Finnish Lapland, Northern Lights & Beyond: A Complete Guide

As I glided through the white blanketed forest trail on a reindeer sleigh at night, I became attuned to the deep sound of the wind and crunching snow on the path. I sank into the mood completely, closing my eyes, feeling the freezing wind traveling through my body. I never had such a strong urge to stay back in any country I had traveled to, like I did in Lapland. There was something that pulled me back, especially when I realized that it was my last night in Finland. We stopped in the middle of the forest to have a glimpse of the northern lights, in spite of knowing that it was a cloudy day. Looking up in the sky, all I wished was to come back again to this winter wonderland. There was something mystical and mythical in the wilderness. According to the Sami people (the indigenous tribe), everything has a soul, whether it’s a living or non-living being. And I could feel a connection.

While having a hot cup of coffee, sitting next to the bonfire, in the middle of nowhere with a vaguely visible moon through floating clouds, was probably one of the most defining moments for me.

I had not come to Lapland with an ultimate goal of seeing the Northern Lights. The Finnish Lapland is beyond this natural phenomenon. It actually casts a hypnotic spell. The enchanting and tangible feel of this place makes it magical.Whether it is the endless wilderness, awe-inspiring landscapes, rolling hills, endangered reindeer, wild berries, Santa’s village or humble and hospitable Sami people, Finnish Lapland offers plentiful things that make you pack your bags not with souvenirs, but a bag full of precious memories from this Nordic country.

I still remember the very first look of the dreamy winter wonderland from my room’s window, early in the morning. Glittering with the street light, I saw a wooden house half buried in white snow across the road. I took a pause to soak in the feeling as I could not believe what I saw. It was nothing less than a fairytale world.

Without wasting even a second, I decided to step out to take a walk around. To my utter surprise, when I checked the local time, it was 9 a.m. and still, there was absolute darkness outside. With the contrasting landscape, Finnish Lapland hardly sees a few hours of daylight during eight months of winter. Everything moves slowly here due to the absence of daylight.

Everything was so overwhelming for me that I set out to see the surrounding, without caring much for the time and the freezing cold temperature. It was while wandering in the snowy paths of Saariselka, somebody just greeted me by saying, “Welcome to Lapland”. I was stunned, stood still and kept smiling.

Before you realize, the place kind of grows on you. I started enjoying the gloomy days, a few hours of daylight, the quaint little village and the hot cup of coffee. Going for window shopping, engaging in random conversations with the locals and even roaming around the snow filled tiny alleys, used to be my favorite pastime. Out of all these, what I loved the most was the adventure activities like snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, etc. There is a whole new world for people who love to go for adventure activities, food lovers, and even culture enthusiasts. Let’s find out what all you can do in Lapland, apart from chasing Northern Lights.

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When you are in Lapland, do not miss doing snowmobiling. This is one of the best adventures in Finnish Lapland that allows you to appreciate the silvery forests, rolling snowy roads and treat you with the alluring landscapes of the northern the most part of the country. This was my very first snowmobile ride in Lapland and I must admit that what I saw can not be described in words.

The jaw-dropping scenery, absolutely stunning landscapes, falling snow and freezing wilderness, I was hooked. The best way to get into snowmobiling is to take a guided tour. The first timers are given driving lessons and made aware of the terrain. We also stopped for lunch in a traditional Sami styled hut called “Kota” in the middle of the forest.

Tip: Wear sufficient woolens before you start your ride, layered up with extra jackets, fleece, socks, gloves, etc. Helmets must be worn at all times as it gets really cold outside, the temperature dipping till minus 20 degrees. Also, it is advisable to keep a safe distance between drives while riding.

