How Matrix Travel Companion App Becomes A True Companion On My Travels

Travel app has become a new buzzword nowadays. Smart and innovative apps are created to offer services and for catering to specific needs. People no longer travel with a bundle of generic apps on their Smartphone. These apps are undoubtedly changing the way people travel and they are more relevant, convenient and hassle free. They help you to travel in a meaningful way and connect you to the locals. Being a Travel Blogger, my life is always on the move. From backpacking in Himalayas to living the most luxurious trips abroad, I rely on apps for everything. It was during my recent trip to Europe, when I discovered a newly launched app named “Matrix Travel Companion”.

The name instantly drew my attention and in no time I started browsing it to go through its features. I was blown away when I found out that this excellent app is actually offering multiple services through one single app. I not only ended up booking my flight tickets through this app, but also every little thing like booking a cab, hotel /apartment reservations, and even booking the attractions in the cities that I was holidaying in, through this app. Another most striking feature of this app is that you can get shopping discounts and shopping VAT reclaims as well in the best lifestyle global stores across countries.  It simply made this app even more exceptional in every sense. This is nothing less than a revolutionary idea, to give multiple services through one single app.

I often find it time-consuming to stand in a queue for a local SIM in the airports, when I am travelling to a new country. To my surprise, the app offers you the convenience of booking a SIM card. Not just that, it helps you to get your foreign currency and foreign currency debit card (which you can even reload while travelling), buy Travel Insurance, before you head out and stay secure and recharge SIM’s in over 130 countries. I still could not believe how an app could help me tremendously in having a great holiday in Europe by its fantastic features and services.

I have listed down the most striking features of this app below. Let’s find out here…

Discounts across the Globe

Who does not like to save some bucks while shopping, especially abroad? Being a Shopaholic, I love to shop till I drop. And to my rescue, Matrix Travel Companion App came as a bonus, which extends discounts from over 850 best lifestyle stores in the world, including Westfield in UK, Bicester Village in London, Mall of the Emirates, Macy’s, Luxury Shoppes in Las Vegas and many more. While using this app, you will save 10% – 30% on luxury & semi luxury brands. Not just that, you can avail discounts in already discounted stores, which offer a 10% further reduction to Matrix clients over and above what’s on offer. Do you need anything else? This is surely the best travel companion for women across the globe.

Shopping VAT

This is the very first time that I am using an app, which offers Shopping VAT. It not just saves thousands of Euros with the discount vouchers; Matrix App also allows extra savings via Shopping VAT refunds. Currently, this service is available in select countries like UK, Germany, Spain, France & Italy. One can save up to 19% when shopping in Europe and claim your VAT refund within 72 working hours. If that sounds like a plan, you will be delighted to know the simple process to even claim your VAT Refund. Now with all these savings, you can shop more without caring much. Find out here…

  • Click the picture of your receipts, which has VAT amount mentioned. Once done, upload them using the Matrix App.
  • 12 hours before the end of the trip you will get a VAT refund form on your email. Simply take the form with the original form and get it stamped at the Airport.


While exploring a new country, I try to attend the best Broadway shows, apart from visiting the tourist spots in the city. However, you can be disappointed when you can’t make it to the show due to unavailability of show tickets. This exceptional app solves this also by offering booking of more than 150000 attractions globally using the Matrix App. One can skip the long ticket queue and make an advance booking of your favorite shows, attractions like One World Observatory, Grand Canyon, Madame Tussauds, Hop on Hop off, and many more. The tickets are emailed and reference numbers stored on the App for easy access. You can also book seaplane tour, guided tours of the Vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel, art galleries and much more. Matrix Travel Companion App also creates great travel memories though these facilities. I can vouch for that.

Book a Hotel

The hotel reservation also can be done through Matrix app. It gives you access to over 500,000 hotels and apartments to book from. The best part is that you can enjoy great deals both in advance and last-minute bookings by using this app.

Restaurant Reservations

Apart from all these features, Matrix app can also help you to book your favorite restaurants for your perfect dinner date. This is one of the best features for me as it not just offers to book the table in advance, but also make your reservation on the go. If you love sampling world cuisines at different restaurants in the city where you are holidaying in, Matrix App can spoil you with choices to access to over 10000 restaurants across the globe.


I must admit that Matrix Travel Companion App made my Europe trip one exceptionally hassle free trip by providing everything with just one fingertip. This app is unquestionably the ultimate answer to all your travel needs. It is truly the best travel companion on your journeys across the globe.

Download the MATRIX TRAVEL COMPANION APP to have multiple services in one single app and enjoy the luxury of travel like never before .

The App is available on iOS & Android App Stores…

For ios

For Android:

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