Why You Should Carry Forex Card Instead of Cash on Your International Trips?

Travelling light does not only mean packing light for your trips any more, but it includes your wallet as well. Gone are the days when people used to carry an overloaded wallet or purse on their trips. When it comes to foreign trips, the size of the wallet becomes even bigger with foreign currency. On top of it, the hassle of exchanging your local currency into foreign currency sometimes give you sleepless nights. The trend has changed now. The plastic money is the most convenient way to do any kind of transaction anywhere in the world, where the importance of cash is fading away now a days. Especially, the travelers, who are mostly in the air to hop into different countries, are using  Prepaid Forex Card for all their transactions. The Forex card is safer, cheaper and easy to carry to your desired destinations. There are a lot of benefits of the Prepaid Forex Card.

Let’s find out here….

Go Cashless

With the Prepaid Forex card, you can go cashless. It will not just make your trip hassle free, but make your travel light as well. Not just that, the running out of cash situation in the middle of a trip can be avoided if you carry a travel card. Also, limitation on carrying cash on your trip by the Reserve Bank of India is taken care of by your Forex card.

Globally Accepted

The Pre-Paid Forex cards are widely accepted in foreign countries. Be it the Luxury Resorts, Upscale Restaurants or Bar, Departmental Stores or Shopping Malls, you can use your card for all kinds of transaction.

Safe and Secure

It is much safer to carry a travel card than cash when you are on a foreign holiday. In case of theft or loss of your pre-paid Forex card, you can anytime contact the bank to block the card and transfer the money to your new replacement card.

Multi-currency convenience

The best part of a travel card is that you can load multiple currencies into one card to have a smooth transaction experience in different countries. You can also withdraw cash in the local currency of the country you are holidaying in.

Huge Saving

You can save a lot in terms of exchange rate and the flexibility to use the card any given time on the best available rate during your holiday. There are no extra conversion fees, surcharges or convenience fees, in comparison to your credit/debit cards, giving you further savings.

Combining the benefits of a credit and debit card

Another significant feature of Forex card is that you can enjoy the benefit of both debit and credit card into one travel card, but it fixes the limits of your spending. You get a pin for your travel card, which one can use to even withdraw money in times of emergency. The best part of the Forex card is that it is not connected to your bank account. You load the money separately on your travel card, which you use on your trip. It does not allow you to spend from your current account. That way it sets a limit on your spending, unlike your credit card and you are saved from your compulsive shopping habit.

While talking about the features of the travel card, you must check out the benefits that the Indus Forex Card is providing to the travelers. It’s really promising .

Let the Forex Card be a perfect travel companion in your upcoming trips……

Are you carrying the Forex Card for your Next vacation abroad?

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