Cost : 130 euros / when 2 persons/snowmobile
175 euros / when 1 person/snowmobile

Price for children: 4-11years -50% of the price
                                  0-3 years -100% of the price 

Duration: 3 Hours

Distance: 20 KM 

Time: Evening Safari ( 8 PM onwards)

Reindeer Safari

Reindeer sleigh rides are the most rustic way to get close to the Sami culture of Finnish Lapland. This is one of the must-try activities in Lapland. Riding in the sleigh, deep into the forest, whether it is night safari or day, the Reindeer safari is one of the most thrilling ways of experiencing the scenic beauty of this Nordic country. The Sami people are the proud owners of Reindeers in Northern Lapland. They are mostly domesticated. The Reindeers are rounded up twice a year for earmarking for identification. The Reindeer husbandry is still one of the main income sources for Sami People in Lapland.

I had absolute fun taking a night ride in the forest where we even stopped for coffee in the middle of nowhere. You can opt for a night safari to see the northern lights, which is considered the most traditional way of enjoying the light show in the sky.

Cost : 100 € / person

Price for children: 4-11years -50% of the price
                                      0-3 years -100% of the price 

Duration:2-3 hours

Time: Evening Safari ( 8 PM onwards)

Cross-country skiing

Another fun activity in Lapland is cross country skiing. Wherever your eyes travel, you will be amazed to see people enjoying skiing irrespective of age. From children to elders, everyone seems to be doing skiing in the whole expanse of snow. Interestingly, Cross-country skiing is part of the Finnish culture and almost every Finn learns it right after their birth. This activity is extremely good for the body and mind. Though I wanted to try my hand at skiing, I chose to do Snowshoeing as I did not consider myself fit for this activity.


I had absolute fun doing Snowshoeing in Lapland. This is undoubtedly one of the must-try the activity for everyone. Snowshoeing is a great way to experience the wintry landscapes in Finland. Walking on the snow carpets, making your own way is the best way to discover breathtaking scenery, new terrain, and getting lost in the winter wonderland. I tried walking on the snow surface, wearing a snowshoe, which was traditionally worn to walk on a snowy path from one place to another. Lately, this adventure activity has gained popularity among tourists, and people seem to be enjoying this during their vacation in Finland.

If you love snowshoeing, and you’re looking to get some new snowshoes, check on this great guide that will help you find the best for you

Meeting Sami People

More than anything else, I was excited to meet the Sami people in Lapland. The only indigenous people in entire Europe, The Sami people are mostly inhabited in the northern most countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. With a total population of 80,000 in these four countries, the Sami people are known for their unique culture, lifestyle, and languages.

Meeting Mr.Timo & Mrs. Armi in Lapland was one of the most pleasant moments for me as I spent a considerable amount of time with them, having their traditional meal, visiting the Reindeer farm and even wearing their traditional attire.

Visit Santa’s Village –Rovaniemi

Like a fairy-tale wish, you can actually meet Santa Claus in his village in Lapland. The one and only Santa lives in a beautiful village named Rovaniemi. Anyone can visit Santa Clause throughout the year at his office, enjoy a private chat with him and live those magical moments with him. I was thrilled to see Santa’s Post Office right across the street from my hotel in Saariselka, covered with a blanket of snow, the popping red wooden office looked nothing less than a miracle in the snowy terrain.

Cost: Free

Having Finnish Food

Have you ever had a Finnish meal in a traditional Sami hut right in middle of the forest? Sounds fantastic right? The moment I stepped out of the bus in the woods, the simmering traditional hut appeared quite mystical.  Our Sami host had invited us for dinner at their Lappish wooden log hut – known as Kota or Tepee.

The temperature dipped to minus outside, but it was quite warm inside due to the bonfire in the middle of the hut. We were soon served with mushroom soup, followed by Salmon fish, salad and ending up with a delicious dessert.

The best part was when our host Mrs. Armi sang a traditional Sami song for all of us. It was undoubtedly one of the most memorable nights in Lapland for me.

Cost : 150 € / person

The Sami host will pick and transfer you to the Reindeer Farm for dinner and also drop you accordingly.

Husky ride

Do you want to try some really adventurous rides in the snowy terrain of Lapland? Don’t miss the opportunity to go on a Husky ride to experience the wilderness of Lapland in a unique way. Each sled is pulled by four huskies.

