3 Enchanting Honeymoon Getaways in The Hills

Honeymoons are those special moments that one wants to freeze for posterity. An experience that is special and extremely personal. It is but natural to want a serene and even surreal setting for a honeymoon. A place that is as far removed from reality as possible and as near to the realms of dreams as possible. The mountain ranges across India provide many ideal destinations that make for enchanting honeymoon getaways in the hills.

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The bewitching beauty of Kausani so enchanted a visitor to the place some 90 years ago, that he compared it to Switzerland. That visitor was none other than Mahatma Gandhi who stayed here for a couple of weeks. Kausani whose name itself seems to set aflutter a million musical strings of a guitar is a visual treat. Kausani is a peephole to the Himalayas. Waking up in Kausani means waking up to magical views of the Himalayan peaks like Nandadevi, Trisul, and Panchchuli. As you gaze into each others eyes you are sure to be smitten by the reflections of the golden streaks of the first rays of the sun kissing the snow covered peaks. The air blowing from the Himalayas across Kausani itself seems to whisper sweet nothings in the ears of the honeymooning couple. The place seems to have been handcrafted by God for honeymooners, such is the romantic aura that envelops the place along with the silvery mist that cocoons it. Kausani provides the ideal first chapter to the romance of a newly wedded couple.

How to Get to Kausani

Kausani is situated in the state of Uttarakhand. It is located about 410 kms from Delhi. The nearest airport to Kausani is Pantnagar Airport located about 162 kms. Away.

Travellers Tip: For a truly magical honeymoon one should stay in one of the cottages of the KMVN rest house in Kausani. The cottages offer some spectacular views of the Himalayan ranges.


Many years ago Christian missionaries stumbled upon an area which immediately mesmerized them with its pristine beauty. This place developed into a settlement which soon blossomed into what we know as Kodaikanal today. This hill station in the south of India has a rich cover of emerald forests and boasts of a pleasant climate throughout the year. It is known as the gift of the forest owing to its lush vegetation.

Kodaikanal is an ideal place for honeymooners to lose themselves in each other and the lap of nature. Solitary hikes in the forest, cascading waterfalls, and magical viewpoints write a script for an experience that can be truly termed magical. And of course head out deep into the Shola forests of Kodaikanal to reach the Berijam Lake. The place is serene and secluded.

Time will stand still as your shadows reflect in the emerald green waters of the lake and the only sound that will disturb the romantic moment could be that of a Nilgiri Flycatcher or other exotic birds that dwell here. An ideal destination to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime is Kodaikanal, a visit to this place is gifting oneself a treasure trove of memories.

How to Get to Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is at a distance of 526 kms., from Chennai and about 465 kms., from Bangalore. The nearest airport is Madurai at a distance of about 132 kms.

Travellers Tip: Honeymooners are advised to stay away from the centre of Kodaikanal and somewhere on the outskirts for a serene and exclusive experience away from the crowds.


A honeymoon in Darjeeling seems to be passe nowadays. How about a place not far from Darjeeling with the same kind of colonial charm minus the crowds? Such a place is Kalimpong. Kalimpong is a picturesque little town nestled in the shadow of the Kanchenjunga range of mountains and serenaded by the sensuously meandering Teesta river. Those looking for a really colorful honeymoon will not be disappointed in Kalimpong. Flowers of all colors and fragrances greet you at every bend and corner of the town which is known for its horticulture industry. For those who prefer a wild streak to beauty, there are exotic plants of cacti to pierce hearts!

The ancient monasteries of Kalimpong provide an ideal place to meditate and silently commune with the forces of nature and speak to each other through silence. Kalimpong is a place that renders words redundant and silence leaves nothing unsaid. A place which enables couples to connect and discover themselves and each other. It is a place that is sure to ensure the forging of bonds that would stand the test of time.

The smoke rises from the steaming pot of Thupka that you order at the street food joint in Rishi Market. The twinkle that you see in each others eyes signal the acknowledgement of these magical moments

How to Get to Kalimpong

Kalimpong is situated about 50 kms. from Darjeeling and located in the state of West Bengal. The nearest airport to Kalimpong is in Bagdogra which is about 78 kms., away.

Traveller Tip: If you are a Rabindranath Tagore fan, you must visit the small Tagore Museum which has some precious Tagore Memorabilia. The great Indian Nobel Laureate is said to have spent a lot of time here and the seeds of many of his masterpieces were probably sown by the picturesque locale of Kalimpong.

These are but 3 gems unearthed from the treasure chest of India. They are places that will hypnotize you with their charm when you are there and haunt you when you are away from them. Places that seem to be made to order for honeymoons.

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