7 Safety Tips On Weekend Camping Amidst The Pandemic

This post is about safety tips on weekend camping during the pandemic. If you are planning to do camping considering the current covid situation, this post is for you.

Since the start of 2020, people across the world have been under lockdowns and movement restrictions. Students adopted online learning, and many of us switched to long-term work-from-home. But being cooped up in our homes has made us long for the fresh mountain air or the windy sea breeze. Perhaps, we humans have realized the essential role of Nature during the current pandemic. As we are looking for opportunities to venture out, a camp in the middle of the woods or on a hilltop could be the best way to relax our minds.

Being in the digital world, one can’t stay away from the internet during holidays as well. Therefore, finding the best internet for rural areas needs to be checked before you go camping in a remote area. At times, internet connectivity comes in handy in an emergency and one can’t overlook it.

7 Safety Tips On Weekend Camping Amidst The Pandemic

Thus, the tourism industry is promoting outdoor camping as the government eases the restrictions and allows travel. Below are 7 Safety Tips On Weekend Camping Amidst The Pandemic.

1. Form small groups

Couple camping over weekend. Find out Safety Tips On Weekend Camping Amidst The Pandemic
Couple enjoying a weekend camping

Camping does not imply that there would be large gatherings and parties with unfamiliar people. Though it is okay to meet and talk to people provided you maintain sufficient physical distance. You have to share the tent or the camper van with those persons you are living with or quarantined.

It is advisable not to go to places that attract lots of crowds. It might appear odd when you do not mingle freely with fellow campers, such as not joining a buffet or taking pictures. You could always explain the risk factors for the transmission of covid-19 and encourage others to practice safety norms. Therefore, forming a small group is one of the top safety tips for Weekend Camping.

2. Do not make spontaneous plans

Safety Tips On Weekend Camping Amidst The Pandemic
Not making a spontaneous plans is one of the top safety tips for a weekend camping

There is no vaccine for coronavirus yet, and the infections do exist even now. So, it is advisable not to decide things on the go. There are good chances that you might prepare your food at the campsite. You might have to buy all the supplies and also get the permissions.

There is also the possibility of being turned away by the concerned authorities. Proper planning is required, especially at times like this one when the virus has engulfed the whole world. Not making a spontaneous plan is one of the top safety tips for weekend camping.

3. Maintain physical distancing

In a camping atmosphere, you might come in contact with many others. But now, activities like singing around the campfire, smoking together, and buffets are a big no. You have to avoid contact games like soccer or dodgeball. Similarly, you could miss swimming and rafting for now. Rather than using common restrooms and taps, you could opt for a full hook-up recreation vehicle. Within an RV, you have water and electricity supply, and at times even have lavatory facilities. You could even purchase your own safety barriers (there are temporary options available) to place around your camp, so others know not to come too close! Maintaining physical distance is the basic precaution one must take while camping.

4. Be equipped with safety supplies

Safety is primary during Pandemic. Don't miss mask and sanitation while doing weekend camping
Safety is primary during Pandemic. Don’t miss mask and sanitation while doing weekend camping

While on the way to the campsite, you might have to stop for fuel refilling, food, and bathroom breaks. But at each stop, you increase the risk of coming in contact with the coronavirus. The first thing to pack is an extra stock of face masks.

It is essential to know that the virus also survives on touch surfaces like door handles, tables, knobs, etc. So, have disinfectant wipes or disposable gloves while using the water faucets, handling fuel pump tubes, etc. Hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, and a hand towel are also must-haves. You might have your crockery set and stove for cooking at the campsite. As camping now means extra luggage, before setting out for a camp, you could visit roof rack stores to get a suitable one for your vehicle.

5. Prefer Day Camping

Safety Tips On Weekend Camping Amidst The Pandemic

Camping is the best way to have a physical exercise for the body, relax your mind, and have some fun too. Given that the pandemic has not fully subsided yet, those who wish to take extra precautionary measures can opt for a day camping. You go to a nearby campsite early in the morning and have all the fun during the day, and come back home at night. It prevents you from having showers, having outside food, etc. In this way, you could reduce screen time for children and adults.

6. Bring your food

In the current situation, food from restaurants and other outside resources is not preferable. So, you could plan the food quantity and type as per the duration of the camping. If you have ice-packs/coolers, you could bring sandwiches, meat, poultry, etc. You could also carry fruit and vegetable purees, mayo, taco sauce, peanut butter, etc. Bringing your food is one of the top safety tips for weekend camping for travelers. You will have to remember that staying hydrated is of utmost importance as it keeps you brisk and could wash away the germs. It is essential to practice clean eating habits and not dirty your surroundings.

7. Adhere to the rules

Safety Tips On Weekend Camping Amidst The Pandemic
Food being cooked during weekend camping

There are possibilities that the camp organizers ask you to wear a mask outside your tent or RV. Activities, like boating, buffets, dancing, etc., might be restricted. You have to understand that it is for your safety and not to protest. Similarly, one has to follow covid protection norms like physical distancing and coughing etiquette. One has to be wary of forest fires and fire hazards, especially during summer. Therefore, compiling the rules is mandatory and one of the top safety tips for weekend camping.

Camping site somewhere in the hills

Despite all sorts of indoor games, movies, and series on OTT platforms, life inside the four walls is boring. A trip abroad, cruise vacations, and visits to swanky malls may not be feasible yet or is not very safe. Camping is a better option, as it is possible to maintain the needed physical distance, and the chance of virus spread in the open air is relatively lower. But one has to choose a place wisely and know the rules and regulations. Opt for wild camping only if it is near your home or if immediate medical help is plausible. Now that we cherish Nature, we have to avoid littering and polluting natural resources at the campsite.


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