Tribal Conclave Samvaad 2016: A Great Initiative by Tata Steel

A large percentage of Indian population belongs to the tribal communities. The unique cultural practices and the rich traditional values contribute immensely to paint “Incredible India”. The most fascinating part is that they practice unique traditions and cultures, which give them their own identity. Unfortunately the rich cultural legacy of these tribal communities is slowly disappearing due to the enormous impact of modernization and urbanization. A few of them are on the verge of extinction. Many unheard tales of these tribes are due to lack of right effort to protect and educate them on time.


It is time that we spread awareness in the society about these receding tribes in the country. With a similar mission, Tata Steel is doing a commendable work by organizing the pan-India Tribal conclave name “Samvaad”.The aim is to bridge the gap between the tribal communities and society. This is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after initiatives to enhance the rich tribal cultures of India and spreading awareness within the tribal communities. The Third Edition of Samvaad 2016, a Tribal Conclave was inaugurated at Jamshedpur on 15th November in a gala ceremony.


The five-day conclave will be celebrated with more than 40 tribal communities from 20 states across India. More than 1500 tribal artists, elite personalities including Dr Abhay Bang, Founder, SEARCH (Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health), Gadhchiroli, Maharashta) and social activists are participating in the five day conclave.

Focusing on many aspects of the tribal development, each year the conclave is based on a particular theme and the central theme for this edition is ‘Tribal Health Systems’. Topics like “tribal medical practices”, “aged old medicines”, “tribal medical system”, “tribes and their relationship with the forest”, are some of the prominent issues to be taken up in the panel discussion.Not just that the ethnic healers and ethno-botanists are also going to participate in the conclave.

The highlights of Samvaad 2016

  • A total of four Padma Shree awardees to grace the event and share their expertise in the panel discussions on the Tribal Perspective of Development and Tribal Health Systems.
  • There will be a Tribal Fashion Show on November 19, 2016 with tribes donning their multi-coloured traditional attire. The show will be choreographed by the students of NIFT.
  • A live performance of tribal fusion music will be staged this year. These tracks will later be presented on different forums.


Samvaad is undoubtedly a profound step towards providing the much needed voice to the otherwise unheard tribal communities from remotest areas. The dialogue between the tribes and the experts are highly beneficial to preserve the inheritance of the decaying customs and traditions in the present scenario. By organizing this kind of conclave, Tata Steel is opening the door for the tribal communities to the mainstream society and introducing India as one of the promising Tribal Planets to the world.

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