Art in Paradise in Bangkok: Relive Your Childhood Fantasies

Art in Paradise is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. The interactive 3D art museum is the latest addition to the must visit places in the city if you are on a vacation to the land of smiles. Located at the Esplanade Shopping Mall, the museum has 150 artworks from the most famous artists, displayed in six different zones, ranging from aquarium & safari, nature, classic, fantasy, media art, and modern.

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It was for the very first time I had visited a 3D museum. As I stepped inside, I was kind of lost for a few moments. It felt as if I was in a painting gallery which had some of the most quirky and fun paintings. As I walked towards the first section of the museum, I was amazed to see the visitors who were delighted to pose in front of those giant animal paintings in the Safari zone. I read the instructions on the guide board to know how to pose in front of the 3D arts that looks real in the picture. After that it was like a laughter ride each time I tried posing in different sections.

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Who does not want to live one’s childhood fantasies if given an opportunity? Like a kid, I was amazed by everything I saw inside. Each section has some of the finest paintings that appear absolutely real. The gallery is full of interactive paintings that allow you to touch, climb, pose and take photos whichever way you want.

My absolute favorite was the nature zone. Whether it was crossing the hanging tightrope bridge, flying on the magic carpet, or trying to jump the water stream, I was certainly transported back to my childhood when I used to imagine random things.

In the safari zone, the life size animal paintings give you the feeling of being in the wilderness for real. The kids get really excited to be in this zone as they can literary touch those paintings of giraffe, tiger, monkeys, etc.

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My friend Abhinav Singh trying to give a funny pose at Safari Zone of Art in Paradise

Likewise the fantasy zone is another mind-blowing area where you can literally live your most treasured childhood memories by posing with the illusion arts. It’s really commendable how these talented artists have given life to these paintings by making it 3D arts.

The aquarium zone is another section for water lovers. The best part was posing on the surf boat and it looked as if I was actually surfing.

The museum consists of two floors having over 2,500 square meters of space. The first floor houses the modern zone and Media art. After spending a considerable amount of time in exploring zones in the first floor, I was pretty exhausted by the end of it. But as I landed on the second floor, I was speechless looking at those modern 3D arts.

What I loved the most was posing in the Time Magazine Cover Page. While doing so, I secretly wished that someday I would be on the cover for real.

There are many quirky paintings which keep you busy posing for hours on this floor as well.

Tips for you

  1. Before you take photos inside, first take a stroll in each section.
  2. Do check the sample photos if you are clueless about how to take photos with the optical arts.
  3. There are standees in each section to guide you on how to pose in front of these 3D arts.
  4. Do stand in the photo-point before capturing it.
  5. Don’t use flash while taking pictures. The protecting varnish used to coat the paintings is glossy. So if you use flash, it will reflect everything and you will not get the best results.
  6. You can buy tickets from the counter itself. But the tickets are cheaper if you book online.


Getting there

Address: 99 Esplanade Shopping Mall, 4th Floor | Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Phone- +66 2 660 9130

Opening Hours: 10.00AM-10.00PM (Monday – Sunday)

By BTS (Metro/ Sky Train):You can opt for BTS to reach the museum. Take Silom line (Sala Daeng Station) and transit to MTR (Si Lom Station). You will reach the Thailand Cultural Centre (Exit No.3)

By Cab: You can also opt for a private taxi from your hotel to reach the museum. The fare will vary depending on the location of the hotel in Bangkok.

I was on a press trip, invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Disclaimer :

The Watermarked photographs are owned by the writer and are copyright protected. Reproduction of any of the contents, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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  4. Suma Shah

    This art museum is so much fun, loved the way you posed! Although we are not too much into art we don’t mind being inside here and unleashing our inner child to go little crazy 😉 The artists behind all these creatives are truly geniuses!! 🙂

  5. Dann Castillo

    This is so surreal and magical! I love museums in general, but this is something else haha I love how it allows you to be part of the exhibition! Bucket list material for sure!

  6. ebin

    Nice blog. This place is awesome, if you get a chance to visit Bangkok then you must visit this place. Fantastic place i ever seen in my life

  7. Nicola

    O wow! We didn’t make it here when we went to Bangkok unfortunately, but it sounds great! What a unique and interesting place to visit. I absolutely LOVE the safari zone!

  8. Soraya

    Oh my! I have always wondered what it would be like inside one of these museums…and I must say it does look like fun. But I think I would be like you and would feel exhausted by the end of the trip after all the posing and photo taking! I can’t believe how big the space is either. The Time magazine is actually my favorite, I love that it looks like you are right on the cover.

  9. Amar singh

    Brilliant and new thing in Bangkok. I ha e visited this city many times yet there is something new to keep you busy. The art work itself looks amazing. A great place for both adults and kids. Thanks for sharing a great post and your photos are great as well.

  10. Sandy N Vyjay

    This is really fun. Never been to a 3D museum before. I guess this is a new addition in Bangkok as it was not there when we visited Bangkok a few years ago. The place looks so magical and a lot of hard work and ingenuity must have gone into its creation. The photos, of course, are the showstopper here.

  11. Lisa

    What a unique and fun gallery! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 3d art show, but it looks like you’d have a lot of fun there. Loving the photos and the poses of you. I think the TIME front cover and the message in a bottle photo are probably my favourite. A real fun day out in Bangkok for sure.

  12. Paulina Rubia

    Wow thise colors are so pretty! I would love to spend an afternoon here and enjoynit like a kid. My favourite one os definitely the time magazine cover.

  13. Paulina

    Wow thise colors are so pretty! I would love to spend an afternoon here and enjoynit like a kid. My favourite one os definitely the time magazine cover.

  14. Lydia

    I have witnessed this paradise on my visit to Bangkok and your pictures brought back so many wonderful memories, Parnashree. This place is definitely a must visit for everyone who visits Bangkok!


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