It definitely gives you some adrenal rush while doing this safari. But the journey is quieter than anything where you can only hear the panting sound of the Huskies and the swish of the runners. It is advisable to go on a guided tour while opting for Husky Safari in Lapland.

Cost : 120 € / per person ( 2 Hours)

           160 € / per person ( 4 Hours)

Price for children: 4-11years -50% of the price

Safari includes full outdoor equipment, guidance, hot drink, and transfers.

Stay in a snow Igloo

Have you ever dreamt of staying in a snow Igloo? How about watching the nature’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis from your glass igloo? The dream can come true if you opt to stay at one of these igloo styled hotels at Santa’s Village on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi.

These designed igloo style hotels give you the priceless moments of experiencing the northern lights, midnight sun, autumn colors and polar night in the most stunning way. You can also visit the Levi Igloo in Utsuvaara, located 10 kilometers away from Finland’s most popular ski resort Levi in Kittila.

Cost: The tariff varies based on the options and location of the Igloo.

Visit Siida Sami Museum

If you are someone who is keen on knowing about the indigenous people of Lapland, their culture, lifestyle, and languages, then visiting Siida Sami museum is a must visit the place to know more about the Sami People.Located on the bank of Lake Inari, the Siida Museum introduces you to the early lifestyle of Sami people, their unique lifestyle, food habits, traditions, various rituals and even gives you glimpses of their rich history. I got to know about their primitive lifestyle but was also amazed to know that they came to Finland even before the country was formed. I was introduced to various tools, traditional attires, and jewelry during my visit to the museum.


The Siida museum has a huge collection of artifacts, photographs, archive collection, reference library and an open air museum. It has one shopping corner from where one can not only buy souvenirs but everything related to Sami culture.

Cost:  10 Euros (Entry ticket )

Museum timing:  10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tue. – Sun. (Mon. closed)

The above-mentioned timing is only for the winter season, Sept. 20.2016 – May 31.2017. For the other seasons, timings vary a lot and it is advisable to check in advance.

Take a leisurely walk in the wilderness

It was literally the best thing I did in Lapland. Walking aimlessly in the woods, watching people skiing, discovering hidden corners and meeting strangers and exchanging smiles in that freezing cold, were the best takeaways of mine from this compelling destination.

I still remember the morning when I decided to take a morning walk in the forest and wanted to get lost in the wilderness. The dipping snowdrops from the naked trees, the sound of the wind, my half buried feet in the snow, a wooden bridge and a lonely cottage in the middle of the forest, I had not seen such jaw-dropping natural set up till now. How I wish I could stay there forever.

I am completely hooked. I can’t wait to go back to this amazing country again to explore the Coast & Archipelago area. What about you ? 

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For More Information,  Visit  Finland with Club Mahindra 

How to reach Lapland

You can fly to Finland with Finnair, which has direct flights to Helsinki from Delhi thrice a week. It takes 7 and half hours to reach Helsinki. There are other airlines like Air France, Air India, Aeroflot Russian, and Lufthansa.

To reach the Finnish Lapland, the main gateway is the Helsinki-Vantaa International airport.You have to take a direct flight to Ivalo,  the northernmost airport in Lapland, approximately 250 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

Where to Stay

I stayed at the northernmost spa hotel and holiday home resort in Europe named  Holiday Club Saariselkä in a village with the same name. I made Saariselka as my base to explore the Finnish Lapland. I must highly recommend this hotel for everyone who is planning to visit Lapland because the hotel is located at the gorgeous location, but also for their world standard services and warm hospitality. Holiday Club Saariselka is a part of Club Mahindra now as the company acquired Club Resorts Oy, Finland and it allows Indians to have their family vacation possible in Europe through their membership.

Disclaimer :

  1. All the used Non-Watermarked photos have been provided by Visit Finland and have been used with permission. 
  2. The Watermarked photographs are owned by the writer and are copyright protected. Reproduction of any of the contents, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer, is strictly prohibited and a violation of the same will attract legal action.

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Finnish Lapland, Northern Lights & Beyong: A Complete Guide

Finnish Lapland, Northern Lights & Beyong: A Complete Guide

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