Living a Life of Travel: Ways to Make the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Sustainable

When people hear the word “digital nomad,” it either brings about a positive reaction or a negative one. Most people think the idea of living a life of travel is an awesome idea but they also think it’s for “young people.” Then again, there are those who think the lifestyle is absolutely ridiculous and not a sustainable way to live life. Both opinions are completely wrong…

The digital nomad lifestyle isn’t just for young people and it’s completely sustainable. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion but 9 times out of 10, the people who voice their opinion about the lifestyle have no knowledge about the lifestyle at all.


What People Think the Lifestyle is

One Big Vacation

Ways to Make the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Sustainable
Digital Nomad living her dream life

If you think about it, it makes complete sense why so many people think the lifestyle is unsustainable… It’s because they think you’re on a lifelong vacation! All they see are pictures of people with their hands in the air overlooking a beautiful ocean or pictures of people taking naps inside of hammocks… it’s no wonder they think the life of a digital nomad is one big vacation! But be honest with yourself… If the lifestyle was really one big vacation, wouldn’t you think more people would be signing up for it? So, there have to be some false assumptions going on somewhere, right?

What the Lifestyle Really is…

Sacrifice, Adjustment, Work, and Sustainable!

As mentioned above, it’s easy to be on the outside looking in and think the lifestyle is one big vacation but it’s definitely not a vacation. Now, to be fair, the lifestyle does allow you to see the world and enjoy all of its beauty but people are very misinformed about the lifestyle. To live the lifestyle and enjoy it, it’s going to take sacrifice, some adjustments, and work. If you can do those things, you’ll quickly find out that the lifestyle is completely sustainable.


In order to live the digital nomad lifestyle, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. Some sacrifices are small and some are big, it just depends on the person. Living a life of travel means that you’re going to be traveling all over the world… In doing that, it also means that you’re going to be leaving your friends and family to do that, and that’s a sacrifice that not too many people are willing to take on.

Ways to Make the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Sustainable
Life of a Digital Nomad While traveling

In fact, it can get quite lonely. But it’s also important to know that just because it gets lonely at times, that doesn’t mean you’re alone. The question you have to answer is if you’re willing to sacrifice that to live out your travel dreams? Also, keep in mind that you can always go see them if you get too homesick.


To live the digital nomad lifestyle is going to take some getting adjusted to. Not only are you away from the comfort of friends and family but you’re in a different country, immersed in a different culture, and depending on where you go, there could be a language barrier as well. It’s nothing to panic about though… If you really love traveling and want to live the lifestyle, you’ll transition and make the necessary adjustments to enjoy your digital nomad adventures.

According to Psychology Today, traveling is good for your mental health. By putting yourself in unfamiliar territory and ultimately, stepping outside your comfort zone, you’re broadening your perspective, boosting your creativity and happiness, learning about the world, and relieving stress. It may not seem like it at first but you actually are.


Ways to Make the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Sustainable
Remote working while traveling. You can be connected to the outside world even in the lap of nature

Income is probably the biggest factor that makes people question their lifestyle. It’s almost as though people forget that people in other countries work too so what would stop someone else from traveling to a different country and working there? Nothing at all.

As a digital nomad, finding work to earn an income is the least of your worries. In fact, as a digital nomad, you’ll probably develop more of a work ethic than you would at your regular full-time job.

The key thing to note about working as a digital nomad is the fact that all your work stems from your access to the internet. You, of course, can work on farms, become an au pair, and do other labor-intensive jobs to make money but the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t about it. As long as you have access to the internet, you can do just about any type of work online. Here are a few ways digital nomads earn their income while traveling the world.

  • Become an Online Store Entrepreneur
  • Rent Your Home Out
  • Perform Freelance Data Entry
  • Become a Freelance Writer
  • Work Remotely

Those are all jobs you can do as long as you are connected to the internet. In becoming an online store entrepreneur, the key thing is to build your business website and market it well to your target audience. With remote work, you can either check with your current job to see if they have work-from-home opportunities.

If they don’t, there are tons of companies that offer those opportunities. Freelance work opportunities are all around you, you just have to find them. Apps like Upwork and Fiverr are great platforms to find freelance work.

The Lifestyle is Sustainable

Ways to Make the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Sustainable
Digital nomads can work from anywhere

As you can see, the lifestyle is very sustainable and you also see that it’s not just a big vacation. The digital nomad lifestyle is just like any other lifestyle where you have to work to keep a steady flow of income coming in. The only difference is the geographical location. Instead of going into an office building and sitting at a desk, you might go to the beach and sit in a beach chair to get some work done.

The freedom and flexibility the lifestyle offers are what makes people envious but then again, those individuals aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary to live a successful and profitable digital nomad lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that’s definitely not for everyone but it certainly is a lifestyle worth experiencing once in your life.


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Ways to Make the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Sustainable
Ways to Make the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Sustainable
Ways to Make the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Sustainable

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