Naropa Festival: A Buddhist Cultural Extravaganza in Ladakh

The fluttering colorful prayer flags, the sound of wind, and a large congregation of monks and nuns, created the most spiritual atmosphere in the middle of the barren land, surrounded by spellbinding landscapes, in Ladakh. It felt as if the sun-kissed mountains covered with fresh snow , bathed and glittering in the golden sun-rays, had […]

The Making Of Durga Idols in C R Park, Delhi : A Celebrated Tradition

Festivals in India are a celebrated part of our cultural heritage. These festivals are being observed from time immemorial. Being a multi-cultural country, India celebrates hundreds of festivals each year, belonging to various cultural practices, religious occasions, age-old traditions, and beliefs. Each festival introduces you to those deeply rooted beliefs, customs and imperishable faith of […]

Don’t Miss These 5 Places on Your First Visit to India

India is not just a country, rather a melting pot of cultures. India is probably the only country in the world which celebrates diversity at its best. Whether it is the cultural heritage, unfathomable faith in various religions, un-scalable Himalayas, ancient civilization, rich wildlife, architectural legacy or language variety, India flaunts multiculturalism in the most […]

How to Spend Long Layover at Airport: 10 Best Ways

The airports are no longer considered as dull space, mostly associated with chaos, long queue of travelers, airline ticket counters, tired and exhausted faces of people. The new age airports are nothing less than a mini destination in itself with world-class amenities and excellent facilities catering to all kinds of age groups. From quirky cafes, […]

Why JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa is The Perfect Choice for Your Luxury Stay? Find Out

The very first impression of the JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa was overwhelming. The grandeur of the architecture, painted in white and royal blue, with an alluring backdrop of the Aravalli hills was eye-arresting. The moment you arrive at the property, you will be in awe of this magnificent palace hotel for all the right […]

Portraits From India: Faces From Different Parts of India

What’s that one thing that pulls you into the world of travel? I have been asked this question often and my answer remains the same, “The People”. The curiosity to meet strangers on untrodden paths, and eventually knowing them during the journey lure me the most when it comes to travelling. We travel, we meet […]

How to See Africa: Check Out These 5 Travel Ideas

Africa is one of the most popular continents in the world for travels experiences, and it’s a place that has made many a bucket list these days. If you are serious about going and seeing Africa, as well as getting the best possible experience, then you need to consider where to go and what to […]

Evolve Back Coorg Resort: Beyond Coffee & Spice Plantations

I was literary chasing the monsoon. As I rolled down my window, the enticing views of the lush green fields of tobacco and marigold flowers, earthy smell of wet soil and the free fall of raindrops on my face were enough to soak in the rustic beauty of Karnataka. Leaving my world behind, as I […]

An Exceptional Safari Experience in Kanha National Park With Pugdundee Safaris

I do not chase big cats in the forest. It may sound untrue, but it is a fact. The romance with the unruly breeze, the sound of forest , the curiosity of meeting wild creatures and the unpredictability of each turn in the jungle fascinate me the most. Getting up in the wee hours, when […]

Check Out These Top 10 Snorkeling Spots in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia boasts of some of the best snorkeling spots of the world. There are many snorkeling destinations in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia that will keep you coming back for more of that fun and adventure. It is a sheer joy to duck beneath those crystal-clear waves and diver […]

Why Canon EOS 200D Can Be Your Perfect Travel Companion: The Review

Being a travel blogger and a photographer, I am always on the run. Hopping from one destination to another, whether it is within the country or abroad, I am always on the move with my travel essentials. It’s unimaginable to step out to explore without carrying my top travel essential, which is a camera.It has […]