How Stellar Data Recovery Retrieved More Than 1 TB of My Lost Data

Being a globetrotter, I am always on the run. Travel has become a lifestyle and a profession. It takes me to places. The job of a Travel Blogger looks quite fascinating as it gives you wings to fly, makes you visit some of the most exotic and offbeat terrains, you get to meet varied personalities, listen to their amazing stories, live in different environments and also soak into multiculturalism seamlessly. While I enjoy everything that comes with travel, I also thoroughly enjoy capturing each tangible moment into my lens. Being a storyteller, visual content is of utmost importance to complement your story. It gives a vibrant prospective of the places or experiences. Moreover, it makes the story relatable to your readers.

The Other Side of Traveling Alone: My Honest Cinfessions

At Likir Monastery, Ladakh

Photography is an indispensable part of my travels. The camera is one of the top travel essentials and I can’t even think of travelling anywhere without it. Travel is all about the experiences and memories you create. Photography helps me to freeze everything I see, feel and experience. I have been travelling for more than a decade now and continue translating everything into my camera. In my uncountable travel destinations across the globe, I have not just lived many lives with different people, but have also managed to preserve the memories successfully.

But, how would you react if I say that I had lost a huge chunk of my travel photos recently?

How I lost my data

We all know the importance of data storage. I have been saving my data in flash drives, hard drives, online drives, etc. Mostly, I stock up my data on an external hard drive. With the high advancing technology, there are several ways we can store and secure our data. But no data storage is 100% reliable. Even though I was aware of this fact, I kept storing my precious travel photos in an external hard drive all these years. I never realized the importance of saving and storing data in multiple data storage devices until one fine day when I lost all my travel photos in a jiffy.

For a photographer like me, losing the physical data due to any human or technical error is nothing less than a calamity, which nobody would like to encounter. Losing data is a common scenario among photographers. It can be really frustrating when you lose the critical data stored in your computer, laptop, hard drive, flash drive, etc. The data can be lost due to accidental deletion, software related issues, virus attack, corrupted memory card, file corruption, hardware failures, corrupted drive, etc. Whatever the reason, the data loss can ruin your entire project, especially when you are on an assignment.

A few months back, I realized that I had lost my most valuable data from my external hard drive. I had just returned from Ladakh, shooting in various locations. Upon returning, I transferred my photos to the storage device and slept over it. It was during my writing assignment when I was in need of the Ladakh Photos, I connected my hard drive to the laptop only to realize that the hard drive had stopped working. Everything went on a standstill as I couldn’t believe my fate.I tried several times to reconnect the storage device, but it didn’t work. I quickly realized that the hard drive was damaged and I had lost all my precious travel memories, documents and important photos that I had been saving for years. I was literally on the verge of collapsing thinking about the data loss. Being someone who gives high importance to visual content in order to complement the writings, it was a big blow.

I tried to find out ways to retrieve the data myself using various tips and tricks available online. I was not aware of the exact reason why the drive had stopped working suddenly. I even tried contacting several local Data Recovery vendors, visited a few shops to inquire about the data recovery process, but none seemed to give me any assurance of complete data recovery from my damaged hard drive. One of my photographer friend suggested Stellar Data Recovery which is a reputed name in the industry. I realized that I needed professional help to retrieve my data and Stellar Data Recovery is the most reliable name. I reached out to them immediately. What happened after that was nothing less than a miracle.


Stellar Data Recovery did a commendable job of retrieving more than 80% of the data from my 2 TB damaged external hard drive.


Stellar Data Recovery: The best Data Recovery Service in the Industry

Stellar Data Recovery

The Stellar Data Recovery is the most trusted name in India when it comes to the data recovery services. This professional data recovery service has been a leader in the service industry for more than two decades. With over 3 Million satisfied customers, more than 8000 partners worldwide, over 100 R & D Engineers, available in more than 190 countries, the award winning Stellar Data Recovery is the ultimate solution for all kinds of data loss. They expertise in recovering data from almost all kinds of media storage devices like Hard disk, Laptop, External media devices, SSDs (SanDisk solid state drives) servers, RAID/SAN/NAS systems, database, emails, mobile phones, etc. They can recover photos from damaged SD cards as well.

