Planning A Trip To Utah ? Check Out These Top Places To Visit in Utah

If you can visualize a place full of color, where the scenery is titillating and the trails winding and endless, then that place can only be Utah. The landscapes here, unfold incredible wonders, right before your eyes, and which can be found nowhere else on the planet.

Outstanding dining options, high-class and friendly service, and excellent Utah cabin rental options, all go into making the Beehive State the most striking and inviting in the whole of the USA. 

Utah comes from the word Ute, a native American tribe, and literally, translates to ‘people of the mountains. So whether you plan to spend a couple of days or extra time, just browse through these amazing places of this much-visited State, and be mesmerized by its awesome beauty.

Here we are listing some of the most epic spots from lakes to islands, natural bridges to stunning cliffs – which make Utah, this incredible bucket-list worthy travel destination. If this listicle doesn’t make you want to visit this must-see land, nothing else will.

Lake Powell

Located in the northern part of Arizona, and extending well into the southern part of Utah, Lake Powell draws millions of visitors to its shores each year. The lake is a continuation of the mighty Colorado River, which in turn, forms a portion of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area. 

Having a massive shoreline of almost 2000 miles, Lake Powell and the surrounding region are a perfect playground for an exciting expedition. Enjoying some of the best weather conditions in the USA with plenty of sunshine and warm temperature, a Lake Powell visit can be experienced both by renting a houseboat or staying at a campground.

Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

Connecting the three principal towns of Ouray, Silverton, and Lake city in Colorado, the Alpine loop circles the San Juan mountains like a crown jewel. The road came into being in the 1880s, during the hard rock mining boom. The gravel-laden paths of today, pass through some lovely alpine meadows over two high mountain passes. 

Amidst the waterfalls, endangered wildlife, and spectacular geological wonders, lie the ruins of this once-booming region. While most parts of the loop can be accessed with a normal vehicle, some areas do need a high clearance 4 wheel drive mode of transport. Car rentals and tour operators are easily available, in case you may need one.

Red Cliffs

The short, easy and scenic Red Cliff trail, passes through some beautiful canyons and waterfalls and other natural features along its route. To reach this area, one needs to drive up to Leeds, which is 15 miles north of St. George. The hike is ideal for all hiking levels, including families, due to the well-marked signs. 

The trail commences from the campground recreational area into a canyon, which in some places is hardly a few feet wide. Spring onwards is the best time to hike here, as the weather is generally pleasant and the waterfalls allow a great respite in case it becomes warm.

Antelope Island

Just imagine an unspoiled piece of paradise, where bison, bighorn sheep, and the pronghorn antelope wander about freely and fearlessly in numbers. A place where a variety of birds come together in millions to allow for unforgettable views throughout the year, then you are undoubtedly in the middle of a magical Antelope Island experience. 

Once you are through with the flora and fauna, you can partake in hikes, mountain biking, or even horseback rides amidst the scenery of this island destination.

Natural Bridges 

Home to the premier and first International Dark Sky Park in the world, the Natural Bridges also has three expansive arches carved out of rocks. Situated at an elevation of 6500 feet, the park offers a respite from the heat of the summer than most of the other USA parks. 

Placed atop the Cedar Mesa, Natural Bridges, though difficult to access, is no less grand than its other famous counterparts in Utah. Hiking, stargazing, and canoeing are the principal outdoor activities here in a peaceful haven, a little off the beaten path.

Monument Valley 

Set within San Juan County, the Navajo Tribal Park showcases ancient archeological wonders in the middle of some of the most iconic landmarks of the American West. The unparalleled scenic beauty here, ideally blends with the centuries-old history and tradition, making Navajo Tribal Park a unique travel getaway. 

With the surroundings shooting to fame during the making of the once-famous western movies, the park today is the focal point of all activity. Guided jeep tours, take visitors to all these prominent spots and the picturesque sandstone formations that once formed the background of the numerous films shot here.

Four States corner

The only place in the whole of the USA, where four different states converge at the same geographical point, is in Utah. This unique intersection represents the connection between Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. This area, described as the Four Corners region, is steeped in geological history amid gorgeous, albeit, remote landscapes. 

A visit to Four Corners, unfolds a true marvel of both architectural and geological construction, with ruins perched precariously on edges of cliffs and heaps of boulders. The Hovenweep National Monument is a stark reminder of the rugged but well-sourced people who lived here years ago.

When travel to Utah is considered, the exceptional air connectivity makes getting there very easy. The various tourist centers and Welcome bureaus are conveniently distributed all over Utah for visitors. This only goes to ensure that all the travel-related information is readily available for those interested in visiting Utah.

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Planning A Trip To Utah ? Check Out These Top Places To Visit in Utah

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    Amazing place…It’s my dream destination…Utah is a state in the western United States. It is the fourth safest state when it comes to natural disasters and ranked No. 12 overall for financial safety.

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    Utah is simply stunning, the landscape is unreal. It’s high on my bucket list of places to go in the US. Would love to go hiking at the many national parks there!

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    Wow Utah is truly gifted as far as natural wonders are concerned. The Monument Valley has been on my bucket list for some time now. I wish I could tick it off soon! But I’ve discovered more to explore. The red cliffs are beyond beautiful and so are the natural bridges.


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