Riding Essentials You Need Before Going Off on a Bike Trip

With so many magnificent landscapes to explore, riding motorcycles in India is incredibly fascinating and enjoyable. Being the 7th largest country in the world there is almost every kind of riding imaginable— from snow-capped mountains of Ladakh to the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, from the Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu to the tropical rain forest in Vazhachal forest. India has been called the land of mystery and diversity, which could also be called the credo of motorcyclists everywhere.

You have perfectly organized everything for your bike trip, and are ready to hit the road. But, just before an amazing road trip, the bikers should not forget to have their motorcycle insurance that tops the biking essentials list.

Most riders are not like that and the question of what to pack comes up for every bike trip.No worries here are essential things that will make your ride an enjoyable one while ensuring you have only what you need.

Let’s look at the essentials to bring on the road

Riding Essentials You Need Before Going Off on a Bike Trip

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A Good Map

Yes, technology has indeed changed, and we can rely on electronic devices today. But what if something goes wrong with the navigation system and you are stuck on the road with huge mountains wrapped around it. However, a map will never fail you.

Other than using a map in an emergency, it’s a great way to get an overview of the trip ahead and pick out some good roads. Also, make sure you get a waterproof/tear-resistant map.

Motorcycle Toolkit

It only takes one mechanical failure to ruin your entire motorcycle road trip. So, make sure you are always carrying a good travel motorcycle tool kit with you while you are on the road. It’s not just in case of an emergency, but on a long trip, you’ll need a tool kit for general maintenance, like tightening and adjusting your mirror, chain, your controls, and suspension.

Ear Plugs

High-speed travel causes lots of noise, which causes fatigue over time. To get over such stress, you need an earplug on a motorcycle road trip. Earplug will not allow sound to get inside your helmet. You can either buy disposable or reusable earplugs.

Rain Gear

Has it ever happened to you that it never rains when you bring your rain gear, but when you leave it at home, it pours? You never know when the weather will change, so it’s better to bring rain gear, especially when you are on a bike trip. Rain gear includes:

  • Rain cover
  • Rain suit (jacket)
  • Waterproof gloves (as wet hands make you tired fast)

Flat Repair Kit

Modern motorcycle tires provide good grip in both dry and wet conditions and typically last for thousands of miles. But if you are riding a motorcycle for a long time, your bike must have picked up a puncture at some point. So, it’s safe to pick up a flat repair kit with you as it will help your bike run quickly.

Though it’s not the final solution, it should last long enough to get you to a garage and get your bike fixed properly.

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Emergency Communicator

If you are going on a solo bike trip, the first essential thing that you should carry with you is the emergency communicator. You need to think about the worst scenario possible like what if you crash on a remote road and get injured or trapped under your motorcycle; you can use an emergency communicator to notify friends, family, or rescue services.

Buy A Bike Insurance and Go on Your Dream Bike Trip

With these essentials in your backpack, there is only one thing that is left to do and is most important, i.e., buying bike insurance. Bike insurance works as a safeguard on your bike trip as:

  • Bike insurance covers you financially against any damage to your bike or injuries sustained by you due to unpredictable events on your trip such as accidents, burglary, thefts, riots, strike, or any natural disasters.
  • Buying bike insurance online also cover your financial liabilities arising out of injuries or damages caused to third parties in an accident.

Buying bike insurance from a reputable insurer such as Tata AIG insurance works as a cherry on the cake, and you are ready to go on your dream bike trip.

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Have a safe journey!

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