Don’t Miss These Top 3 Places in Aurangabad , Maharashtra

Known as the City of Gates, Aurangabad had 52 gates which served as a medium of revenue collection. Today only about 19 gates have survived, that too in a dilapidated condition. With its caves, forts, temples, textiles, museums, and historical monuments, this place has a lot to offer in terms of art and history. Aurangabad is home […]

A Day in Aamchi Mumbai

There is something about the air in Mumbai. The moment you land here, the fragrance of the sea, sound of the waves and the vibes of the city grow high on you. It simply creates such a great energy that it embraces you within a few seconds. A sense of belongingness to an otherwise busy […]

10 Incredible Photographs that will make you fall in love with Mumbai

Mumbai is best known as the City Of Dreams. A city, where people come with their dreams, making it big in life. A city, where every shade of the life can be visible. It was my first ever visit to Mumbai. The moment I landed, I was amazed by everything passing by. Be its incredibly beautiful […]