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  • Photo Story : These Captivating Pictures Will Make You Want To Explore Bhutan Immediately

    Bhutan – a slice of a Himalayan kingdom is a land of mountains, monasteries and magic. With its fascinating culture, symmetrical architectures, lush greenery, unpretentious nature of the people, and the undying love for their king, Bhutan made me wonder about its own land. Bordering with India and China, this small country is one of […]

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  • Tribal Conclave Samvaad 2016: A Great Initiative by Tata Steel

    A large percentage of Indian population belongs to the tribal communities. The unique cultural practices and the rich traditional values contribute immensely to paint “Incredible India”. The most fascinating part is that they practice unique traditions and cultures, which give them their own identity. Unfortunately the rich cultural legacy of these tribal communities is slowly […]