The Stellar can also recover RAW file formats of popular DSLR Cameras like Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Not just the DSLR cameras, they can recover missing data from GoPro and Drone cameras like Garmin, Phantom, Inspire and even accurately restore deleted pictures with original date-timestamp and file names. With their everlasting innovations in data recovery, revolutionary approach and efficiency in delivering services, it has become the preferred choice for professionals.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar is the world’s foremost Data Care Corporation, with expertise in Data Recovery, Data Erasure, Mailbox Conversion, and File Repair software and services. The biggest news is that the global leader in data recovery, data erasure, and data migration solutions, Stellar has launched a new variant of its flagship Photo Recovery software. Stellar Photo Recovery Premium is the World’s first tool with both Repair and Recovery capabilities for Photos and Videos. It is an all-purpose application for restoring lost or deleted as well as corrupt multimedia files. It is especially helpful to repair photos and videos that get corrupt during the process of transfer, editing or conversion. This is a blessing for photographers and professionals.

What I loved about Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery

After losing 2 TB of my critical data from the external hard drive, I reached out to Stellar Data Recovery Service. What I loved about their service is their efficient and most professional way of dealing with the customers. Knowing the fact that the customer has lost the precious data, they first try to understand the scenario in which one has lost the data. Whether it is the customer care service, daily job updates, taking necessary permissions, taking care of data privacy or pickup and delivery service of your data storage device, Stellar Data Recovery Service is the most trusted name in the industry and have lived up to their earned reputation. Let’s find out what makes them stand out and what I loved most about their service.

Home Pickup-Delivery service

I was really impressed by their pickup and delivery service where they send an executive at your doorstep to pick up the damaged storage device with proper documentation. It makes your life easy as you don’t need to travel to their service center physically to deposit the device for the data recovery service. The Stellar Data Recovery is present in 15 locations across India.

Daily Report Communication

I really appreciate the smooth functioning of their customer service. After the hard drive was collected and deposited for retrieval, I was updated daily about the process and communicated properly at each stage. They also took permission to examine the hard drive properly. I was informed about the developments at each stage. I was quite impressed by the smooth functioning of their customer care team.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is one of the main concerns when one submits the storage device to any service provider. Being a photographer myself, data privacy is something where any compromise is unacceptable. Especially, when people like me whose work is in the  public domain and always looked upon for upcoming work, I can’t take the privacy of my data for granted. The best thing about the Stellar Data Recovery service is that they ensure Data Privacy of their customers. The Stellar is ISO 27001 compliant, which means that it has implemented requisite processes to safeguard privacy of your vital memories and prevent it from being shared with other audience at large. I was quite impressed by the fact that even the data engineers are not aware of the data they are retrieving from any damaged storage devices. I find this element extremely crucial to their award-winning services.

Class 100 Clean Room

I got the privilege to visit their most exclusive space named Class 100 Clean Room at the head office of the Stellar Data Recovery recently. The ISO certified Stellar Data Recovery utilizes CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM environment where Stellar performs physical recovery, from simple to the most complicated data loss situations. Stellar utilizes its CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM for opening and treating damaged desktop or laptop hard disks, Solid State Disks, Pen Drives to name a few. By doing this, the Stellar ensures that the affected object is in a safe environment; hence, the technician can concentrate on performing the recovery process. It also ensures the maximum possible data recovery.


CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM is a must for efficient data recovery. Only highly trained data scientists are allowed to enter the class 100 clean room. Stellar ensures that its technicians stationed in its CLEAN ROOM are extensively trained upon “contamination control” and follow the norms to keep up to the expected standard. When I was taken to this most exclusive space, I had to go through multiple stages of air showers and was required to wear specially designed clothes and footwear before entering the lab. To access CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM, you have to enter and exit through airlocks and air showers, wear CLEAN ROOM clothing to prevent air contamination caused by the release of particles such as skin flakes, hair, and clothing debris, etc. The clothing includes shoes/boots, apron, bouffant caps, lab coats/gowns/suits, gloves, hairnets, to name a few. Also, it requires wearing eye protection or lab safety glasses.

Visiting the CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM was an eye opener for me. I realized how the technicians make such efficient efforts to retrieve data from any storage device and what it takes to go through the detailed process of recovering data. The accurate efficiencies, reliability of their services, and ensured privacy policy, have earned them the reputation of being the best in the business and also making it the most trustworthy data recovery services in India.

I am eternally grateful to Stellar Data Recovery for retrieving more than 1TB data from my damaged hard drive.

Stellar Data Recovery

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How Stellar Data Recovery Retrieved More Than 1 TB of My Lost Data

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