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  • It’s time for Sushi


    My tryst with Sushi happened when I ordered my first Sushi from the newly opened Sushi Junction (Malviya Nagar Outlet). I ordered 3 authentic size of Sushi, Futomaki (large thick roll),Chumaki (medium size inside out roll with rice outside Seaweed Inside) and Hosomaki(traditional thin roll). I was pleasantly surprised by the Indian flavours in Japanese Sushi. The fusion of […]

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  • Top Travel Tips : Santorini, Greece


    This is a guest post by Jessica Patterson The sight of blue , seamless gorgeous southern Aegean Sea, covered in tiny specs of white yachts, white fishing boats and colourful Catamarans create the picturesque painting of my summer holiday in Santorini. This vacation was impromptu. An old friend and colleague rang me up at the last […]