In Photos: Meghalaya –The Scotland of the East

As I sit back to write about the home of Khasi Tribe, located in the Northeast of India, I am wondering what new to add to describe the uniqueness to the geographical landscape since much has been written about the Abode of clouds and its pristine beauty. Meghalaya has now slowly placed itself in the mainstream travel map of India and is no more the unexplored paradise for many.

But in spite of the constant limelight, Meghalaya can still be an overwhelming experience if you are stepping here for the first time. Often called “The Scotland of the East”, Meghalaya never fails to impress you irrespective of the number of times you visit this place. Whether it’s the River Dawki, which feels like floating in air due to the pristine crystal clear water or the haunting beauty of the Sweet falls and East Khasi hills, Mother Nature has definitely endowed Meghalaya with divine beauty.

The moist clad curtains on the hills, unusual terrain, vibrant cultural landscapes, enriching traditional saga, unheard rituals, rustic lifestyle, natural wonders, and those red strained lips of the graceful women, Meghalaya introduces you to a new world of splendid secrets. A land where women literally own everything, Christianity dominates the religion, people swear by the rock music scene and where you meet the most stylish women of the northeast.

Let me take you to the most captivating destination through some breathtaking photographs of Meghalaya taken by Anurag Kakati, Jagdish Sharma & Rupam Sarma. Do follow them on Instagram.

Location : Umiam Lake ( Drone Shot )

Credit: Anurag Kakati

Location : Bhoirymbong, Meghalaya

Credit: Rupam Sarma

Location: Laitlum Canyons, Meghalaya

Credit: Rupam Sarma

Location: Nongkalikhai, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

Credit: Jagdish Sharma

Location : Umiam Lake

Credit: Rupam Sarma

Location : Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Credit: Jagdish Sharma

Are you already mesmerized by the surreal beauty of Meghalaya? Do let me know if you have already been to this spectacular location or planning to go in the near future?

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  1. Riya Khanna

    Thank you so much for sharing a great information. I appreciate your time and effort in your work. Keep posting..

  2. Mohana Das

    Absolutely stunning! Your photos just made my day 🙂

  3. Anindita

    Absolutely stunning pics,am completely bowled over by the cleanliness of the place, straight from a postcard

  4. Aadu

    These set of pictures are truly amazing. I would really love to visit Meghalaya after reading this article. Your pics are awesome. Kudos.

  5. aaron

    wow just amazing great pics and really nice article i really add this into my list thanks for sharing

  6. bharat veer

    Great post and content with pictures.

  7. Eric Gamble

    Oh my goodness. Meghalaya looks absolutely breath taking! You are not joking that it is similar to Scotland. All of those amazing cliffs and waterfalls you took pictures of make me wish I could jump into the picture and stand there with you.
    I love Umiam lake too, what a beautiful place to sit on the shore and watch the world go by!
    Eric Gamble recently posted…Things You Need To Know Before You Travel to MalaysiaMy Profile

  8. SAA

    Wow stunning photos! beautiful Meghalaya. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

  9. Sudipta Majumder

    Wow thanks for sharing this post. Your photos and the shots which you have taken by drone just amazing. I just fall in love with this place, I immediately wants to visit Meghalaya –The Scotland of the East” .

  10. Arif Khan

    Nice images and it show Meghalaya beautiful. Keep it up share.

  11. Anindya Sundar Basu

    Hey Beautiful pics and through this note I extend my wishes to them too. Will look forward to more like this.

  12. Kerala Packages

    Aerial view of Road is amazing, I have never been there in Meghalaya but this post encourages me to visit this places. Meghalaya is definitely to going on my travel bucket list.

  13. YUKTI Agrawal

    Meghalaya looks stunning and it is really a Scotland of East. I never went to north east part of India, but always it is on my bucket list. Photos taken by drone are really breathtaking. Umiam Lake is looking splendid and really India is incredible.

  14. Heidi

    What beautiful photos and amazing drone shots. And your description. I just immediately want to jump on a plane to meet the people and see this amazing landscape. And it’s a place that I had never even heard of before.

  15. rupam { xhobdo }

    Great to read your beautiful post on Meghalaya. Amazing View of Umiam Lake, Awesome photography by Anurag Kakati. Thank you so much for featuring my clicks.

  16. Katie

    Wow you have some stunning photos! I would love to visit! I can imagine it is a bit warmer than the British Scotland!

  17. Abhinav Singh

    Meghalaya still eludes me. Your blog shows how beautiful it is. It indeed deserves the moniker of “The Scotland of the East”. I want to visit Nongkalikhai. I have heard great things about it. Good to know that women of Meghalaya are empowered.

  18. Denny George

    I’m writing a series of posts on our own visit to Northeast India. We spent a good two weeks in Meghalaya, and loved every bit of it. The photographers were lucky to get some snaps, especially of Laitlum Canyon without the persistent haze. All photos look great.

  19. Blair villanueva

    The aerial view is truly majestic, i never thought this is in India. It looks like somewhere in Europe, and have those luscious forests. Hope that this will preserve for many generations.

  20. Kate

    Those photos are incredible, especially the one of the road taken with the drone! I love seeing the natural curve of the landscape from the air like that. Meghalaya looks beautiful–I can see how the lushness would be reminiscent of Scotland!

  21. Lisa

    These are incredible photos, especially the one taken by drone! I’ve yet to visit India, so know nothing about the regions. However, Meghalaya looks beautiful, and very photogenic too!

  22. Rashmi and Chalukya

    North East India is high on our list and we believe Meghalaya is the most beautiful amongst the northeastern states. Those pictures of Umiam Lake and the Laitlum Canyons are stunning. Can’t wait to visit this beautiful part of incredible India. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
    Rashmi and Chalukya recently posted…Best Places to Visit in Delhi – The Capital City of IndiaMy Profile


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