In Photos: Experience Colonial Luxury at Banyan Grove in Assam

I felt an unusual calmness there. The aura of silence lingered around as if time had frozen. The sprawling tea gardens looked like a laid-out green carpet. I was completely mesmerized looking at the greenery all around. I exchanged smiles with those women plucking the fresh tea leaves, wearing the Assamese hat with colorful attires.

The moment I stepped inside the Banyan Grove, one of the finest heritage bungalows, I imagined myself waking up to this alluring view every day, sipping my morning cup of tea in the verandah and penning down my travel tales.

Located at the heart of the Gatoonga Tea Estate in Jorhat district of Assam, the 100 years old Banyan Grove had been the abode of the ‘Factory Assistant Manager’ of the tea estate, who was lovingly called “Mistry Sahib” for his enormous technical knowledge. Spread across five acres of lush greenery, the colonial mansion retains the old-world charm and gives you a sense of the bygone era.

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A perfect abode for creative souls, Banyan Grove is one of the preferred heritage properties, especially by foreign nationals. The bungalow has seven bedrooms with period furniture and decor and a dedicated fireplace in each room. Untouched by time, the property gives you a rare chance to experience the colonial royalty of the British Raj. The high ceiling, the antique pieces, aesthetically designed rooms, and the large drawing room makes you appreciate the elegance the place offers.

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Though I didn’t stay (overnight) at this property, but spent the entire day there. What really overwhelmed me was the warmth in the behavior of the staff. If I talk about food, I simply relished the lip-smacking Assamese traditional cuisines, especially prepared by the chef, Bipul Baruah. Owned by the prominent Khongiya Barooah family of Upper Assam, the magnificent property is run by the Heritage North East, along with two more heritage bungalows, Kaziranga Golf Resort and Thengal Manor in Jorhat district.

Colonial Tea Bungalows in Assam

Getting there

Jorhat is the second largest town of Assam and is home to many historical and religious sites. Located in Upper Assam, Jorhat is easily accessible through Flights, Buses, and Trains.

Air:  The best way to reach Jorhat is by taking a flight to Guwahati and then take deluxe buses or hired taxi from Guwahati to Jorhat. Almost all the major domestic airlines have direct flights to Guwahati. Though Jorhat has its own airport named Rowraih Airport. There are selected airlines that have flights to Jorhat.

Road : There are several deluxe or semi deluxe buses from Guwahati that run regularly to Jorhat. The distance between Jorhat and Guwahati is around 312 km. It takes more than five hours to reach Jorhat by road.

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  1. Sahil Mittal

    I really love to travel across the world, and Assam is really an amazing place to visit, nice article

  2. Cat

    What an interesting experience to visit a tea estate! It looks so lush. The property is full of character too. It must have been nice if you can stay for a night.

  3. Ha

    Banyan Grove is definitely a lovely place to stay! I would love to stay there and sleep in that comfortable bed after enjoying some tea. It is great that the staffs are so friendly and welcoming. I would love to stay here if I’m around the area.

  4. Abigail Sinsona

    This is such a lovely estate! I could imagine spending my weekends here for a relaxing escape. The interiors are grand and I love the touch of colonial details too. The garden and all the greens that surround it are so refreshing and relaxing too!

  5. James

    The Banyan Grove looks like the perfect place to stay in Assam. I would stay there just to sleep in a special four poster bed. The surroundings look so lush and green too – I can almost breath in the fresh air!

  6. Lisa

    Wow this is really tea country! I love the photos of the ladies in the hats picking the leaves, it’s so iconic somehow! I don’t know much about the British influence, only that they were in India for a long time! So it’s interesting to read about a place like this.

  7. Ami

    It is nice to see how well they have preserved that British legacy. It is what possibly adds the charm to this property. I definitely would love to explore the tea gardens – especially early morning before everyone is up. There is just a certain freshness in the air at that time.
    Ami recently posted…Detour to the Gulab Bari in FaizabadMy Profile

  8. Dada

    Banyan groove looks like a place my family and I would stay on our holidays. We love an off the beaten track places and Banyan groove seems to be faraway from tourist and crowds. We are rather tea drinker and it would be an awesome experience to be staying in an idyllic place surrounded by tea plantations!
    Dada recently posted…Winter wonderland: Schwarzsee and the Ice Palace, SwitzerlandMy Profile

  9. Abhinav Singh

    Assam is such an offbeat place. So few people go here. I am glad you promoted a underrated destination. The property looks great. I would love to spend quality time here with my family.

  10. Maggie

    What a beautiful place! Everything from the rooms to the grounds is absolutely stunning. I’d love to stay here overnight, seems like a wonderful place to stay.


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