8 Reasons Why Dubai Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List in 2020

One of the prime tourist locations in Asia, Dubai is the heart of UAE, both in terms of footfall as well as in its riches and glamour. While quite a few reasons like easy travel and visa options can be sighted; the major reasons from the viewpoint of a traveler always boil down to places to visit.

The impressive list of attractions in Dubai is discussed below

But hold on!

Before moving into the same, it is important for you to understand your visa requirements.

A vital point to note is that every traveler requires a sponsor in Dubai to apply for their visa.In case you do not have any relative or friend to sponsor you, there are many airlines and hotels which also offer sponsorship. Acquiring a “tourist visa” will allow you in the city for up to 30 days.

Tourist visas can have ‘single-entry’ or ‘multiple entry’ permit, depending on their application. In case you are visiting close family, “visit visa” is applicable. For visit visas, your relative should be earning more than 4000 dirhams or at least 3000 dirhams along with accommodation.

Coming to the documents you will have to submit for the visa, we have listed it down for you!

Take a look –

  • Scanned copy of passport.
  • Scan of passport-sized photograph (colored).
  • Application form, which is usually submitted by your sponsor.
  • Personal details of your sponsor.
  • In the case of minors, their birth certificate is mandatory.
  • In the case of transit visas, hotel reservation and flight ticket details are also collected by the authorities.

You must compare the requirements as well as costs offered by different professional sponsors before selecting one.

Once this mundane side is handled, you are free to concentrate on the different attractions offered by Dubai.

  • Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest building with 160 storeys standing at 829 metres is a symbol of Dubai’s global presence.

  • Desert Safari

From drives across the desert to coffee in Bedouin styled camps, these safaris even offer quad-rides across desert dunes.

  • Madinat Jumeira

The largest resort of the Emirate, this was built resembling a traditional Arabian locale and bazaar.

  • Ski Dubai

The first indoor ski slope in the Middle East, this man-made beauty is the third-largest in the world.

  • Palm Jumeira and World Islands

Shaped like a palm tree, these islands are a magnanimous feat not just for their beauty but especially for the fact that they are man-made.

  • Skydiving

The skyline, along with platoons of well-versed instructors offers adrenaline junkies the option to skydive in Dubai.

  • Jumeira Mosque

This mosque allows followers of any faith to visit and experience the sanctity and calm within a mosque.

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Built inside the Dubai Mall, a 48-metre walk beneath this aquarium can bring you face to face with all types of underwater flora and fauna; even a shark, if you are lucky!

Now, when it comes to the vital checklist for travelers visiting Dubai, we have already discussed primary concerns like visa and places to visit. Now, travelers must focus on the few other things which ensure a better trip.

  • Availing international travel insurance is essential while travelling to Dubai. Like any place abroad, in case of an emergency, such policies effectively aid the insured travelers with financial help. This can be helpful not just in dealing with flight or accommodation costs in case there is a sudden change in schedules, but also for medical emergencies.

Being a developed nation, availing medical facilities can be extremely costly in Dubai. Consequently, travel insurance can compensate a traveler with all sudden healthcare expenditures while touring through Dubai.

You can avail a travel insurance for Dubai from India provided by Digit Insurance. The cost of $50,000 plan for 2 adults for 7 days is less than 500 Rupees.

  • While Dubai opens its arms to every taste, it is advisable to follow a modest dress code. Women are especially advised to wear clothes which cover their knees and arms.
  • Wearing light coloured clothes is advisable, though most interiors in this desert city are usually cool owing to architecture as well as artificial temperature control.

An interesting fact about Dubai is that technological advancements even allow the city’s authorities to arrange artificial rainfall if necessary!

  • You should make it a point to hydrate yourself while travelling in Dubai. Despite the usual air-conditioning, living in the city can be dehydrating owing to the extremely dry climate conditions.

Dubai is one of the few Asian cities which boast of being developed. The glamour and the beauty, along with the thrill of different experiences offered by Dubai, make it one of the top choices in tourist attractions. After all, as one of the age-old Arabian proverbs go,

“…who lives sees, but who travels sees more…”

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  1. Jemi

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to see Burj Khalifa in person. I didn’t know of the other beautiful places to visit in Dubai like the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo!! Thanks for sharing this list, will ask my aunt to take me to these places someday. 🙂

  2. Harvey Nilen

    Wow, Amazing travel blog:) I am lover of traveling with a travel blogger. I have read this article. Here have clearly describe why Dubai will be on your travel list in 2020. She showed 8 reasons, why you will travel to Dubai. Really, his reasons are logical. I went to the Middle East once, because Kuwait was one of my relatives. But I can say that Dubai may be the best travel destination for you in 2020. Happy 2020!!!

  3. krook

    very nice?make mind set to move.

  4. Robert (Cam Heating)

    This is undoubtedly the best trip of the year 2020. The Paradise of the Middle East, known to all of us, is called the UAE. Every time I have been to Pakistan, Dubai has been more. Today, again I remember Burj Khalifa talking about meat and bread in a restaurant. I enjoyed myself very much. Have a Amazing day:)


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