly

Quite in contrast to some popular beliefs, these African safaris can turn out to be an affordable experience and prove to be an excellent value for money. Most of these safaris (that is all the good ones) meals, sightseeing, accommodations, activities like game drives, safari, walks, etc. basically leaving you to think about only your transportation expenses. So, an African safari at the end of 2017 means keeping your budget pipeline intact for your travels in 2018. Now that is pretty dope!

The African Big 5 and much more

Africa, otherwise known as the Safari powerhouse, boasts of amazing game reserves like the Maasai Mara NP (Kenya), Serengeti NP and Ngorongoro NP (Tanzania), Kruger NP (South Africa) etc. , all of which are prime locations for viewing the fantastic wildlife of Africa. And when talking about the fantastic wildlife of Africa, the Big 5 of Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Cape Buffalo are what you call Safari Royalty. An African Safari is your chance to catch up with the elusive leopard, to hear the heart-stopping roar of a lion up close.

Nature lovers and Adventurists’ Galore

Africa is truly a paradise for nature lovers, not just because of its wide-stretching wilderness and its incredible wildlife population but also for the many natural wonders that it has been stacked with. From the mother lode of road trips through the Garden Route, South Africa to a walk up to the Lions head and the Table Mountain; From hiking Kilimanjaro- the tallest peak of Africa to a daring dip in the Devil’s Pool of Victoria Falls (Zambian Side)- Even the thrill seekers among you are all set to have a blast of an experience in Africa!

Experiencing the Cultures of Aboriginal Tribes

An African Safari is not just taking a walk on the wild side but also walk through the centuries of riveting Aboriginal history of the land. These Tribes are a big part of Africa’s charm and any and every traveler take a keen interest in mixing with these indigenous lot. Be it the Maasai Tribe in Kenya, or the Bushmen in Botswana or the Zulu in South Africa, each of these tribes has their distinctive practices and old world rituals that’ll surely take you back to simpler days of human lives. Experiencing these aboriginal cultures is a big part of your African experience. What more, you could just get a few tribes people for your New Year Party out in the wilderness of Africa! How does that sound?

Supporting Conservation Efforts

Not only does the cost of a Safari include funds for conservation which goes a long way in supporting wildlife conservation efforts, but an African Safari is also an opportunity for you to get in on the action and earn the badge of a do-gooder! How? There are multiple wildlife conservation programs in Africa operating out of the big game reserves and National Parks that are always looking for animal-lovers and people who’ve got a pep in their step to help step up their conservation game.

Responsible travelers have become somewhat the backbone of such Conservation programs, which are making great strides in saving near extinctions species, curbing poaching and protecting natural habitats, etc. It could be your chance to see something more than the wild side of species otherwise known as beasts. Helping animal conservation is definitely something to help you end the year on a great note!

Amazing Photography

Doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a smartphone, a DSLR or a high-end GoPro, you’re sure to go shutter-crazy at the amazing sights that Africa is known for! The breathtaking scenery and the diverse wildlife are all too great a combination to give a miss on your Instagram or your Snapchat stories.

Ticking off more than one country off your bucket list

A traveler’s bucket list and its contents are something holy to them, as most of you’d understand and a chance to strike off more than one country off that list in just one go, is just fantastic news for them. And given the close proximity of the African countries like Zambia-Zimbabwe, Kenya-Tanzania, South Africa- Botswana, you can easily tick off as many of them on your African Safari 2017 as you want. In short, you will be on a roll!

These 7 reasons should be enough to get you pumped up for an all encompassed African Adventure to give a fantastic closure to 2017 and to start an amazing 2018! Better get your travel plans going, time’s ticking away….

This is a Guest Post by Shriradha Mukherjee

Disclaimer :

Reproduction of any of the contents, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal, action.

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